Sargento Ultra Thin Sliced Cheese – Sponsored Post

New York has been a sweltering sweat pond these past couple weeks and to top that off we have been moving for 2 weeks and to top that off I am 18 weeks pregnant!

So cooking has posed to be a challenge in many ways. Most homes in New York don’t have central air conditioning, we have window units mainly in the bedrooms and family rooms. You can imagine what turning a stove on in 98 degree weather can do for the mood!

Since I’m working with Sargento Cheese on a blogger/media campaign, I headed over to their site for some ideas.  Sargento Cheese has a great selection of  “no need to use the stove or oven” choices.

*WARNING* – do not look at this site if you are hungry… everything looks soo good and the cheesy goodness will make you want to eat your computer screen! – which as you know is a health hazard 😉

After drooling over the many many MANY options I settled on Chopped Greek Salad Wraps. No use of the stove needed at ALL!!! YEA!!


  • 2 cups chopped romaine lettuce
  • 1 large plum tomato, chopped (1 cup)
  • 1/4 cup each: sliced pitted kalamata olives and chopped cucumber
  • 1 Tbsp. each: olive oil and red wine vinegar
  • 2 small fresh soft pita breads or flatbreads
  • 2 slices Sargento® Ultra Thin Sliced Provolone Cheese


  • 1 Toss lettuce, tomatoes, olives and cucumber with oil and vinegar.
  • 2 Place cheese on pita; top with salad. Close with sandwich picks
  • I added hummus to my pita for that extra taste.
To get the recipe for this super yum and UBER healthy and simple meal go HERE —> SARGENTO
Sargento has introduced their new ULTRA THIN SLICES cheeses which are low calorie and still as tasty as ever! I used the Sargento® Ultra Thin Sliced Provolone Cheese .

Once we are settle into our new home… hopefully by Monday, I can’t wait to make this… Best Ever Potatoes Au Gratin! Potatoes and Cheese… two of my very favorites!

For more recipes go to SARGENTO.COM There are a ton of simple yummy treats to make for your family. And once the weather cools down, I am going to try my hand at some of those chicken dishes! YUM!

* I am a part of a Sargento Cheese Media Campaign and was compensated for this post by Sargento Foods Inc and The Motherhood. All yummy food opinions are my own *

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The Baby is MOVING!!!

So the little MOTO in the belly is moving! So strange and so bizarre and so seriously magical!

It started when Matt and I were in Paris and I thought I was having a bit of an anxiety thing… the sensation was so bizarre and made me feel intensely nauseous so fast that I thought something was wrong. This of course went away within a few minutes and all returned to normal.


When we got back to our hotel room, I researched it and found it to be – Quickening – baby moving in the belly!

The feeling is so surreal. There is a little dude just chillin in my body and is active… especially at night.

When we got back to NY, it was the first thing I told Lily.


Lily of course is really excited about this. We can’t physically see the movement nor feel it from the outside, but I always tell her when it happens and she comes over and just rubs my belly and puts her ear to it in the hopes of hearing something.

Lily is going to be an amazing big sister, she’s been telling me all the safe and unsafe things for the nursery. She wants us to eat all organic food.

I had a brief craving for Doritos… I have always disliked the taste of Doritos but for whatever reason, I craved them something fierce for a few weeks. Lily did not approve and I had to sneak eat them when she was asleep or at school.


My belly has grown although it’s not consistent. Most of the day my belly is almost not visible. But come 7pm and POP… it just pops out for the night. Well it makes moving around easy but I am kinda craving a little belly to show off ya know.

Pretty awesome eh!

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Wordless Wednesday


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5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool

In case you are one of the lucky few who don’t live in the New York area… We  in the Empire State are having a heat wave… a full on tropical heat wave. (remember that song?)

While we are all busy staying cool, just a quick mention about the four legged hairy beasts. Consider this my PSA if you will.

So here are my 5 tips to keeping your doggie cool and safe.

  1. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A CAR!!!- heat indexes are upwards of 100 degress today.
  2. Give your pup plenty of water. Keep the water bowl filled always.
  3. Keep your pet indoors with a fan or air conditioner on. Unlike the rest of the country most homes/apartments here in New York don’t have central air. So get those window units cranking some cool air STAT.
  4. Keep you dog out of the crate if you can help it. I mean if your doggie is going to destroy everything in the house then by all means crate him up when you are not around and leave a fan on in his direction.
  5. Remember, dogs can’t talk and tell you what they are feeling. ( I know, I know you can read their mind)  When they pant real crazy like.. it’s their way of cooling off… wonder if it’s effective. So please be kind to your beasts during this brutal heatwave.

This post was prompted by my 7year old wonder – Lilypie. She has been taking great care of Jonah and the guinea pigs all week. 

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Brave – Movie Review

The highly anticipated Disney-Pixar film BRAVE opens in theaters tomorrow, June .22.2012.

I wasn’t able to make the press preview for the film last week but my friend TOM SCHUMACHER went in my stead.

Rated PG
Running Time – 1hour 35 minutes.

Here are his thoughts.

Last week I got a sneak peek at Pixar’s latest animated epic Brave (as well as a great pre-feature short called La Luna). Based on my experiences with Pixar’s movies I expected to enjoy a touching storyline embellished with eye-popping animation, heart-pounding action sequences and just the right amount of comic relief. Check. Check. And check.

Director Brenda Chapman (Pixar’s first female director) has given us the tale of Merida, the flame-haired Scottish princess (with a personality to match her auburn locks) who finds herself bound by her royal duties and her kingdom’s custom of arranged marriages. The princess chafes at her mother’s overbearing need to mold her free-spirited daughter into the prim and proper princess she’s expected to be. The mother/daughter dynamic also touches on both sides inability to really listen to each other and see things from each other’s point of view.

The story then follows the expected arc of the rebellious daughter creating chaos by following her heart, realizing her mistake and then both sides coming to an understanding, making up and living happily ever after (Pixar is owned by Disney after all). 

Along the way, there are the expected laughs provided by both Merida’s father, King Fergus (voiced by comic Billy Connolly), her triplet brothers, Hamish, Hubert and Harris, and the general mayhem of the Scottish three clans seeking to have their prince win Merida’s hand in marriage. There’s also enough action to keep brothers (and Dads) from being bored to death by the mother/daughter storyline.

Is this Pixar’s finest moment? Nope. Brave fails to strike a chord (like Finding Nemo) or give us character we instantly identify with/care about (Toy Story), but it is entertaining and an enjoyable way to spend an hour or so beating the heat this summer.

* I was not paid for this post. Just got a media preview and am happy to share* 

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Wordless Wednesday


I live in a 140 year old gorgeous Victorian with no air conditioning!!! Happy heatwave week to me!

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The Parent Maze – Sponsored Post

There is no shortage of parent info out here in the online space. The best babysitter, the best doula, the non-scary clown for the party, where to have a kids birthday party, the safest playground, dance classes, kid friendly restaurants… the list can go on!

In NYC there is an abundance of information and services for your kids. How do you narrow this down. If you are like me… you take to your network of friends and get recommendations.

And that’s EXACTLY what The Parent Maze does. provides a fast and easy way for NYC parents to get trusted recommendations from their Facebook friends and neighbors on local services and kids’ classes. 

Created by two savvy moms The Parent Maze allows you to get recommendations for a variety of kid based services from YOUR  friends. I work in Social Media Marketing… ( and makes dances)… and word -of-mouth marketing is the BEST type of buzz. When searching something for your kiddo, you will see your FB friends reviews pop up first next to your searches. Who better to recommend something to you than a friend!

As The Parent Maze launches their new site… they are having a fab giveaway.

ENDS JUNE 29 – so get to it peeps! 

All you have to do to enter is:
2. Enter to win at this link:
 Good Luck Peoples!!!! 
* This is a sponsored post, I was compensated. All opinions – as always – are mine*
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ANNND we’re back!

After a wonderful week in Paris, Matt and I are back to our schedules.

And glad to be back … I must add.

This was our very first vacation without Lilypie and as much as I missed her and replayed videos of her on my iphone or talked about how much she would love this pastry or that boat ride… I have to say, I had the best time with just Matt.


Lily was safe at home with Matt’s mom…. who is wonderful and really took care of both Lily and Jonah. Jonah , we think is going through some sort of post -grandma- depression. He just mopes around because he misses grandma!

I can’t wait to share my trip with you. We planned it all ourselves… *AHEM* – MATT planned the whole thing… from our direct flights, to our posh boutique hotel in the MARAIS district of Paris… it was all his doing and I just sat back and enjoyed the trip!

Pics to come soon! Now to catch up on a weeks worth of emails!

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And the baby is a…

On Friday we found out the gender of the critter growing in my belly.

And it’s a


So cool. I know people say this… and… now I’m going to say it as well… I had a feeling it was going to be a boy. Not sure why…but everytime someone would ask me, ” so what do you think it is?” My brian would immediately chime in.. A BOY!

So much going through my mind… what do I do with all those amazing girl clothes that Lily has. She has the best collection of dresses thanks to my mom and grandma who spoil her to no end with frilly dresses.

What do I do with all those gorgeous doll houses… I love doll houses and I don’t want to get rid of them.

And then… it’s a boy… I don’t know much about boys. Do they eat dirt, play with bugs, are gross and toot all the time? Well that’s a sterotype if there ever was one… Lily does all those things and I LOVE HER FOR IT!

So here we go folks… into the great wide wonderful world of boys!

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Giggle – my baby gear guilty pleasure

There’s a little baby/toddler gear store in Greenwich, CT ( and other places) called Giggle and I am OBSESSED!


I discovered this store long before we had Lily and while we skipped the baby years with Lily ( she was 3 when we adopted her) , I would indulge in giggle goodies as gifts for my friends littles. Once Lily was in the fold, we would shop there for funky crayons and music and organic bath products.

Now that it’s my turn around the baby block, of course I headed to Giggle for ideas on decor and gear and stretch mark erasing creams. It was the FIRST place I headed to for my ” I’m having a baby and I don’t know jack” baby gear research.


So what is this GIGGLE I speak of? It’s only one of the coolest baby/toddler boutique stores evah! Our closest store is in Greenwich, CT about 25 mins away from our house.  What I love about this store is that it’s … curated. Meaning, every item is handpicked for esthetic, design and eco-friendly quality. So they’ve already weeded through the everyday stuff to get you the good goods.


The sales persons at the Greenwich, CT store were so sweet to us and really took time explaining EVERY SINGLE stroller, baby seat, cribs, the pros and cons of circular vs. rectangular cribs…I got the 101’s of “I’m having a baby and I don’t know jack’ course handed to me by the Giggle sales person… with NO PRESSURE TO PURCHASE ANYTHING!!! Matt and I are definitely going back. There is some bedding that we love and I need some preggy lotions and potions. And then the strollers and car seats, diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags, strange pump like contraptions, bouncers that look all space age like… and all that madness!


Check out GIGGLE online. They have a ton of great registry resources and much more.

* I was NOT paid nor asked to write about this store. All this pregnancy stuff is so new to me and I am so excited to have found a store that fits my mojo and wanted to share * 

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