Meet Me In Westchester – Day1 Recap

Last week I hosted an amazing blogger campaign for one of my favorite places in the tri state – Westchester County.

First I have to say – How amazing that the Department of Tourism and Film recognizes the value of bloggers and new media. Businesses in Westchester are truly fortunate to have this valuable recognition and support from the dept of tourism.

My coverage will be in multiple parts…because there is simply too much to cover.

! I just love showing off this fab county to others. Being a resident of Westchester County for 10 yrs, I have bragging rights ya know!

So here’s a recap of day one:

After being picked up at Grand Central Station – We headed north via scenic views of the Hudson Valley. Stopping by Yonkers, NY to see their revitalization efforts for downtown Yonkers and hearing about the history of the town. Visit – YONKERS for more info.


We drove up Tarrytown and Irvington, where author Washington Irving lived and wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He found the names of his characters for the book on tombstones at nearby Sleepy Hollow Cemetary. Who knew!



Our first stop was at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture where we got an amazing tour of the farm, went egg collecting and a behind the scenes look at the kitchen and had a fantastic lunch.


If you haven’t been to Blue Hill at Stone Barns..GET THEE TO BLUE HILL ASAP! t’s one of my most favorite restaurants and after this baby come flying out of my belly, I hope to go there for my first post baby meal. The full tasting with the wine course all 4 hours of it!


Lily and I love going to Stone Barns – the farm in Pocantico Hills located in Westchester County NY. Her favorite activity is the egg collecting.


Stone Barns also offers cooking classes for kids, where the kids harvest their veggies and then head to the kitchen to cook and eat their food.



Among the many programs for adults, they have a beer making class and several cooking classes. Something matt would love. So head on over to Stone Barns to spend a day at the roaming through their gorgeous farms and stop by the cafe or restaurant for some grub.


Next, we headed over to the union Church at Pocantico Hills, this space is known for its stunning Chagall and Matisse windows. The last known works of Henri Matisse is housed in the rose window at this church.


Next we headed over to the Hilton Westchester located in RYE.


The Hilton just went through a MAY-JAH renovation. The lobby and other areas got a serious upgrade and I for one was pleasantly surprised by the new changes. Most which you would NOT expect from a major hotel chain. The small details are what count here… and staying at the Hilton for the duration of this press trip was like staying at a boutique hotel. Among the many things I loved:

  • Bathroom toiletries were Peter Thomas Roth – a very trendy line of high-end shampoos and conditioners and body lotions.
  • Incredibly friendly and helpful staff.
  • 2 gorgeous pools – one outdoors and one indoors.
  • And lets not forget the restaurant HEARTH – Farm to table food created by a very talented Chef Raphael.




Our dinner was a fab gazillion course meal complete with Duck prosciutto – yes there is such a thing and it was amaze! and one of my favorites… BACON JAM… yep just like I said. Bacon and Jam and a few other ingredients mixed in, this jam was something to write home about for sure.



The food was really great and you know I looove to eat and go out to eat at some fab places all the time. I was so surprised by this quality and taste and farm to table menu. Not what one would expect from a Hilton Chain. The powers that be at Hilton told me how they made a thought out decision to really change these things so guests can expect the unexpected and get a world-class experience in the comfort of their hotel. And it works!


After a 4 hour meal, we headed to the Pier Restaurant and Tiki Bar on the grounds as the famed Playland park. What a gem. I have to say in the 10 years I have lived in Westchester, I had never know about this amazing spot. It’s like a vacation without going anywhere. Located right on the water you can see views of NYC and Long Island across the sound. Great way to end the day!

Day 2 coming up! stay tuned.

* I hosted a big ole Blogger- Media outreach campaign with Westchester County Tourism and Film. Very honored to be asked to head this campaign up…We have more exciting things coming up this fall stay tuned*

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Wordless Wednesday


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Planking through DUMBO

We spent a fun Sunday afternoon strolling through the cobblestones streets and window shopping through one of Brooklyn’s many neighbourhood’s – DUMBO.


DUMBO stands for – Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

Lily found the best thing to do in this fun neighbourhood… PLANKING!


She and her monkey strength had a ball finding challenging places to get her plank on.


Planking is a silly trend where people lay flat a board on random objects or places anywhere. My friend and I went Planking through NYC once and lily got such a kick out of the pictures she tries planking everywhere herself!

Well anyway! enjoy! and get your plank on.

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Meet Me In Westchester

I am SOOOOOOO excited to be HOSTING a really amazing Blogger-Media Campaign with Westchester County Tourism and Film Department.

Tomorrow I kick off the first of – I hope many– such media events in my most beloved Westchester County.

I have hand picked a few bloggers to come join me on a 2 day getaway in gorgeous Hudson Valley. The culinary tour alone is making my mouth water as I type. Westchester has some of the best restaurants in the country and we are dining and lunching at these places!

I really am so very honored to be asked to head this project up. Being the host for the dept of tourism for the county where I lived for 10 years is such an honor. I know this County inside and out and love all the amazing things it has to offer… food, adventure, art, music, history, family events, film, so much more!

Ok Ok i know enough with the love affair.

So keep it where ya got it for a play by play over the next few days!

To follow along find me here:

* I am working with the Westchester County Tourism and Film Dept to launch this fab campaign and am over the moon! *

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My First Car – Viktor&Rolf for Bugaboo

Yesterday I had lunch with the fab gals at GILT – The luxury online shopping site- and Bugaboo – the stroller peeps.


This was for the launch of the new limited edition stroller My First Car Viktor&Rolf for Bugaboo stroller. It’s exclusive to GILT BABY AND KIDS before it’s available anywhere else.

My First Car – Viktor & Rolf from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.

Viktor&Rolf is Bugaboo’s latest fashion collaboration, following in the footsteps of Missoni, Marc Jacobs, Paul Frank, and Bas Kosters. Viktor&Rolf added signature car trademarks to their new Bugaboo Cameleon3 aptly named My First Car.

Matt and I are in the stroller market and it’s madness..MADNESS I tell ya!

A stroller is a small investment these days… a decision NOT to be taken lightly. We have about 3 brands we are deciding upon.

So yesterday I found a true contender for strollers. I mean this thing is pimped out to the max y’all! and this does not include all the additional accessories you can get for maximum stroller pimpage!

Some of the Features:

  • custom Bugaboo Footmuff
  • comes in a cool mono-color anodized grey chassis, with classic grey sports car-style fabric.
  • a faux leather canopy
  • hand-stitched handle bar
  • rotating carry handle
  • a cheeky custom-made license plate that reads ‘bb-Y-V&R’
  • and rear silver alloy wheels – It’s got RIMS!


The stroller will be sold EXCLUSIVELY on GILT Baby & Kids  starting today August, 22 at NOON.  There are only a limited few being sold so get yours while you can.

The My First Car Viktor&Rolf for Bugaboo, Bugaboo Footmuff, Bugaboo Snack Tray and Bugaboo Organizer will retail for a cool $1775 at Gilt Baby & Kids.


I am finding a ton of stuff for the MOTO on Gilt Baby & Kids… I almost don’t want to tell you about it because so much of their stuff sells out so quick!

Gilt is a curated online shopping space. Rachel Jarrett – general manager Gilt Baby & Kids – and her fab team at GILT have already gone through the riff raff of stuff and curated their content to a select few. I love it! and it’s my obsession.

For more info about  GILT BABY & Kids or the faboosh My First Car – Viktor&Rolf for Bugaboo Stroller go HERE NOW!!!! —-> GILT BABY & Kids

* I was not compensated for this post. Kinda digging this stroller and am obsessed with GILT and wanted to share! *

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Back to New York

We’re heading back to NY after a fab vacation in Florida. Lily spent her days swimming and watersking and fishing with grandpa and eating amazing Indian food made by my mom and grand-ma and crafting with Matt’s mom.

Although it was an amazing few weeks of sun and family … There is no place like home! I am soooo looking forward to being back to my schedule and decorating our new house and gearing up for this MOTO in the belly!



We drove through the Shenendoah valley today and Lily my jungle girl was in her element! She found her rocks to climb and take in the scenery high above in the mountains- she was “catching clouds” is what she told me!

We all return to our exciting schedules tomorrow! Our life is a wonderful blessing and we have so much more to look forward to this year!

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Travel with your dog in boutique hotel style!

Listen up all you giant breed owners…and no I don’t mean the 40 pounders or the 60 pounders I’m talking about all you fine folk with the giants… you know your average 100 pound, 120 pounds, 180 pounders.

Matt and I love to travel. We love to take our dog when we travel. Before Jonah our St Bernard, we had Lincoln Duncan our 140 pound newfoundland. We took him everywhere! And finding a hotel was always a challenge. MOST hotels capped the limit of the dogs weight at 40 pounds. 40 POUNDS? His head weighs that much! So after looking around and testing many many MANY places we found our travel go to!

I have found the best place for you and your giant beast without having to sacrifice style or comfort while on the road!

The PALOMAR HOTEL – Part of the Kimpton Family has been an awesome spot for us this summer. Not only did they welcome my giant beast with loving arms, they also have some fab amenities that are the icing on the top!


  • Dogs of all sizes welcome – and when we called them to say, “our beast STOPS traffic and sometimes causes such a paparazzi scene it’s embarrassing so please put us by the closest exit on the first floor so we don’t have to deal with the elevator” They were more than happy to accommodate and when we arrived.. the staff just loved on him! and gave him treats and oohed and ahhed over him and it made me feel so proud!
  • Kids get a complementary bedtime call to room service where they can order cookies and milk. That arrived promptly. And Lily remembered this from our last stay and looked forward to her nightly treat!
  • Every evening there is complimentary Wine Hour… all the guests staying in the hotel come down for this and you get to meet some fab peeps! that’s a win! I did not indulge this time around being with child and all!
  • The rooms are luxurious, large and spacious and the tubs are sparkling clean… did I tell you everything was CLEAN! yes clean!
  • Staff is SUPER sweet! and the bellman helped us out so much with parking and Jonah and everything!
  • If you don’t have a pet…no worries… you can get a goldfish for your room to keep you company.


Now Kimpton Hotels don’t JUST cater to pets, we first found the PALOMAR HOTEL – part of the Kimpton family – last year when we travelled to Washington DC without the beast. We had no idea about their pet policy but rather picked them because of their fab location near Dupont Circle in DC and their snazzy decor and their high recommendations. Lily loved her Godlfish and her bedtime cookies and milk and Matt and I looved the FREE wine happy hour!

So there ya have it Giant Dog owners, no need to sacrifice your sense of travel style when bringing along the four-legged giant. There is a boutique hotel with your name on it waiting for you and your beast!


* I was not paid for nor prompted to write this post . I am merely sharing this because I love my giant Jonah dog and looove that this hotel caters to his massive size! *

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Back to School with Old Navy – Sponsored Post

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s Back to School Sale in stores or at from August 2-15 & find out how to win a $100 Old Navy gift card, $50 OfficeMax gift card & a back pack.

It’s time for Back to School shopping everyone! Lily, like most 7-YO’s has developed her very own sense of style and this is something I just love and encourage.

She’s been dressing herself for a while now and her sense of style is very downtown NYC and she never seems to copy or follow trends…rather create her own style.

This past summer Lily has grown…and I mean grown.. in the span of the summer none of her pants or shirts fit. She’s just sprouted up like a weed! but a really cute weed.

Every summer, one of our first stops for Back to School shopping is Old Navy and this year is no different. I find that Old Navy has affordable, fashionable, trendy, and comfortable clothes for all ages. Did I mention AFFORDABLE!! Whether you are picking up staples like white tee’s and jeans or going for a bit of glam… We have been able to find it all at Old Navy.

Lily picked out a few pieces from the Back to School Line at Old Navy for the first week of school.

Yellow Yellow plus stripes!!! I personally love this shirt as well!

This ruffled polka dot skirt is a so versatile and comfy. Throw on some sneaks or a pair of sandals and you are good to go! 

And no wardrobe is ever complete without a little bit of cheetah print right? 

So grab your kiddo and get to it! And do share what goodies you find over at Old Navy!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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24 weeks

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant. It’s very exciting!

A couple nights ago as we were all sitting around watching the Olympics, the little MOTO started moving. I excitedly showed Lily and Matt my belly and they both were able to see the movement! This was particularly exciting for Lily who now looks for movement whenever she has a chance.
She gently rubs my belly and says , “hi baby you’ll be out soon”. Melts my cold heart!


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Blogher 12 – My Recap

I must have been the only one who did not get a pair of rose-colored glasses when I picked up my Blogher12 Pass.

I write this not out of angst or out of pettiness, I write this truthfully and I hope this helps those of you who feel the same. Because it can’t possibly be just me.

How can a conference that’s supposed to empower and encourage women in social media and blogging leave this woman feeling insecure and jaded and overall “less than”?

Hear me out-

While I did my conference duty and attended the conference and the expo hall and the speakers and all that conference goodness, I also managed to sneak in a few off-site events and a couple of dinners / brunches.

  • The panelists for the sessions on more than one occasion spoke to the attendees in a condescending manner. For example – one PACKED session I attended, the panelist asked the question – Who here has a media kit?- to which approx 90% of the room raised their hands… to which the Panelist responded with a – mom talking to her 2-year-old for pooping in the toilet for the first time – “Yea (clapping hands) yippee, that’s so great. good for you” Good for you? This is a blogging conference and these women know what’s up. They have spent 100’s or 1000’s of dollars, left their kids, husbands, and work life at home to attend the largest blogging conference for women and you are going to clap your hands because we have a media kit… which everyone should have anyway. I found it offensive – not that they asked about the media kit but the childish unprofessional way they responded to us having a media kit. But I stuck through the panel because I had committed.
  • In the hallways, most of the talk was about what parties and swag events people were invited to. “did you see that goody bag from XYZ event? it was amazing” I was not invited to all the parties I also chose not to attend some parties because me and my pregnant belly could only take so much. But I really started to develop a complex during these conversations. Am I NOT good enough? Is my Klout not worth it? What did I do wrong to be off the list of a friend’s party? The talk was overwhelmingly about swag and who got what and what event did they attend and were they on a list?
  • Since I live most of my life offline, I didn’t know some of the ‘popular” bloggers and when I asked one woman in particular who she was and her site, she said to me, you must be new honey, I’ve been online for  years”. When she told me her name and site- I had heard of her- and while I did enjoy her musings… I am not a fan anymore. Come on lady… most people in the world have no clue who you are and  what is so wrong in your world that you feel the need to pull out the “you should know who I am “ card. And don’t call me honey – M’aam!

It’s not my scene. I stuck out the 3 days and got to chat with some great new and old friends from my online and offline worlds and that was my prize. But overall I left Blogher feeling defeated and jaded and not part of a community.

I attend social media conferences all the time. I speak on panels, I consult national and local NYC companies and PR agencies on social media… this was only my 2nd – women – mom- blogging- conference. And the differences are astounding. Maybe Blogher has become too big for its own good. Maybe the swag and parties are overshadowing the reason for the conference.

I really wish I had received my rose-colored glasses while picking up my badge.

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