Top 25 New York Moms 2012 !!!

I WON Y’ALL !!!!!!

So how cool!

I usually never get into the hype of lists and the whole popularity contest of it all kinda isn’t my style. BUUUUT… I was nominated and got voted into the Top 25 New York Moms of 2012 list by Circle Of Moms and I have to admit… I couldn’t be more excited!

So thanks all you peoples who voted for me! Thanks so much! My lil ole blog is getting some mad love!

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We bought a CRIB!

So after months of trying to figure out what brand of crib to purchase, after numerous conversations with friends and online peeps… we finally settled on a crib!

The IKEA HENSVIK is the winner! coming in for a cool $100 this crib has and does everything I need it to do!

After looking through cribs at Potterybarn Kids, and Target and Giggle and all over the interspace… we finally settled on this affordable, safe and charming crib.

I am not one to carelessly spend money, I mean $900 for a crib? Even if my pockets were that deep, I’m not sure a $900 crib would be in the cards for me.

So if you are in the market for a new crib, let me tell you why we settled on the IKEA HENSVIK.

  • Just when Matt and I thought we had found the perfect crib from a very popular baby furniture and decor store…it was about $500 we read a report about the formaldehyde issue in cribs! Yikes!
  • When we did more research we learned that unless you want to spend a pretty penny on a crib, the formaldehyde content just barely passes the US Standards. When I asked around and looked around and researched around, we learned that IKEA cribs adhere to European standards which are much higher than US. and IKEA’s cribs were consistently ranking high in many of the  ” best of cribs” lists including Consumer Reports.
  • SOOOO we headed over to the local IKEA to see this wunder crib in action. While the GULLIVER crib is the one that was ranked high, we really liked the HENSVIK crib for its charm.
  • The HENSVIK crib is made of solid beech wood. The bedbase top and bedside are made of fiberboard. ( this is what usually contains the formaldehyde)
  • The crib is really sturdy, and it can be adjusted to two levels depending on baby’s age. Also one side of the crib drops down to allow your kid to get in and out of bed when a he’s a little older.
  • The slats of the cribs are closer together to prevent little limbs getting stuck in between.
  • Overall, I was impressed. IKEA has come a long way baby! The quality of this crib is impressive and truthfully surprising.
  • IKEA’s testing methods are pretty intense and after doing a TON of research online, I feel great about our decision.
  • We did not buy the mattress from IKEA. I figured since we saved such a great amount of money on the crib, I am going to splurge for an organic mattress.

Issue with formaldehyde:

Formaldehyde found in cribs is mostly in the particle board or fiber board pieces and if your child is sleeping on this crib and breathing in this toxin it’s no good. That said… where was all this formaldehyde research when we were growing up?

There is a ton of info online about this topic. I suggest you do your research and ask friends. You don’t HAVE to buy a $700 + crib for your babe. There are many affordable options out there. So happy crib shopping!
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Sick Day

I often times have these periods in my world when I feel real ” powerhousey”. Meeting clients, making things happen, working, filming and so much more. But on days like today when a whole day of important meetings and work and filming gets cancelled because your child is sick…. it helps put things into perspective.

In the end and in the beginning and in everything in between… my mommy duties come first.

But do my clients know that? and how many more times can I say, ” my kid is sick I have to reschedule” before I get the boot?

For now…I’m home all day with Lily. Rubbing her belly, making her tea, kissing her sicky away… that kinda thing and it’s OK with me!

But I am sneaking in work into the nooks and crannies of time throughout the day.

How do you other mama’s juggle working and being a “stay at home – but not really because you work from your computer” mom.

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Happy Birthday Scrubbing Bubbles!

Scrubbing Bubbles, those cute little bubbles which magically clean your bathtub celebrated the big 4 0! So in celebration they had a fab party at a swank place with a private chef in NYC. But Scrubbing Bubbles cleans more than just bathrooms these days… My friend Candice Broom – @MomMostTraveled attended the event for me and reported back.

*****        *****        *****        *****        *****        *****

Last week was the 40th Birthday of Scrubbing Bubbles, and I got to
join them in celebrating on behalf of The New York Mom!

Scrubby (that is the name of the little scrubbing brush with eyes, you
knew that right?) celebrated in style but also had a surprise for his
fans… Scrubbing Bubbles has expanded their line to fight kitchen

Famed Chef Patrick Connolly developed the most stain and
grease-generating recipes he could muster and served them to guests at
The Kitchen NYC. After we indulged our palates, we got to participate
in the clean up using some of the new products in the line, including
Total Kitchen Foaming All Purpose Cleaner with fantastik
Bleach 5-in-1 All Purpose Cleaner with fantastik
Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner with fantastik.

We had eaten stain-a-licious foods like beet salad, tomato sauce,
barbeque sauce, and chocolate.

Could Scrubbing Bubbles fight the grease from the meatball sliders? Would the wine glass ring on the white laminate be Scrubbing Bubbles’s undoing?

I am proud to say that Scrubbing Bubbles rose to each and every challenge.

The most impressive was the Total Kitchen Foaming All Purpose Cleaner…it really seems like it can do it all! (Insider tip, they said you can even use it on carpets, what!?). The impressive part was “it stays where you spray”. Audrey McClellan of Mom Generations demonstrated some impressive “stay” power by spraying the inside of a gunked-up microwave door, and easily wiping away that nuked-on

A dirty lasagna dish was also no match for the Total Kitchen Foaming All Purpose Cleaner. I know that normally I will soak a casserole dish for two or three days, just hoping that the baked on crud will disappear. With Total Kitchen Foaming All Purpose Cleaner, you can banish the crud in record time.

After the demonstrations I was actually excited to take home my new kitchen cleaners and attack my cook top and my laminate counters. My kitchen smelled super clean, and I was pleased with how easy it was to wipe off the yucky stuff I had been procrastinating. I even snuck in a little bathroom sink cleaning, I was on a roll, don’t stop me now!

CanCan is learning to live without limits in Brooklyn, NY. See her
creative genius at,, Brokelyn
(link ), on the twitters
@MomMostTraveled and  on the YouTubes

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Learning the Baby Gear Lingo

It’s been pretty over whelming … to say the LEAST… in these parts lately.

Matt and I are in over our heads with all this baby gear madness.

For example what is a BOPPY pillow? and Bunting gear? Is this some sort of infant sport I don’t know about and I need to protect the babe with bunting gear?

And don’t get me started on the strollers. I can’t figure out what to do here.

I need something light weight, and that folds easily, I don’t want a million compartments in the stroller, just one nice big compartment that can house all my needs and I need some rims on it… preferrably spinners and some shock absorbers for the mean NYC streets and hydraulics to make it bounce and maybe some of those neon lights that go under the stroller, while we’re at it how about a climate controlled stroller and a “push a button and the stroller automatically folds” stroller and maybe a mood ring stroller – like the whole thing changes color depending on my mood or the mood of the baby.

See what I mean. It’s madness… and don’t laugh…because those of you who have been researching strollers know that you can totally get a climate controlled stroller!

But seriously… what’s a new parent to do with so many options and then the prices are all over the place.

Matt and I are looking at car seats for example, and they can range from $79 – $500 . How is this possible? It’s a car seat right? It has to meet some national regulations right? So how unsafe can it be? I don’t need a cashmere covered car seat… I mean there are cashmere car seat covers that are sold separately to keep baby extra comfy… that’s a whole different set of gear needs.

Then we have the bouncers and the rockers… aren’t they the same? and the changing tables and having more than one station in your home and a diaper genie… is this like a magical blue smoke bald creature who comes out and magically changes your baby’s dirty smelly diaper? Cuz I will PAAAAYYY for that.

Oh and since I’m having a boy… the pee -pee tee-pee. Yep.. a tee-pee for the pee pee. Who knew?

How in the world did my mom raise me in India! Cuz I will tell you one thing there were no climate controlled, mood detecting, hydraulic bounce strollers back in the day.

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Belly Cream – My Pick

I have been a little concerned about my body stretching out in every direction and the stretch marks that come with it. Vain.. I know.

I found a GREAT belly cream to prevent stretch marks that really works girls so I just want to share the goods.

In the early part of my pregnancy I used Vaseline cocoa butter or Palmers stretch mark cream and I’m sure it worked or didn’t I had no way of knowing. But since I have brown skin, my stretch marks show up really… like REALLY intense. So i was concerned.

A few weeks ago I ran into ALI – the owner of the fab kid store GIGGLE – and we immediately bonded on art and adoption and dance and fashion and everything in between. So I asked her for some stretch cream suggestions… “MUSTELA” she said. ( Read about GIGGLE here)

It’s a European brand and the active ingredient is apparently used by surgeons for their patients to help reduce scars marks.

So BAM! I tried it and so far, it’s doing me good. My belly is stretched to the MAX y’all. Belly button has almost popped and when I eat and drink or breathe I have no idea where it goes because my belly feels so full All. The. Time. ! But since using Mustela I haven’t really seen many stretch marks. I use it all over my belly, waist, thighs, arms, chest and so far… we’re good. This stuff works gals! No belly marks at all! No thigh marks, no arms marks and no chest marks… and while my thighs and arms haven’t changed much in size, my chest and belly are HUGE!

I bought the Stretch Marks Double Action Cream – 5 oz for $41 but me and my thrifty self found it on sale at Motherhood Maternity for $28! SCORE!

So there ya go. My belly cream pick.

What have you been using? Does it work? Is there any hope for preventing Stretch Marks?

*This is not a paid post. I just wanted to share my find with you*

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Gearing up for Baby

Yesterday on my way home from work, Lily and i were chatting on the phone. This is how it went –

Lily: Guess what mom!
Me: What sweetpea?
Lily: I have a baby!
Me: Oh yea..congratulations.
Lily: Thanks. My baby was born today and he has blue eyes just like daddy.
Me: Congrats! I can’t wait to come home and meet your baby.
Lily: Does this make you a grandma?
Me: Yes it does! Oh yea! I’m a grandma.
Lily: But you’re not an old grandma, you’re a very young grandma.
Me: Thanks Lily. it’s true. So what’s your baby doing right now?
Lily: My baby is sleeping and opening his eyes.


This conversartion went on for a while. When I came home, she was commited to this baby. Changing its diaper, clothes and even giving Jonah strict instructions on not to kiss or drool or eat the baby. YIKES!

I am very happy to see Lily role playing because Matt and I have been noticing some strange behavior from her all summer. This behavior most of the time comes in the form of massive meltdowns that can be sparked by the lightest of conversations about baby, or growing up or sleeping in her bed.

She often times says, “Poor Jonah, who is going to take care of him when the baby comes, he’ll be so sad. “

Now I’m pretty sure when she says ” Jonah” – our St. bernard – she really means herself.

A new sibling can be a scary and exciting time for a child. I remember when my sis was born I have these intense memories of feeling really left out and she was getting toys and although I am 6 YRS older, I wanted toys, and dolls and attention the way she was getting it.

Matt and I still haven’t unpacked all of Lily’s toys from our move 2 months ago. The goal is to unpack and set up her play room this weekend. This role play baby thing is a good thing.

How did your younger kids cope with you having a baby? Any advice for me?

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STRUT – The Fashionable Moms Show

It’s Fashion Week here in NYC and since I haven’t been feeling up to attending most of the shows I have been invited to …I have been fortunate to have some of my friends cover them for me. My friend Jessica Wilt covered the one of a kind , “Strut – The Fashionable Moms” show at Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week and here’s what she had to say.

I experienced my very first NY Fashion Week show this past Monday night
called “Strut – The Fashionable Mom Show.” Presented by The MOMS
co-founders Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein with SWW Creative
President and CEO Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a unique Fashion Week
format was unexpectedly fun with moms (and one dad) of all colors,
shapes and sizes gleefully strutting down the runway with their kids.

Creating a party-like mood, the music was mixed by a pint sized nine-year
old, DJ Fulano, dressed in a white school uniform jacket. Sounds of the
Jackson Five and James Brown pumped through the house with bright
colorful bubbles bouncing around on the walls setting the stage for fun.

Wendy Williams of talk show host fame wore a long sleeve black mini
sweater dress and spike stiletto pumps. Williams said, “Life doesn’t have
to stop when you have children.” She spoke about an ah ha moment she
had backstage at her show one day (wearing only a robe) thinking how
great it would be to have a fashion show that would “embrace women of all

When I think NY Fashion Week, I imagine famous designer lines
that all have a similar look and color scheme adorned by ultra thin
models – this “Moms Strut” show was an eclectic mix of style unlike any
other! Actress Lisa Rinna set the tone with her exuberant walk down the
catwalk wearing a black and white short sleeve mini dress. Proud moms
from diverse professional backgrounds, some more comfortable than
others with their runway stride, soon followed high fiving each other as
they passed by for encouragement.

Everything from colorful and casually fun breezy tops and print skinny
jeans to beautiful short mini-dress evening attire were highlighted
throughout the show. The kids sported everything from T-shirts and
workout pants in bold colors to bright shiny sequin studded dresses, a mix
of colorful jeans with plaid shirts and preppy khakis.

“Strut – The Fashionable Mom Show” demonstrated happy moms and kids bouncing to the music, looking good and just having fun celebrating fashion and family. What a great night!

Jessica Wilt is an arts education administrator in New York City where she is actively involved in arts, culture, education, and health-related advocacy and politics. Huffington Post blogger .  ARTSblog contributorYouTube channel . @JessicaLWilt

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Warby Parker- Eye Glasses to Fit Your Style and Budget

Matt needed new glasses recently and we decided to check out what all the buzz was with this whole Warby Parker madness.

For those who don’t know… let me school ya a bit… Warby Parker is a fab eye-glass company founded by 4 savvy citizens who had just HAD IT with the high prices for eye wear. So they started their own brand and concept of affordable eyeglasses. we’re talking $95 folks! $95 dollahs!!

And not one bit of style or function is sacrificed. Also there is a “do good” element to this. For every ONE pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker donates ONE pair to those in need. It’s the One for One model! How could you go wrong.

We went to the show rooms in SOHO and were immediately greeted by a very friendly and helpful staffer who was also one of the PR persons.

She walked us through the showroom and gave us the lay of the land, and let us loose to pick out the perfect pair.

One week later… Matt had his pair of prescription glasses and all was well in the land.

Don’t live near a Warby Parker showroom? No worries. You can request 5 pairs for 5 Days for  FREE! So you can get your nearest dearest friends opinions in the comfort of your own home.

What are you waiting for??

Get more info here —> WARBY PARKER 

* I was not paid for this post. Just my opinion and wanted to share the goods! *

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Being Pregnant – 29 weeks

Today marks the 29th week of my pregnancy.


  • What’s with the waking up throughout the night business! I have not had a good nights sleep in weeks. And I know it’s going to be worse when the baby arrives but at least you have a baby to show for it. right now? It’s just me not sleeping. On the up side, there are a ton of Law and Order episodes from 2AM – 5AM so that’s a bonus.
  • The MOTO is very active throughout the night and it’s pretty amazing to see my belly move but the nausea caused by this movement is NO BUENO!
  • I waddle. Yep I do. So that’s humbling. At my brothers wedding this past weekend, I waddled in my fab Ralph Lauren snake-skin stilettos. Naice.
  • Last week I was so sick I had to cancel a whole day of clients and work. I really don’t like pulling the preggy card but I could not function all day and had to and that was really unprofessional. Bleh!
  • My Mom does not give me any advice about the baby except to say, stop working (like that is an easy thing to do) and after spending a whole 3 days with her this past weekend she not once mentioned the pregnancy or asked how I was doing. Neither did my sis or grandmother. So that makes me really sad. I mean I have a HUGE belly people and this is my first pregnancy and you are my family and don’t you want to feel the baby move or ask me how I’m feeling…but nada. Not sure what that’s all about but it hurts my feelings and I feel very alone in this. Maybe it’s the hormones.
  • I am totally overwhelmed by how much we have to do to get ready for the baby. We don’t have a crib or stroller or car seat or any of those things.
  • I don’t have any decent belly shots and even that stresses me out. Like maybe I’m not documenting this whole thing properly and thus robbing the MOTO of a “life in the womb” memory experience.
  • We STILL have to unpack from when we moved in 2 months ago, and I just can’t find the time or energy to do this. Guess where most of the boxes are… in the nursery!
  • I am so stressed about the whole labor thing…not the actual labor but the logistics… like who is going to take care of Lily when I am in labor? What are we going to eat for the few days following the delivery? I need to make frozen meals right? I do have family nearby but what if this goes down during work hours for them how will we coordinate this?  Are there sitters who can be hired just for these type of situations?
  • I have not found any “mom” classes in my new town yet. This too stresses me out because I’m looking at the New York winter months and a new-born and I am pretty sure it’s going to be pretty lonely.

So there ya have it… pity party for one please.

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