Something’s Hatching!

We’ve got more than a few amazing things going on in this house…but THIS news is by far the most exciting!

Get a look at what’s hatching!

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  1. Wow, I’m crying! So beautiful that you were able to capture this precious moment! I love how we can SEE her processing the news! “god made you pregnant” love! Congratulations!!!! Feel well and enjoy!

  2. That is the cutest video! I love how your daughter cracked herself up with the “hatching” comment.

    So funny when she said, “so that’s why you’re not drinking wine!” She’s a smart one!


  3. I commented but it disappeared, I think (?)
    Anyway congrats again – such a great video! “So that’s why you’re not drinking wine!” – so funny. She’s a smart one!

  4. I must tell you that When I last babysat for Lily we got on the subject of siblings. I asked if she would like a little brother some day as we were talking about mine and she said “no”. Looks like that still stands from the video! Better hope for a girl, at least at first ­čÖé