Blogher12 Survival Tips

AKA – How to Attend Blogher and Live to Talk About It.

This is my second Blogher conference. It’s also my 2nd – mom focused – blogging conference.

As you know, I work in the social media field… I am what you could call a Social Media Creative. I have a handful of fab clients both national and local who I love and cherish and guard over their online personalities. I do events, twitter stuff, crackbook stuff, blogger campaigns, creative marketing projects, consulting, fun rogue things… all that madness. and I love it!

I tell you this because i want you to understand the point of view of this post. I attend social media conferences all the time, living in NY this is easy. I also attend conferences online… thanks to the live streaming invention. I have sat on panels, and consulted PR companies and brands on how to navigate this wonderful world of online media. I love what i do. I love to talk about it and I think I’m pretty dang good… if you will!

Alright… so the MUTHA of all mom conferences descends upon NYC on Thursday.

are you going? Of course you are…

will you survive? not sure…

will there be swag? hella yea… a ton of it

will the panels be interesting? maybe…

Here we go:

  • Don’t be intimidated by the ladies who walk around talking about what events they got invites to. Maybe you didn’t get that invite but don’t feel bad. Don’t let them derail your reason for being at the conference… networking, panels, meeting with brands and finding your online community and learning!
  • Don’t stress the dress –  some gals have their outfits planned out and plotted for weeks and they rock it out. The nails, the jewels, the shoes, the bags… the halls of the blogher venue can sometimes resemble a catwalk of retail something or other… but wandering through NYC in heels for 3 days in No Bueno. Simmer down now and wear something reasonable and I vote for the comfy shoes!
  • Network – take the chance to meet with your fave PR peeps and online friends. Whether after hour drinks, lunch or a quick meet up in the hallway… try to make it happen.
  • You can’t be everywhere at once. You just can’t, you know this. So don’t stress not being at that ONE “cool” event that everyone is going to and you did not get the invite. Instead rock the invite you did get and make the most of it. Also don’t forget the panels!
  • Did you get your biz cards?
  • Sometimes celebs roam the halls and expo hall at Blogher… so get your cameras ready and don’t lose your cool when you see that ONE real housewife you love!
  • Breathe! It’s a HUGE conference and there is a ton of info coming at you from every direction so just breathe and take it in at YOUR pace.
  • Night time parties don’t mean you have to live out your Girl Gone Wild college days. Take it easy daisy… slow down on those shots.

So that’s it. My 2 cents for the upcoming weekend! As much as I like to get my dance on, I am taking a break from all nighttime events this year… me and my baby belly will need to shut it down early.

Hope to connect with you at Blogher!

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Zylie The Bear and Oasis Day Camp

Last week Lily and I spent a gorgeous day in central park playing games and working on crafts thanks to Zylie The Bear and Oasis Day Camp.


Zylie the Bear is an adventure girl.. much like my Lilypie.


Zylie is an 18 inch part doll and part bear. This is particularly great for girls who are transitioning out of the stuffed animal stage and moving onto dolls… again, much like Lily.

The doll comes with a very snazzy outfit which fits your other 18 inch dolls which is great! They all share clothes.

Zylie also comes with a fab adventure book with stories of NYC. We loved reading these this past week. She lives with her aunt on the Upper east Side. Along with her Brother – Theo – Zylie is a one curious little bear with a thirst for adventure and knowledge. Her roles models include her award-winning journalist Aunt Willa, and she aspires to be just like the acclaimed engineer and scientist Dr. Ursula Kodiak someday. Zylie travels all over the world and meets a new friend in each country. This is such a great learning tool for kids, as they can learn about the culture and fun facts of a new country.

Lily has enjoyed her new pal, and is planning on taking her with us on our summer vaca next week. Lily has been introducing Zylie to our new neighborhood and even took her on the subway and train in NYC. Zylie and Lily have been having a fun time being adventure girls!


For more info about Zylie the Bear visit –

For more info on Oasis Day Camp please visit –


*I was invited to a media event and Lily was gifted with a Zylie the Bear*

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5 Things that need to go away right now!

1. 50 shades of who cares! – OMG if I hear one more person talk about or refer to, or create marketing gimmicky campaigns around  this stupid piece of garbage book I will … ( fill in random weird act)

2. Those ecards popping up on Facebook all the time. It was cute the first few weeks and I too partook in ‘sharing’ a few of those witty sayings… but no more. the time has passed.

3. Chick – Fil-A  – Oh why you do me so wrong!! I loooove Chick Fil A and their yummy chicken nuggets and waffle fries and shakes. But a friend of a friend  of mine wrote a very exposing Huff Post article about how Chick Fil A and their once revered christian morals actually support – in a big way – anti gay groups and do not support overall human equality. Just read the article.

4. Heat index – “It’s hot, dayum hot .Hottest things is my shorts. I could cook things in it a little crotch pot cooking. Fool, it’s hot! I told you again! Were you born on the sun? It’s damn hot!” We know it’s hot, we get it do we REALLY need the heat index to taunt us on the daily?

5. Booty shorts – What’s with these UBER-short-short-teeny-shorts. Who decided this was a fashion summer staple? ew! Stop the madness now ladies. don’t nobody want to see any of that jiggly mess ya heard! Keep a lid on that crotch pot!

What are your 5 things you want to see gone right now? Leave me a quick comment and let me know. 

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Not ANOTHER day at the pool!

At the risk of offending readers, I’m putting this out there.

I H A T E going to the pool EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!


When we first became parents – Lily’s adoption was finalized in May – summer was coming right up and my new-found ‘mom’ friends said – “oh summer is the best, we spend all day at the pool and the kids love it and we get to chat and it’s such a blast”

Well summer came that year and has every year for the past four years and every summer I buy my town pool pass and head to the pool with Lily… DAILY.

and. am. miserable!

See I am just not a “spend the whole day at the pool” type of person.

I can’t do it. I’m not saying I don’t like spending time with my daughter or that I am a negligent parent or that I have more important things to do but EVERYDAY at the pool! It’s a bit much no?

Yet it is the way of mommydome. I work from home, my work schedule revolves around Lily’s. Matt is super helpful and has a schedule where he can come to the rescue sometimes but I am the daily pool attendant.

Lily loves the pool and I LOVE seeing her so happy and that is my prize and my salvation for enduring the pool on the daily.


My skin turns 50 shades darker, I have this skin condition that leaves patches all over my neck and back because of the sun and that gets activated and sometimes the pool side chatter among the ‘mom’ types is plain ole silly and uninteresting. Plus Lily insists on hanging on me in the pool sometimes and pulls down my bathing suit by mistake and is all clingy in the water and this can go on for hours… DAILY!

Then I have to come home and do the shower routine for both of us, my hair is a lost cause, then dinner or lunch, then bedtime and after she’s in bed… my second life begins with emails and proposals and laundry and cleaning the house and making plans with my friends who I never see.

I don’t know. Some people might look at this whole scenario and say – ” quit your whining you spoiled brat, I would give my left arm for daily lounging at the pool” But that’s exactly it.. it’s NOT LOUNGING! It’s not relaxing, its constant engagement, and none of the perks of pool side grandeur.

No pool side cocktails, no cabana to lounge in, I don’t sit all sexy like on my pool chaise with over-sized sunglasses and a sarong with back arched in my teeny bikini so my body looks bangin and no pool boy to rub suntan lotion all over me.

It’s not the pool side image you envision. It’s everything I do at home with Lily…but wet and in a bathing suit in front of mass amounts of strangers and no makeup and totally out of my comfort zone! And I’m pregnant and the heat is not my friend and my belly bump is bumpin these days!

So all you daily pool parents… raise up your klean kanteens and head to the pool… all summer… everyday! Who’s with me? Am I the only one who feels like this?

* This is a random rant. not meant to offend*

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My Olympic Plans for Lily

With the Olympics around the corner, it got me thinking… Some Olympic athletes get a significant part of their training in college right? Scholarship? What if Lily was an Olympian? It could happen.

She hasnt really shown any interest in any one sport. Her future plans include – being a jungle girl and live in the jungle with the animals and not wear clothes and eat fruit from the trees…that kind of thing – but she might go to college she says, ” just to learn how to help out the jungle animals when they are sick”.


So my plan is:

CURLING... you know that ‘off the beaten path’ Olympic sport where they brush/push/chug along the puck to a target or something. I’m not sure what the game is all about. Curling doesnt seem to be a popular sport and could use a little  pizzaz!

So I figured… why don’t we get Lily involved in curling. A cute spunky girl can really bring attention to the sport and everyone will love curling and cheer for it… while Lily can get a full scholarship granted to her for CURLING at a college level AND I can save a ton of money on college education for the jungle girl AND she could win a gold medal in the Olympics.

Sounds like a winning plan to me!

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Snugli – baby carrier

And so the baby swag coverage begins. So as you know there is a baby in my belly and come November, we’re going to be a family of 4!

I’ve been on the search for cute, fun and fashionable baby gear. Along comes Snugli with their fab union jack designed baby carrier. With the Olympics in London this summer…I have total Union Jack Fever! So how fun!

The Front Snugli is designed to wear with baby facing in or out and brings reliable comfort features in an array of styles. 

The line, available in more than 20 fun patterns and fashions, also features best-in-class technology, one-handed buckles, breathable fabrics and self-adjusting back straps.  The Front Snugli Union Jack Carrier retails for $39.99 at and To view the full product line, please visit

*I was not compensated for this post. I was however sent review product and I like it!*

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Pregnancy Week 20 – The Dirty Truth

So I am officially rockin-da-bump y’all!


Yes, I now look like a pregnant lady as opposed to someone who just ate the entire all-you-can-eat buffet at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

These past weeks : {they don’t tell you about this stuff in fluffy pregnancy blockbusters.}

  • I have had a nasty, mucus filled cough, that is quite embarrassing at times. Think old hag hacking up a lung in some dark seedy alley. It’s especially embarrassing when I’m on the train – commuting to NYC – or at dinner or anywhere public. My Dr. says, it’s a pregnancy cough and something about increase of blood or baby producing carbon dioxide or something. It’s NORMAL!
  • My legs ache at night when I’m bed. Like this strange phantom pain all over my legs. And I just have to put pressure on them to make it stop. Apparently I can get panty hose of some special pregnancy kind that helps with this. Panty hose while I sleep? I don’t ever wear panty hose ever and now I have to wear this when I sleep. Not going to happen. I spoke to my Dr. and he said’s NORMAL!
  • Last night I woke up several times of the night with major leg pains. Like charlie horses all night long. It was so incredibly painful! What did the Dr. say?’s NORMAL!
  • I have to eat REALLY small meals several times a day. My belly feels really full and the thought of eating just makes me wonder – where is this food going to go- my belly is maxed out. Sometimes even when I breathe, It feels as if I have no room for the air… and I’m only 20 weeks y’all!’s NORMAL!
  • BUUUT then I become really irritated and totally crazy if I’m hungry which is ALL the time- and as Matt says – YOU HAVE TO FEED THE DRAGON!
  • I’ve developed super human smelly power. I can smell stuff a mile away and often times have to walk out of grocery stores or smaller retails stores because someone’s funk will trigger a gag reflex. The NYC subways have been a blast I tell ya…So that’s been fun!
  • My stomach hurts at random times of the day. Like these weird pains in my side and it’s really uncomfortable. Spoke to my Dr. it’s NORMAL!
  • I think my ribs are expanding. My back and ribs hurt randomly sometimes.
  • There is hair growing all over my face and my facial person said, “do you want me to just wax your face? your cheeks and chin?” SAY WHA! How rude!
  • My head hurts because no matter how much water I’m drinking it’s not enough and it was 103 in the heat index the other day and my head was pounding from not enough water. But I drank a TON!
  • Pregnancy Brain – I can’t focus. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t focus at times. When my brain shuts down…it SHUTS DOWN. Nothing can bring it back. A quick nap – who has time- or a feeding of the dragon are the only 2 things that might just might get me back on track. So I have to work at lightning fast speed to accomplish everything while I can.
  • Lily kisses my belly often and that makes me happy!
  • We saw the spine and facial structure of the baby last week during an ultrasound. It was really amazing. Like REALLY AMAZING!
  • I can’t find any cool pregnancy clothes. All the stuff is flowers and polka dots and i don’t wear that stuff anyway and sure as heck don’t want to start looking all cutesy now. So what to do?
  • I pee when I cough or sneeze. Gross I know… watch out. They don’t tell you about this part… but all you people getting ready to get preggers… I’m teaching you!
  • My Dr. told me to gain some weight. So that was nice to hear. It fed my newly developed vanity. {more on that in a later post}
  • The baby moves in my belly all the time and it feels like I’m on a roller coaster going down really fast for about 2 seconds. When this happens back to back it makes me seriously nauseous. But it’s so amazing that I love when it happens.

So that’s all to report.

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Flower Girl

Lily is the flower girl for my brothers wedding in a few months and today we headed over to the garment district, with my bro’s fiance, to pick out her flower girl dress. She was thrilled!!

My little bug girl can totally channel her inner princess and she looked amazing!

This is the dress we picked. It will be embellished a little bit, but here are the bones of it.


I can’t get over how simply magical she looks. This image evokes such imagery and movement. I am so inspired to make a dance based solely on the feeling of this picture.

My monkey… is a little fairy monkey!

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Kisco Summer Sunday

Calling all my peeps!!!

This coming Sunday there is something seriously amazing going on in the town of Mount Kisco in  Northern Westchester County, NY

One of my dearest friends – Sarah O’Grady and I have plotted a fab community event to engage and vitalize and bring local business some traffic. The efforts for this event largely are in no small thanks to Sarah, who has single handly taken on small town politics, jumped through hoops and played all the right cards to make this fab event happen on Sunday.

Kisco Summer Sunday is a community event that will have:

A live band – The Aardvarks – who will play the full Beatles white album from beginning to end.

Food vendors– Selling yummy dinners for no more than $10

Kids Events – for the littles that tag along with you.

So bring your blankets, your friends, neigbors your granny and whoever you can stuff into your picnic baskets to the FIRST ever Kisco Summer Sunday!

I’ll see ya on Sunday!!!


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Wordless Wednesday




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