Brush like a JEDI

Lily and I attended the G.U.M Star Wars™Toothbrush Launch Party hosted by the fab ladies from Momtrends.

Jedi’s brush their teeth too and with a little help from some Star Wars friends, future Jedis like Lily – learned about oral health and got to take home some snazzy StarWars toothbrushes.

The event had lots of fun games for the kiddies… laser maze, black hole adventure, Starwars arts and crafts and even a scavenger hunt at Ripley’s believe it or not museum – which is where the event was held.

While the kids were being entertained, the mama’s were given valuable info about dental care from  Dr. Ignelzi, DDS, PhD, a pediatric dentist and orthodontist.

Here are a few tips from the good Dr. to defend against cavities:

  • Avoid Sticky Food – Fruit Roll ups and gushers are the WORST for kids teeth. The sugar eventually dissolves to acid rotting the teeth.
  • Get into a routine – AM and PM brushing of the teeth.
  • Help you kids brush their teeth till they are able to tie their shoes.
  • Replace your toothbrush every 3 months… watch for frayed bristles.
  • FLUORIDE – make sure your child has fluoride, Our tap water does not have fluoride so lily’s doc has prescribed a daily  fluoride tablet for her.
  • First birthday, First tooth, First dental visit.

The new GUM Starwars toothbrushes came in 3 varieties:


Bellamy Blue Photography

Manual toothbrush twin pack – $2.99 – Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Darth Vader, Clone Captain Rex.


Bellamy Blue Photography

GUM StarWars Lightsaber Toothbrush – $3.49 – These brushes light up and flash for 60 seconds to remind kids to brush for the entire time.  These are so great and they light up to each characters light saber. Yoda – Green, Vader – Red, Anakin – Blue. Lily loves these!


Bellamy Blue Photography

GUM Starwars Power Toothbrush – $5.99 batterpowered, soft oscillating bristles comes in two characters – Darth Vader and Clone Captian Rex. (I am not a fan of oscillating brushes for young mouth. We recently has another character oscillating brush which i purchased at Target and the circular head fell out in Lily’s mouth. Not cool.)

GUM Starwars brand toothbrushes are available at most major retailers.

*I was not paid for this post. I did attend a fab event and was given a goodie bag with sample products*

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Wordless Wednesday

Not sure what is going on here!

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Walkabout Brand Ambassador

I’m thrilled to announce that I am a Brand Ambassador for the Walkabout Campaign!

I’ve never been a Brand Ambassador before and am really looking forward to this new adventure.

The Walkabout campaign  begins today… March 27, 2012, led by 50 brand ambassadors from across the United States.  The campaign will take place over a 28-day period of time, during which ambassadors will post about their journeys on a variety of social media channels.

This campaign is to encourage everyone to walk for 30 minutes each day.  So grab a friend and let’s go for a walk!
I have been asked to post tips and thoughts and my experiences with health and wellness for the next 28 days and was sent  a brand new pair of Dr. Weil & Orthaheel’s newest walker – Rhythm – to help me on my walks.
Although I consider myself pretty healthy, I can really use some movement consistency in my day.
So why don’t you join me on my 28 day Walkabout! I would love the company.
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Runaway Dog

Yesterday we had a big huge scare with this crazy beast of ours.

Jonah ran out of the back yard and went for an adventure down our towns MAIN STREET. This is the same Main Street where years ago, Former President Bill Clinton’s Dog BUDDY was hit and killed by a car for doing the EXACT same thing Jonah did!

Matt and I took off running after him, and I told Lily to get in the house. Which she totally obeyed and ran into the house and locked the door and waited for us to get back. SCORE on the emergency action plan!

We could have lost our Jonah yesterday, he ran down the streets of our main street dodging cars and peeing on everything in sight. Blocks and Blocks and BLOCKS later I finally tackled him.

It was such a sight to see, Jonah a 120 pound St. Bernard Pup running down the Street with me running behind him screaming like a banshee and Matt behind me doing the same.

Lily seems to be ok with everything that went on and was all too excited to share the story with her friends today. I was really proud of her and how well she listened to me asking her to go inside the house and lock the door.

I really thought we would have a dead doggie on our hands as I was running down the street behind Jonah. All I could think of was calling my brother to come take Lily for the evening while Matt and I figure out how to handle the situation and how sad and terrible that would be.

THANK GOD that did not happen!

I can’t even begin to think what our life would be like without my Jonah. He is such a saving grace and makes our family complete.

Jonah is Lily’s confidant and sits through all her complaints about us, he’s my sweet beast often times laying his entire body and snuggling on me just to be as close as possible.

This Dog… if he only knew how much we loved him!

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Spring Cleaning for Makeup Brushes

It’s the official third day of SPRING… and now that you’ve spent the past few days cleaning out your closets, let’s work on those makeup brushes shall we.

Years ago, a make up artist who did my daily makeup for a show I was in shared these tips with me. He has since passed on to the heavens but his sound advice lives on! One of the best things he always said was… “oh honey throw some lipstick on and everyone will be fooled”  This was his advice for when you were having a crappy day or your boyfriend dumped you or you were hung over or if you were a boy trying to dress like a girl or your costume ripped right down the middle when you were on stage. He was pretty inspiring.

He also was diligent about cleaning his makeup brushes so as not to get “whatever kinda germs all you have on your face’

So this spring I share with you his tips on cleaning make up brushes!

  1.  ALWAYS tip your brushes downward when washing. You NEVER want to get the stem, or the ‘heart’ of the brushes soaked.
  2.  Run luke warm water from your tap and hold the brushes under the running water… tipping down remember. With your fingers gently massage the bristles.
  3. In a bowl use a pea sized amount of gentle soap. I use Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash and dilute it with water. You don’t want too much soap residue. Again, tipping the brushes forward so not the damped the HEART of the brushes.
  4. Use your fingers to massage the bristles in the soap water.
  5. Rinse in luke warm water and dab dry on  paper towel or soft cotton towel.
  6. Lay brushes flat on their sides or hang upside down to dry. NEVER right side up…remember the whole not getting the heart wet part.

It takes a while for the brushes to dry, I suggest doing this overnight. Your brushes will have a longer life and your skin will thank you!

Do you have any makeup brush tips? do share.

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Wordless Wednesday

I’d rather be dancing! My Dancer feet are used to getting beat up and lately they have been coasting… I need to get my dance on!

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Spring is in the air folks and while you are busy cleaning out your closets and refreshing your linens don’t forget your makeup. Freshen up for spring with Macy’s and DIOR!

From March 21 – 31 head on over… no no no… run on over to your nearest participating MACYS to get a complimentary consultation and discover your DIOR NEW LOOKMake your appointment HERE to meet with a beauty consultant at a MACYS Dior counter and stock up on your springtime beauty essentials. Also check out the fab new trends and beauty how- to’s at BAZAAR CONNECT.

What:    Complimentary beauty consultations
Where:  The Dior counter at participating Macy’s
When:   March 21-31
How:     Visit and sign up for an appointment….it’s that easy!

* I was compensated for this post* 

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Arts Education with The Westchester Philharmonic

The importance of ARTS in EDUCATION is so essential to human development. This has been proven time and time again and I for one am the #1 advocate for arts education. Having worked as a Dance Artist in Residence at several private and public schools throughout the tri state area, I have an inside handle of how this benefits the kids and education system.

My dear friend Lenore is the Marketing and Development Director for the Westchester Philharmonic.  

The Westchester Philharmonic is one of my favorite arts organizations in New York. For over 25 years this organization has brought the experience of live symphony orchestra to area school children. Last week 1,400 public schools students spent the afternoon at the theatre at Purchase College as part of the One Voice Among Many program. These kids were in for a treat – dressed in their theatre best, the crowd of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders hushed as the conductor walked out on stage.

When asked, ” How many of you play a musical instrument?” I was so pleased to see that majority of their hands shot up! Yea for music.

One Voice Among Many program integrates music education into the classroom through curriculum guides and  live presentations.

Being a teaching artist myself, I have seen first hand the effect art has on kids. I have worked with kindergarten through college and although each experience is different the impact it has on young minds is the same!

To find out more about the Westchester Philharmonic visit them am and say hi to Lenore!

Does your school have arts integrated into their curriculum? If they don’t ASK FOR ART!!

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Style Watch – Floral Pants

I am loving the spring floral pant trend. I have to say I love this nostalgic throw back to the Ann Margret fashion days! Cropped tight fitted capri/pencil pants… with flowers … I love!

Here are a few of my picks:

Floral Sateen Slims $118
H&M Floral Pant $14.95
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Restaurant Review – Paesano of Mulberry Street

I rarely dine in Little Italy… not because of the food, but because of the tourist element.

Last month my dear friend Michael , a music video director, had a birthday. So we decided to hit up one of Little Italy’s most charming restaurants. Paesano of Mulberry Street. There in the heart of NYC’s Little Italy {136 Mulberry Street. Between Hester & Grand} is a true old school spot.

I was in the mood for steamed clams but the server told us that they weren’t on the menu that day. But he did not hesitate for one second as he said, “for you, anything bella” … a few minutes later… this is what showed up at my table. Clams cooked in a white wine sauce with a ton of garlic { just like I like} and pasta. YUM!

Besides the food being amazing, the waiters walk around calling you ‘bella’ and it’s so sweet that even my feminist ways take a hiatus for the time.

An old man strolling about the restaurant playing classic italian and french  tunes on the the accordion comes around from time to time … never disruptive. We asked him to play happy birthday for Michael and his rendition had just the perfect hint of nostalgia with a bit of italian thrown in for good measure.

There are so many restaurants to choose from in NYC’s Little Italy, it’s really tough to narrow one down. Take my word for it… Paesano will not disappoint and the charm of the place will really transport you.  So, the next time you want a little bit of the old country on your visit to NYC… swing by Paesano of Mulberry Street.

*I was not paid for this review. Just really enjoyed our evening and wanted to share this gem*

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