Hurricane Sandy you can’t bring me down!

As you know the Northeast was hit hard by Hurricane – storm- nor’easter SANDY.

Sandy did a number here in NY y’all. Lower Manhattan is totally flooded, the subways are flooded, public transportation has come to a screeching halt… here in the burbs, the beaches have been eaten up by the storm, trees are down, power is out and we are being told not to expect anything for at least another 7 days, no cell reception, no internet, the roads are grid locked with people trying to get out to find food and electricity. It’s a hot mess!

This is Mother Nature making us stop and pay attention… if you thought global warming or not recycling or being environmentally disruptive was a joke.. wake up peoples!

But as always, there is a silver lining to this…

Even though Matt watched parts of people’s homes fly by our house during the storm, our house stood strong and protected. Not one scratch, not a tree down, not a window smashed, no flooding… we were protected.

These past few days, we have spent playing games and working on craft projects. Lily recently scored a LARGE tub of legos for $5 at a tag sale and she’s been so excited about creating masterpieces in candle light.

Matt whipped up an amazing meal of Miso Salmon – sautéed green beans and mediterranean cousCous… we all sat in candle light and shared fun stories as we ate this gourmet feast.

Last night we carved pumpkins in candle light and then sat around and told stories and played legos. I have loved spending time with no distractions!

Today Lily went trick or treating in our neighbourhood and Jonah tried to eat the little 6YO skeleton kid that came knocking on our door for candy… the 6YO was unphased… he just wanted candy!

We found a little yogurt shop with electric outlets and wireless and have been sitting here catching up on everything. Emailing our loved ones. Still no cell reception though.

I feel so blessed to have received so very many emails and messages from friends all over the world! You like me… you really like me! ( said in my best Liza accent)

We are all doing OK. I am 36 weeks today and very uncomfortable… fortunately no contractions yet so I’m not worried about going into labor just yet. Let’s keep it that way. But my belly is large kids… and I can’t breathe and there is that little migraine issue that started up about 4 days ago… but we’re safe and OK.

The house is cold so we are hoping to find a place to camp out for a few days tomorrow. NYC is full and we couldn’t get in to Manhattan even if we tried!

I hope you are all safe during this storm… stay sane, be thankful for the blessings you have and thanks SOOOOO much for checking in on us. I am so touched!

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NY MOM’s World- Baby, Toddler and Big Kid Bonanza

***This event has been postponed to SUNDAY, November 18th***

Join me and a fab group of peeps on Sunday, November 18th for the NY MOM”S World- Baby, Toddler and Big Kid Bonanza. 

New York, NY – NY Mom’s World is proud to announce that the Baby, Toddler & Big Kid Bonanza will take place in Westchester County on Sunday, November 18th from 12:30 – 4:30pm at Life…The Place To Be in Ardsley, NY.

Moms and moms-to-be are invited to bring their families for an afternoon of baby, toddler and big kid fun to mingle with sponsors, test the new & hottest products, sample fun food and drinks, and take home great prizes and goodie bags!

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I missed one day online …

I was super busy yesterday and was at my non-online job all day, came home loved on Lily and Matt and Jonah and then just crashed. This morning I woke up early and caught up on my 500+ emails from yesterday and had a WICKED wrap-around-my-head-and-go-to-my-eyes- headache all morning and then prepped the house for my Aunt who is visiting from India.

Point of the story… I was not online or watching TV for over 24 hours. (kinda rare)

And I missed a TON!

  1. Donald Trump is spewing mean and schoolyard immature things toward the Pres again and pretty much made a big ole fool of himself in the process. And the entire news media – because they have nothing better to do – has given so much attention to his wackado old man rants. Make him stop y’all. READ THIS —> Donald Trump’s Big Announcement.
  2. Apparently there is a huge, massive HURRICANE..innocently named SANDY… about to hit NY next week. Where have I been? I heard the term FrankenStorm and figured it was just some Halloween thing I was uncool to understand But nope… a giant storm. It’s called the Perfect Storm, the one that is going to be bigger than the one back in the day and people are freaking out! Stay safe everyone. READ THIS —> SANDY
  3. The news is depressing, scary and REALLY out of control today. First a cop tried to kidnap and torture and cook and eat 100 women… a COP… someone who is supposed to protect you, then this evening a woman in the Upper West Side came home to find her 2 kids stabbed to death by the trusted NANNY. A NANNY! I can’t even imagine what that family must be going through right now and the pain and devastation and utter betrayal they must feel but mainly the loss… Oh my gosh everyone… my heart is breaking over here and I can’t grasp the full emotion of this utterly sad… too-close-to-home horror! Matt and I have been talking about hiring an ” at home” caregiver for the baby… kinda like a nanny but super part-time… like 2 days a week so I can continue to keep my media clients. I would be home but just would have someone watching the babe while I work for a few hours. And I am horrified by this news of this nanny. Go hug your littles everyone. I have no words.


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Target + Neiman Marcus 2012

Get your camping gear ready folks because you are going to want to camp out for this one! The Holiday Shopping season is upon us  and TARGET is NOT messing around. They are bringing out the big guns… 50 big guns to be exact… and it’s EPIC.

My dream obsession store – NEIMAN MARCUS is collaborating with my place of “daily meditation” TARGET to bring some AMAZING goodies to you this holiday shopping season. Everything from bikes to clothes to home accessories… all at TARGET… for you to indulge in. And the prices…  NOT the Neiman prices.

Side note: I shop at the Neiman Marcus Outlet store and have scored amazing deals… most proud of my classic-round-toe black Leather Marc Jacob boots ( not Marc by Marc) originally $850 I scored them for $75… Yep true story! 

Look at this designer list… I mean are you as giddy as I am!!

I want this:

Alice and Olivia – $499.99

Did they just say MARCHESA for TARGET?? Yes… yes they did.. for $79?

And then look at this: Cookie Cutters!

Band of Outsiders – Cookie Cutters $29.99

I don’t want to give it all away… so get thee to a TARGET  DECEMBER 1st.

I’m sending Matt since I will have a newborn around that time. SQUUEEE!!!

Happy Holiday season everyone be safe shopping!

* I was not paid for this. Just got a sneak peek last week of the goodies and wanted to share! *

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Wordless Wednesday

Matt draws little fun images on Lily’s lunch bag everyday. This amuses her and her friends at school.


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Just the Three of Us

Only a few weeks left before we become a family of four. WOWZA!

Aunt Becky came over last weekend to document my impressive bellie.

My Sis-In-Law, is a faboosh Brooklyn artist. Her foremost medium is photography but I have seen her other work in various mediums and it’s pretty awesome. We have some gorgeous pieces of pottery and clay sculpture that have been gifted to us through the years.

We headed to LONG BEACH, NY for some photos. The florida girl in me was itching for beach shots.

Moments captured perfectly.

Late at night when Lily is asleep, Matt and I usually relax and catch up on our days… and I can’t help but think of all the blessings in our lives.

Our siblings who live so close to us these days, our parents who are over the moon about the baby, my grandmother who gives me indian recipes on the phone every time I talk to her – it’s her way of taking care of me from Florida, my other Sis- In- Law in phoenix who is a wealth of knowledge… giving us tips on where to buy diapers and calling us with deals she finds all the time, My sis and new Sis-in-Law who are planning a sweet baby shower this weekend even though they are super busy all the time, Matt’s brother who sends us BAGS of baby boy clothes that are hand me downs from my 1 YO nephew.

Our friends who send special packages of baby goodies in the mail all the time, My friends Kim, Sarah and Lenore who check in constantly and sympathize with my aches and pains and mood swings,  both Matt and my employers who go out of their way to shower us with gifts and thoughtful words… Blessed…really blessed!

I have been really mindful of our time as a trio together lately.

Matt and I have been making lots of exceptions with Lily… letting her sleep in our bed, special treats like ice cream at a local spot after school, adventure trips, movie nights and just long bedtime routines with stories and songs and just hanging out before bed. Lily has been loving this and occasionally I see her bringing back some of her “baby” habits… normal I’m sure. It’s sweet, she does not want to be referred to as a big girl any more, always wants to be held and made a fuss over and just loves being together …just the 3 of us!

Jonah has been snuggling up to us as well… wonder if he knows what’s up. He’s been pretty clingy lately and is the first to snuggle up RIGHT next to me at night. Lily will cuddle next to Jonah and say, “Poor Jonah. Who’s going to take care of him when the baby comes? Poor Jonah, no one’s going to love on him and snuggle up” I think she’s projecting some of her concerns onto Jonah. What do you think?

Well 35 weeks is here and we have a short time to go. How exciting!

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5 Points From the Final Presidential Debate

  1. Romney LOVES teachers… but remember he also said that about Big Bird and we all know how that’s going to turn out… watch your backs teachers!
  2. Romney asked us all to “check out his website” and Obama said, “we did and it still doesn’t work”. Oh snap! Asking someone to check out your website is like saying… are you on myspace? Not cool.
  3. Word of the night – TUMULT – DEfiniton – tu-mult – A loud, confused noise, esp. one caused by a large mass of people. Confusion or disorder
  4. VIA Matt-  “POTUS mentions horses and bayonets… is that a veiled reference to his opponent’s wife? Because that’s uncalled-for.” ( FYI Romeny’s wife loves horses and is an avid rider)
  5. OH-MER-GAWD that moderator said OBAMA Bin Laden.

BONUS points:

Mitt wore a blue and purple striped tie… metaphor for his back and forth answers maybe.

* Alright peoples… I hope you all vote.  Stay informed and think about who you want to vote for and VOTE. It’s been fun commenting on these debates online with all your peeps! *

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Gilt.Com Holiday Preview

As if I need any more reasons to spend hours swooning over the gorgeous goods on GILT. I was invited to the holiday preview this week and let me tell you…. get ready for gifting goodness people!




I always have a hard time finding gifts for Matt… I’m sure most gals can relate. Men are tough to shop for. And my Matt is the toughest. But GILT has some amazing stuff for the boyz this year. Jack spade goodness, watches, cool techy gadgets ( which I really want), cufflinks, cocktails accessories, truffles, escapes… and so much more.


The HOME goods are equally amazing with great deals on some really high end kitchen, hosting and decor goods.



One of my fave packages is- Tickets to the New York City Ballet Nutcracker, dinner and fab clothes and jewels.. for an entire evening out in NYC!


Mama needs a brand new bag.. and I am coveting that black beauts right there and do you spy those great green cashmere gloves… need those too! And how about those fab ox-blood shoes calling my name… I have my list for santa fo sho!


The holiday goodies start showing up on NOVEMBER 11th on So start saving your monies.

* I was not paid for this post. Love being part of the GILT insider media crew! *

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Life seen through the lens of my iPhone

Life is happening really fast all around me these days.

And I just don’t have the time to document it all. Luckily my trusty tech appendage – iPhone – does a good job of reminding me to capture hidden moments in my life.

My dear friend Michael met me in NYC this week and we strolled around the flatiron district and ate and gabbed and he treated me to the most decadent dessert at EATALY. Some sort of sponge cake panna-cotta fruit melt in your mouth goodness. Yum. Thanks MBL!

Lily is growing up everyday. Funny how that happens. I have really missed seeing her in flouncy skirts and costumes like she used to run around in even a few months ago. This week she suddenly started wearing her fluffy skirts it makes me smile… she looks like a fairy.

Then she sits on the couch with me in her onesie and drinks tea before bed. She said she looks like a “colleger” in this photo.

A whole wall of exotic mushrooms. I would love a mushroom risotto with all these beauts in it right about now.  As seen at EATALY.

Tis the season for glitter skulls! We brought the Halloween decor out this week. Lily loves to glitter everything in sight… so we glittered up our hallows eve.

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Wordless Wednesday

Just the 3 of us!!!!

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