Week 14 and POP goes my belly!

This week I started week 14 of my pregnancy and just like that… I woke up Tuesday morning and POP…there was a belly! While I’m sure to the everyday viewer I had started to show long ago, this belly popping out business is new to me and pretty visible.

So here marks the beginning of the visible pregnancy.

In this 14 week of pregnancy here’s what:

  • My nausea FINALLY left me yesterday. No nausea all day and it felt great!
  • Lily is SUPER excited to see a visible belly on me. She rubs it and even said a sweet and FIRST, ” goodnight baby” last night.
  • Today the baby is the size of a lemon. So of course Matt and Lily held a Lime (dressed as a lemon) to my belly and imagined what the baby would look like… green, round and sour!
  • I fall asleep around 10:30 / 11pm consistently. This is soooo out of the norm for my night owl ways.
  • I am also awake at 5am with strange ‘demon baby’ dreams…more on that another time. Not a lot goes on on television at 5am..the news people don’t have much to report on and their random banter is quite embarrassing. Also why do news ladies wear tight fitting low cut dresses for the 5am news.. maybe they are just getting in from da club. i don’t know.
  • My clothes are starting not to fit so I have been indulging in a bit of shopping. No maternity clothes yet though. I usually wear a size small and have just upgraded to a medium and it seems to accomodate my ever changing body with room for growth.
  • Matt’s been amazing. I get daily massages and it has been helping with my nausea. I owe him big time after this is all done!

As always… all advice is totally welcome so drop off some pregnancy tips for me please!!

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Wordless Wednesday

Matt graduated from Columbia University with an Executive Masters in Change Leadership … Be the change!!!





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Winners of The Great GoogaMooga food fest!

I had never heard of the GOOGAMOOGA festival in Brooklyn until 2 of my foodiest of foodie friends told me they were heading there this past Sunday.

Me and my food loving self immediately researched this festival and I was totally envious that I was not there. Of course I followed my friends every eating move by stalking them on FB and Instagram to catch their delectable foodie photos.  I mean foie gras donuts…spotted pig scrumptuousness (sp?)… Lukes Lobster… and it goes on!

So of course there was a contest!

Showcasing the best foods from GoogaMoogaSeamless is announcing the winners of the CRAVED Awards at GoogaMooga .

Voted by festival attendees through Twitter and the Great GoogaMooga’s website and mobile app, winners were chosen across six categories to recognize the restaurants that make hungry festival goers happy.

Between the Bread: Little Muenster – Oaxaca Sandwich made with Cotija, Jalapeno Corn Puree, Roasted Tomatillo Grilled Cheese on Organic Peasant Bread with a Soup Shooter

From the Sea: Luke’s Lobster – Lobster Roll

Sweetest Treat: Big Gay Ice Cream – Ginger Curry Shake made with Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk, Ginger Syrup, Curry Powder

Off The Bone: Bromber Bros. Blue Ribbon – Fried Chicken Wings

Greatest Greens: Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi – Spring Seasonal Kimchi: Gazpacho “mul” Kimchi, Tender “Putbaechu” Napa Cabbage, Raddish Tops “Yulmu Mak” Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Slice of Heaven: Roberta’s – Bee Sting & Soppressata Pizza with Mozzarella, Tomato, Chili Oil + Soppressata

Next year… I’m there!

To get a great recap from someone who attended and ate through the festival… head on over to my foodie friend Sarah O’grady fab website and check out her pics.

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on Pregnancy…

So here are a few things running through my brain about the status of my body these days.

  1. I think that when you have been deemed preggers, your doctors should have you attend a MANDATORY session on pregnancy and give you information about what to expect, what to do and just what’s going to happen to you in the next few months. I am really surprised that this does not happen. I mean… I had to sign up for a 2 hour GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SELLING session and I don’t get anything for bringing a human into this world? Kinda unbalanced no?
  2.  People need to stop rubbing my belly. It’s my body and attached to me and your strange hand is really odd and why do you think it’s OK to do that? It’s fine when close friends do this, but I have had acquaintances rub my belly!! You’re invading my personal belly-bubble-space-boundary. A “No-Contact” congrats will do… sans the rub down.
  3.  Pregnant people should get free massages. That is all.
  4. Saltines crackers needs to bank on the fact that it’s the GO TO food for most pregnant women. Almost every single friend I’ve spoken to about my nausea has sung the praises of Saltine Crackers… even my sonogramist last week told me to eat saltines before I get out of bed in the morning. JUST FYI Saltine company… you need get on this!
  5. Those pregnant people on the ROSIE POPE show embarrass me and I am not even related to them. I mean…really… how clueless are you! See proves my theory ( refer to point 1) that there needs to be a mandatory pregnancy seminar for all pregnant people!
  6. This week has been so full of such an outpouring of love from so many outlets of my life! I have chatted and connected with friends whom I haven’t seen in years, such exciting stuff!! The biggest thing is that I absolutely realize that I am surrounded by the best network of friends, family and coworkers ever! – One lucky gal!
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Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week is as carefree and love-filled as these two!




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Something’s Hatching!

We’ve got more than a few amazing things going on in this house…but THIS news is by far the most exciting!

Get a look at what’s hatching!

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By now you have probably seen the shocking *gasp* pic on the cover of Time Magazine. The mag comes out tomorrow but the image is viral. It struts a very attractive- not an ounce of fat on her body, blonde haired, tall – 26 year old mom, standing upright and looking right into the camera while her 3year old son stands on a little chair sucking on her breast. {p.s. – fast forward 15 years from today – this kid is NEVER going to live this down!}

Hmm… Happy Mothers day y’all!

The headline reads.. ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH?

The article is about attachment parenting and yada yada… go read it if you care.

My issue is the question presented. Asking me… AM I MOM ENOUGH?

Mom enough for what? for who? and who is judging?

Let me tell you right now that there are so many pressures being a parent, specifically a mother.  Mothers constantly juggle family life, career, loss of career,  social life and that ever-present “I am losing my identity” crisis.

So why is TIME magazine asking me if I am mother enough and what does that mean and how is TIME justifying this?

I skipped the baby years with Lily. We adopted her when she was 3 years old. She was potty trained, speaking, walking, eating solids and she was awesome.

So does this disqualify my mommyhood status?

I didn’t suffer through the infant years and went straight for the cute years?  I didn’t breastfeed, or practice attachment parenting, diaper changes, or have months of sleepless nights due to crying baby…what else am I missing?

I might just not be MOM enough.

Of course this article has to come out during Mothers Day, why celebrate the good of motherhood when we can ask them a question to make them feel insecure.

My house is messy, I sometimes forget Lily’s snack, I still have christmas presents wrapped that need to be sent to my god children, I don’t cook often, I don’t plan meals, my laundry is overflowing because the laundry fairy has quit us, the guinea pigs cage is not clean right now, the flowers are not planted, my kitchen apron.. i don’t have a kitchen apron, I don’t have full make up and a dress with stilettos when I greet my chirpy kid from school every day and I …. oh gosh i could go on!

But I AM mother enough and so are you and don’t let some sensational mag cover desperate for selling issues at our expense make you feel any different.

Be proud of your ways and charge forward, that little one looking up at you thinks you are the QUEEN BEE so own it!

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Wordless Wednesday

Home Sweet Home!

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Is she ‘really’ your daughter

I’m convinced that some people on this Earth were off sniffing glue the day God was handing out brain cells.

Just hear me out – this scenario has happened to me now 4 times!

Time #1 –

I’m at Lily’s (then 4 Years Old) preschool, kneeling down in front of her to zip up her winter coat.

A mother next to me looks at me and says, ” Is this your daughter? “

Me: Yes, this is my Lilypie. What’s your child’s name?
The Mother: Really?
Me: (perplexed) Yes, really.
The Mother: She doesn’t look like you

I was stunned! I was seriously stunned that someone would have the audacity and insensitivity  to say this IN FRONT OF MY 4 YEAR OLD KID!

I got myself together and said: Yes this is my daughter Lily and she’s 4YO and I’ll see you later OK.

The lady continued to say something, not an apologie, and I just ignored her. I would see her everyday at preschool pick up and steer clear. And she would just stare me down and give me an awkward smile like I had a secret I was not telling her.

Times #2 and #3 were similar. Where right in front of me some insensitive woman would question whether or not Lily was my child and when I would say, “yes she is”, they would continue with an idiotic, ” really? ”

Time #4 was the worst… which sparks this blog post.

I’m at Lily’s elementary school at the school office picking her up early one day. There is a mom in the office doing the same with her child.

Lily comes into the office and I give her a big hug and sign her out.

Lily: Mom, I’m so excited about our trip. (We were heading out on vaca)
The Mom: Is this your daughter?
Me: Yes, this is Lily.
The Mom: She’s your real daughter?
Me: (Slightly annoyed) Yes
The Mom: She does not look like you
Me: Ok, I’ll see you later. Have a nice day.
The Mom: She’s a different color.
Me: Uncomfortable and totally angry at this point – I just give the woman a look that says ‘shut it’ and walk out of the office with Lily and mumble to her. Ok then, take care, { translated – stop sniffing glue}

Moments later in the parking lot she comes up to me with her daughter in tow and says: “Maybe you have a white husband that’s why she’s white”

If Lily had not been there I would have seriously drop kicked this stupid lady across the parking lot.

Lily heard all of this!

Of course I had to explain this conversation to Lily in the car. She was OK with it. She asked why the lady was asking those questions and I said, well some people have no filter and they also don’t have manners and then continued to give her examples of all her friends who are adopted and from other countries who don’t look like their parents.

Here’s what – I don’t need to announce to the world that my child is adopted. Also what difference does that make? And why in the world would I tell any stranger that my kid is adopted? It’s none of their business.  I feel uncomfortable telling people that Lily is adopted when Lily is present, this is just strange I feel awkward about it. If these women had asked me about Lily when she was not present I would have totally said… well she is adopted and that’s why she doesn’t look exactly like me and my favorite color is air and I dream of fluffy unicorns and rainbows!  And that would have been it. But the fact that these unfiltered glue sniffing ladies had to say all this right in front of my kid is so very insensitive and makes me really angry!

I see lady #4 all the time at school and she has tried a couple of times to talk to me but I can’t stand it. One day she even tried to ask me if I had any other children.  When I told her I didn’t have any other children she said, “Oh, Empty womb?” WHAT THE!!

This woman was certainly sniffing glue the day God handed our brains.

I took this experience to a few of my friends who also have adopted kids and most adoptive parents have had similar experiences and just shook their head and said, “you’d be surprised how ignorant people are”. I’m not surprised. This does not excuse this behavior.

Why do strangers feel the need question your parental legitimacy? And is adoption really such a foreign concept in 2012 that people can’t just figure this out on their own.

Are you an adoptive parent? Have you experienced this in the past?

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Lily Day 4 years!

4 Years ago, Matt and I came back to New York with a new addition in our lives… LILY!

She has changed our lives in a thousand amazing ways that I just could never have imagined.

Matt and I went through the toughest 2 years of our lives when we were finalizing Lily’s adoption. Not knowing which way the Florida department of children services would swing. Our adoption story is a rough tale but I am so glad the ending is a happy one.

Today I am most thankful for Matt and Lily and my amazing life and the adventures that lie ahead.

We celebrate LILY DAY together as a family. Something low key, like a special dinner. Lily knows her adoptive story and she knows today is her special day. While some adoptive families make this day – Gotcha Day-  a big event with friends, we keep it a private celebration just between the 3 of us!

Do you celebrate your adopted child’s “gotcha day” ? What special things do you do to celebrate?

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