Wordless Wednesday

Always looking for trouble!

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Be The Change!

I am really passionate about arts, community, and outreach. Those are my three big passions in life. All these values are what I try to instill in Lily on the daily.

I have always been an active member of any organization I join. I want to help, I want to contribute and I want to be a part of my environment. In college, I recruited a group of friends to join Habitat for Humanity with me, when I moved to NYC – I encouraged a group of my work friends to volunteer at a local soup kitchen one Thanksgiving, I convinced a major company i worked for to start a recycling program in all their offices and when I ‘grew up’ and moved to Westchester – I immediately joined the volunteer Fire Department in an effort to be part of my community. Yes I went on fire calls and did the training and was immersed in local culture. I started a dance company that has arts education and outreach as the main focus, I taught an arts camp and directed shows like Godspell, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Wizard Of Oz …pro bono just so kids in my community could learn to appreciate the arts.

YOU, ME, WE need to be the change we want to see in the world! This is so true and my daily mantra.

Tomorrow my dear friend  and pat-nah in crime Sarah O’Grady and I are hosting/ organizing an event for our local community.

OCCUPY MAIN STREET – No we are not protesting anything or picketing in front of townhall…who has time for that? We are doing something much better… using the media and locals to talk about change and how to actively make this happen in our communities.

If you are in Westchester and would like to attend our meeting please do. If you can’t, please leave a little love note on our Facebook page! —> OCCUPY MAIN WESTCHESTER

This meeting is for locals who want to know how to promote CHANGE in their communities.  So all you local peeps, please make an effort and come to this open meeting. This is the FIRST step in engaging in your community and your surroundings.

 Tuesday, March 6 at 7PM
Mt. Kisco Library Community Room.
Follow on Twitter #westchat #occupymain
Facebook –http://www.facebook.com/events/332729516773294/?ref=ts
* I was not paid for this… it’s my own personal initiative*
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Freckleface The Musical – REVIEW

Lily and I were invited to see the new show Freckleface – The Musical last month.

The musical is based on the beloved New York Times Best Selling book by celebrated actress Julianne Moore and addresses the ever-present topic of BULLYING.

Freckleface is a delightful family show with a running time of 70 minutes that does not include intermission. The cast is made up of a wide range of characters from a ballerina who rides a scooter ( lily tried this when she came home), to a basketball enthusiast, a nerd, fashion girl and of course the class clown!

Freckleface -The Musical chronicles the life of seven-year-old Strawberry being teased by her schoolmates for having bright red hair and freckles.  She does everything to get rid of her freckles including trying to scrub them off and wearing a mask to school. The story concludes with Strawberry realizing that she is loved for her freckles and each person has something about them that makes them unique and different and great!

We met with the cast after the show and Strawberry Freckleface tried to eat LILY!!!

I kid I kid! 

Freckleface the Musical is at the MMAC Theater at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center 248 West 60th Street (Between Amsterdam and West End Avenue)
New York NY 10023 You can find more info about the show —> Freckleface The Musical

This intimate theatre is perfect for this show. The kids are close up to the stage and really able to engage in the action of the play. The cast also uses the space to interact with the audience which is always such a delight for little ones.  I am pretty biased to small theatres! Having performed on many stages throughout the years, the black box is my favorite.

While freckleface is a fantastic show for the kids, the topic of bullying is tackled with kid gloves…which given the target audience might have been the goal. The over exaggerated style of the performance never fully let the audience feel the heaviness of bullying. Lily did not take the bullying message away from the show. She just loved it for its entertainment value.

If you have a little one who loves the books, which we do, this is a great show that brings these characters to life!

Thanks to MAMADRAMANY for including us in their fab blogger program! 

Use code MAMADRAMA at the box office or online for $40 tickets

* I was not paid for this review, simply invited to attend. All opinions are always my own*

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Wordless Wednesday

She’s a STUNNAH!

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Site Specific at Restoration Hardware

One of my most favorite dance projects to work on are Site Specifics. This is when you create a dance work for a specific site…i.e – bridges, doorways, sculpture gardens..etc

Recently Lily, Matt and I were at the Restoration Hardware in Greenwich, CT and Lily was struck by inspiration… pure movement and pure creativity ensued.

Lily is such a creative being and I so inspired by her need to dance everywhere!

Dance is part of human nature, if you watch kids they are constantly dancing and singing without any prompting from anyone. We should never harness this creative performance energy but rather just let it grow naturally undefined and untamed.

Get your dance on peoples!

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Hues of Blues

I lost my MOJO this week… please let me know if you find it.


What a week. We have changes coming up in our life… good changes… me thinks …but it’s hard. Transitions are always challenging and me and my sensitive soul can’t handle this.

Today in an attempt to get my MOJO back I took yoga, danced, washed my face with really fab products that took approx 15 mins {that’s 3 hours in mom time}, whispered motivational quotes to myself and had 2 really constructive and positive client meetings.{non-dance related- which makes me sad}

… my MOJO is still lost!

This week I had lunch with a close friend who I love and find ridiculous amounts of strength from – She said “what’s our next project“,  coffee with another friend who cried with me and said , we are extended sisters” , and a long covo with my bro who said, “that’s great but …How are YOU?”  and ” let’s flip houses!” such amazing support! I am humbled.

I’ll get my mojo back soon… just have to ride this out.

I can’t ever forget that I am always surrounded by the most amazing, inspiring and truly honest people this earth holds!

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Best in Show 2012

Guess who won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this year…. this thing that does not even look like a dog! Malachy an 11-pound 4-year-old Pekingese.

Best in Show 2012

If it were up to me.. I would have picked this gorgeous specimen as BEST IN SHOW!

Jonah a 115 pound 3 year old – Saint Bernard .

Jonah - Shoulda -been - Best in show
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Wordless Wednesday

Ice Cream Snack after school... for the both of them!
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Lily attends her FIRST New York Fashion Week !

It’s New York Fashion Week and everyone…including Lily has fashion fever!

While most of us dream of scoring an invite to just one of Fashion Week’s many exclusive events… Lily, age 7, was invited to one of the most coveted events in the 7YO  age range.

The Barbie Dream Closet Fashion Event. Even the invite had jewels on it. Squeee!

The event was pure fashion week, this was clearly an event for the adults with  little stations for hair and nails and design to keep the kids occupied.

As we walked into the David Rubenstein Atrium, across from Lincoln Center, a friendly PR gal welcomed us with …. a glass of champagne! YES! at 10:30am… why not! It was Saturday after all. We checked our coats and were escorted up the pink carpet through tall bedazzled pink doors… you are now entering the dream closet!

With the Toy Fair and Fashion Week going on in NY right now… a mash-up Barbie event seemed to be pretty genius. Lily and I were surrounded by fashions muckety mucks like editors and stylists and PR mavens…all who attended with their kids.

Lily, keeping in theme with her teen angst, acted totally cool the whole time.

She had every single barbie come up and chat with her and did not engage! Not a word, not a glance..nothing!

And then Swimsuit barbie tried to eat Lily and she still wasn’t phased! … not really. Barbie doesn’t eat silly!

The only person who Lily talked to …for about 45 minutes was MARK – he designs the Barbie special collections dresses. She found her match. They designed and worked on patterns the whole time! 

The event was fun, busy, loud… think nightclub at 10:30am with kids coloring.. weird but a ton of fun.

There were Live barbies everywhere, on balconies, walking around, coloring and chatting up the littles but mainly glaring at you from their perches high above the masses.

In the room were a handful of celebs. I’m not one for snapping up pics of celebrities but take my word for it. Brooke Shields was there with her kid/kids? Lily ran into her leg while trying to get a tiara.

Lily was expecting to try on dresses and shoes, but it was all virtual and she was not interested…slightly disappointed but that quickly changed when she was given a few gift bags filled with barbies and shirts and lip gloss and socks and a bag oh my!

Her first Fashion Week event was a success!

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She’s 7.

Dear Lily

Last weekend you turned 7 and you owned it!

You said, ‘no more baby clothes’ – these are defined as any garment that has a cartoon character or is too “cute” in any way. You want “chill clothes”. And you strike a pose when you say the term “chill clothes’.

I bought you a pair of green skinny jeans and you wore them unprompted for an entire day on your birthday and said: “they are sooo itchy but this is style so…”  (lip smack, eye roll, throw of hair) AKA – Suffer for fashion. You are learning early!

But I don’t let any of these fashion moments fool me… you are still very much a Jungle girl.

Your future plans include – not getting a job , and living in the jungle wearing only your underwear for hygienic reason ( I taught you that), and taking care of the jungle animals and talking to them. Once in a while you will come visit us… or not… this statement usually depends on how you feel about me that day.

Speaking of which, you threaten me with silly 1st grader threats on the way to school on the daily. On chinese new year you told me ” I hope the Dragon gets you today” usually your threats sound like “I am going to tell everyone THE WHOLE CLASS how strict you are, you are the strictest mommy” I was making you wear clothes to school that day. You forget all this by the time school is out and are a big snuggle buddy after school!

You are the coolest kid Lily. I would absolutely be your friend if we were the same age..right now I am trying to parent so being your BFF does not fit in the agenda. But I daydream of us hiking or biking or going on fantastic adventures when you get older.

You love art and are obsessed with beating the Wii Super Mario Bros. We bought you some ” prehistoric “fish eggs last week and they have hatched and this had thrilled you to no end.

Your best friend is Krista and this year you have added Alexia to the mix. The three of you are the cutest trio of giggly girls I have ever seen.

You have enjoyed having your uncles and aunts close by this year. They have spoiled you to no end…but you totally deserve it.

During the holidays you collected all the money you had saved up for an American Girl Doll and gave it all to charity… a whole $15 in coins. It took you a long time to collect that money. I was very proud of you.

You have a huge heart that gets hurt quite often. Which worries me for your teenage years.

daddy brought you shark teeth from a recent work trip.

Although you have a house full of toys and art supplies you would rather be outdoors playing in the dirt or with Jonah. Often times, I leave the kitchen window open while I’m cooking so I can hear you singing to the leaves and pine cones you find in the back yard.  I wish I could come visit that world you get lost in sometimes.

You have two amazing pets… plus about a dozen prehistoric fish that are slowly hatching.  But your main pets are Jonah , your saint and Cutie, your guinea pig.

Happy Birthday my sweetpea… the days are passing by waaaay too fast!

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