Honest Company with Jessica Alba

Last week I attended a super swank event in NYC’s most coveted restaurant ABC KITCHEN for the launch of  The Honest Company – an eco-friendly and non-toxic baby  line founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan. The event was hosted by Nicole Feliciano of MomTrends and included a room full of hand selected NYC bloggers. I was honored to be a part of this!

Me and Jess Alba... not the most flattering of pics!

While I don’t have a baby in diapers, Lily does has sensitive skin and Matt and I are always looking for recommendations for bath products… which HONEST COMPANY has!

This is one of the BIGGEST perks of creating this online blog space… I get to learn about products that I actually can use! I am always looking for eco-friendly – non toxic products for Lily and it’s really great when I get invited to an event where I actually looove the product and it seems to be what I have been looking for! So thanks Nicole and thanks Honest!

When Jessica Alba became a mother 3 years ago she had trouble finding pure products for her child. While her mom encouraged her to use products she used on her kids, Jessica wanted non-toxic and eco friendly products for her child. She talked about motherhood being incredibly overwhelming and exhausting but it also made her the woman she is now and the most satisfying feeling in the world. ( paraphrased)

You know what they say – necessity is the mother of invention – and this is no exception. Jessica Alba partnered with Christopher Gavigan- former Healthy Child Healthy World CEO and dad , “to help moms and to give all children a better, safer start.”

Honest Company products are...

The best part.. Honest Company delivers to your home! Yes ..yes they do! You can customize your “bundle” and add additional products you want.

I loved how accessible their info is on the site: for example… did you ever wonder your babies diaper is made of?

SInce we adopted Lily when she was 3 we skipped the diaper ages… but i found Honest Company’s research to be …well…honest! Get the dirty deets here—> HONEST COMPANY

I hope you take a second to swing by HONEST COMPANY to see if it’s the right fit for your needs. Let me know what you think!

*I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a fab swag bag full of honest products..which I love! *

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5 Beauty MUST -Do’s this week

I freelance as a beauty, fashion and trend writer and most times I don’t get to choose what I want to write about. So I decided to start a site where I will do just that… write about the beauty, fashion, trend things that I want to write about. my observations and thoughts and tips and new goods on all things beauty! {most times I know what i’m talking about} So come by and visit me at www.momgonestyle.wordpress.com

Alright, this one is for all the Mama’s out there.

We spend all our time getting the littles out the door to school, to the playground, folding the dreaded laundry, tackling the cobwebs, gluing the dollies heads back together and overall keeping the ship steady through everything!…but what about you! You need a little TLC on the daily so here are my 5 things you should do everday this week. 

  1.  Drink 3 glasses of clear water – no lime or lemon or paprika or chilli power infused water…just plain ole H20.
  2. SPF – never underestimate the power of the sun.. hon! Those damaging rays will do a number on your delicate face. So lather up. Find a moisturizer with SPF, a tinted SPF moisturizer gets you bonus points!
  3. Dap on some concealer under your tired eyes and creases of your nose to give your face a quick pick me up.
  4. Get your lipgloss a poppin mama. Grab a tinted lip gloss and dab some of it on your lips AND on the apples of your cheeks.
  5. Mascara – Open up those eyes with a little tap of the magic mascara wand. (use an eyelash curler to really open up those beauts)

That’s it. This can happen in under 3 mins. Yes it can. Let me know if you followed these. More tips coming next week Ok!

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Laundry help needed

I am seriously drowing in laundry and even though my 2012 resolution is to resolve my laundry issue…there seems to be no starting point. The laundry is never ending!  Lily does not help my cause with her 2-3 costume changes a day!

Jonah was all to happy help… now if he only had thumbs… and stopped drooling…and shedding so much!

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Dumpster diving with Nate Berkus

Yes you heard that right! Designer and talk show host Nate Berkus and real estate guru Barbara Corcoran are going dumpster diving and they are taking YOU along for the ride. With some of New Jersey’s finest sanitation crew they scored some great curbside finds which they then fixed up and bedazzled to make them look totally designer!

Check it out!

This episode airs THURSDAY, February 2nd on the NATE BERKUS SHOW. Check you local telly listings for details.

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Wordless Wednesday

We looked out our window and saw LILY playing in the snow with JONAH … in her underwear! Snowday!!!

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Wildly Wonderful Snow Day!

New York City and the burbs had our FIRST winter snow last weekend. Well.. we did have snow in October but that’s totally crazy and does not count as winter snow.

We made our first 2012 snow angel! It’s perfect!

Jonah beast looooved the snow. NOTE – do not eat the yellow snow!

Our small amazing town here is Westchester County, NY is seriously out of a postcard. Lily, Jonah and I love walking down our main street any time of the year…especially in snow storms.

What are the child labor laws again? She takes after me… I do love shoveling snow! 

Happy Winter everyone! I hope February dumps a ton of snow on us!

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Chinese Dragon Craft

To recognize and teach Lily a little something about Chinese New Year, I came up with a quick craft made from things we all have laying round the house.

As you know today, January 23 is the Chinese New Year…this is the year of the DRAGON! The luckiest and most significant of all the beasts. The dragon in Chinese culture is not a fire breathing monster who circles high towers where princesses live and captures vikings. ( Lily’s understanding) Dragons in Chinese culture are quite the opposite- brave, noble, kind hearted,  fire breathing beasts. Much like my Jonah. ( also what Lily said… except Jonah does not breathe fire.. that would be weird.)

Our craft is really easy and is sure to keep your little fire breather entertained all while encouraging creativity and hands on learning. So celebrate Chinese New Year with your own friendly crafty dragon!

BTW –  that’s supposed to be a Dragon!

Supplies: White paper, colored construction paper, Paint – green and black, Glue, scissors, tape.

  • Tape your giant piece of white paper( we like to use the paper rolls) onto your table.
  • Then hand draw an outline of a dragon.
  • Pour some green paint into a container and let your kid color in the shape green.

  • Use the black paint to make scales. I pretty much let Lily do what she wanted. Sometimes it’s best to let your kid have artistic freedom with the details.
  • Using the black paint, give your dragon an eye.

  • Next – cut out little triangle shapes with your RED and ORANGE construction paper. This is for the spikes on the back of the dragon. Of course you can pick any color you want!
  • Glue the triangles to the dragons back.

  • Then cute out some long flames from your red or orange or yellow construction paper and glue it to the UNDER side of the dragons mouth. (This has to happen after the Dragon is cut out)

  • Cut out your dragon.

And all done! One friendly Dragon for your little one to enjoy!

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I don’t like January!

What is it about the month of January that makes me feel like I need a whole lot of work done to my exterior appearance.

Between all the weight loss ads and the gazillion “ i pledge to lose (enter the amount) pounds this year” mantras sung by my favorite people … January sure has a heck of a way of making me feel self-conscious.

I hate that some really amazing people I know… amazing on the inside and out… are feeding into this “weight loss, new image madness” … and the truth is .. I am feeding into it as well! I am not unhealthy, I am not out of shape..but I am also not in the BEST shape of my life and I would like to get my sexy back.. if you will.

I’m raising a strong-minded little lady over here but in the meantime every time I glance at myself in the mirror… I am just not sufficiently satisfied! WHY!!!

I blame it on JANUARY and all this ...begin the year with a NEW YOU crap. The new ME?? What was wrong with the old ME!

Nothing is wrong with the old me… or the old you!

But if you feel like you want to shed something then girl,  go get your weight loss on… but don’t let the MEDIA tell you to do that. Do it for you!

Dang you January… making me feel all insecure!

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Looking back – Barack Obama

Today in 2009, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States. Where were you on Inauguration Day?

Matt and I stopped everything we were doing and came home and watched the inauguration on televeision…tears in our eyes…. standing taller with pride…. and hope… and with Lily. 

{ this is our beloved Lincoln Duncan, our Newfoundland who passed away a month later in feb 2009..my heart still hurts from losing him}

Lily was so very excited about Barack Obama, she was the only kid in her pre school class who talked about Barack Obama and knew who he was..etc. The teacher was very impressed!  She lined up all her favorite dollies to watch the inauguration.

This was such a proud moment. Matt and I watched the whole event standing up, none of us spoke a word not even Lily and we all watched the moment..frozen in our minds.

Where were you in January 2009 when history happened right before our eyes? Please share!!!

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TOMS SHOES ballet flats coming spring 2012

I love ballet flats! Ballet flats should be every girls go-to shoe.!

So imagine my excitement when I found out that TOMS – the pay-it-forward shoe brand – is coming out with a BALLET FLAT!

Solids and leopard prints all lined up so neatly.

These shoes come out SPRING 2012 so get ready! As always, TOMS will donate one pair of shoes to a person in need for every pair that’s purchased.  For more info check em out —-> TOMS SHOES

The New York Mom was not paid for this post. We just love us some TOMS!
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