Trick or Treat for UNICEF

This halloween, lets trick or treat for UNICEF!

 For more than 60 years UNICEF has served as the original Kids Helping Kids campaign with the Trick-or-Treat campaign being one of the largest and most successful.

Add a little bit of “give back” to your halloween this year. With our handy dandy collection box, Lily and I will be part of this campaign this year!

You can find out all about being a part of the Trick or Treat for Unicef campaign right here —>

Lily was so touched by the stats on hunger and poverty printed on the back of her collectin box, that she took all her money that she was collecting to put towards an American Girl Doll and put it in her UNICEF box.

You can also get your fab FEED bag designed by Lauren Bush at HSN 

For every purchase of this limited-edition bag through HSN, a $3.50 donation will be made to help support UNICEF’s nutrition programs for children in need. That’s enough to provide 1 child in the developing world with a year’s supply of micronutrient powders.

This year UNICEF has teamed up with Project Runway host and super model Heidi Klum for their first ever TRICK OR TREAT for UNICEF costume party. Heidi is the 2011 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Ambassador.

I hope you can get your kiddies involved with giving back at an early age. we all have so much to be thankful for so let’s get out there and help those in need this halloween!

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Lost tooth

Lily lost her 3rd tooth last night. And AGAIN, I was not around to witness it. The tooth fairy did stop by overnight and dropped off 2 gold coins under her pillow. That tooth fairy, what a sweetie.! Gotta love her!

We have been making Lily say things like SSSSSnakes, and THe TooTH Fairy, and Sweet Succulent Spicy Shrimp. It’s pretty funny to hear her talk with a big lisp! and sometimes when she drinks water it drips out of the hole in her mouth. That’s not mean right?

Lily was a bit concerned about “I look so weird”. But apparently she was  the star of her playground today. Apparently KLOUT in 1st grade is losing teeth. Lets all bow down!

She is loving how super mean she looks with her lost tooth!

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Moments that break you

Lily and I were at the book store and I was looking through parenting books. Especially for books titled  “HELP MY 6 YEAR OLD IS THE BOSS OF ME

Lily: Mommy why are there pictures of babies on all these books?
Me: This is the parenting help section. This is where parents can get books on how to take care of their children.
Lily: Oh, I think “lily’s birth mother”  did not know about this section. If she did, she would not have given me away.

I just melted right there at the book store as I hugged my little Lilypie. Moments like these, my hearts breaks for Lily. She will most likely always wonder why her birth parents gave her up for adoption.

When we adopted Lily, I practically gave up my dance career to be a stay at home mom.

My career as a dancer and choreographer in NYC was at it’s height with my dance company  planning a tour,  several shows on the horizon and I was in the studio creating work almost everyday.

Lily was 3 years old when she came to live with us and we needed to make sure that the bond was solid. We didn’t use a babysitter for almost a year and a half and I was by her side always. We would spend our days at the Bronx Zoo  and the Norwalk Aquarium and the  museums in NYC. There are dozens of farms here in my community and most days you would find the two of us hiking along Blue Hill at Stone Barns and chasing down the occasional runaway chicken.

This adjustment of dropping my full time career,  while hard for me, has been exactly what needed to be done and the bond between the three of us is fiercely solid. Which is all we had hoped for.

Recently there have been many moments when Lily talks about her birth parents and I am always open about her life and never hold back. But it does hurt my heart to think that she will always have a need to know them and they will always occupy space in her little amazing little heart.

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Wordless Wednesday


With Mary Lou Henner and Poppy Montgomery on location for the filming of UNFORGETTABLE.


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This week

Happy Monday  WEEK Everyone!

This week I am overloaded with my “To Do” list. My Mom and Grandmother arrive next week for a two week stay and I STILL have not finished painting the dining room, the kitchen and mudroom.

Here is the madness of my week ahead  the rest of the week.

  • Monday – I am finishing up the painting of the dining room, although I probably won’t get it done.  DID NOT GET IT DONE!  Tackling laundry  Did not happen either,  working, making cookies with Lily  did not hapoen either and  going to an event for IVORY in NYC. did not make it… life !!!
  • Tuesday – I have to spend some quality time at the Indian Consulates office in NYC Ugh! and event for ..something. ( can’t remember)  Did not make it to the event, although I should have. Spent the day at the consulate to no avail. But a FAb lunch and good laugh with a good friend got me through the rest of the day!
  • Wednesday – I get to meet Dr. Oz! woot! and have lunch with my sis! and a plan to go to the MarcJacobs store in Greenwich Village to buy $35 skinny jeans. Also an Art event in the evening!  woot! I need more ART in my life!
  • Thursday – I get to cook with TOP CHEF Alum – Spike Mendelsohn and then back at Indian Consulate and then DANCE. DANCE and then a dinner date with one of my most fave peoples!
  • Friday– Work and then painting windows in our town with Lily and the Girl Scouts and then Stella McCartney Halloween Party in the Meat Packing District and Matt’s Birthday celebration!
  • Saturday HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!!!!
  • Sunday – Church , GODSPELL on broadway, Dinner at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem, Matt’s birthday celebrations!

I have to do all this AND… AAA NNN DDD get the house ready for guests!! Someone please send reinforcements!!!  yikes!

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TV’s Hottest Trend – Fairy Tales

Fall television is gearing up for one heck of a fairy themed season! In case you have not noticed, there are 4 potentially amazing fairy tale themed projects coming to TV and Film this fall.  Fairytales are the new aliens, the new black holes, the new zombies,  the new superheros and the new       (enter your favorite fictional genre here).    

Holy awesome fad batman!

I am a HUGE… like MASSIVE – like have random collections of fairy tale history books-fan of fairy tales. Especially the Grimm Brothers. That stuff is just wild and now there is a whole show about the GRIMM Fairy Tales!

Here’s the scoop on the upcoming shows.

NBCGRIMM – A Portland Homicide Detective discovers he is descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as “Grimms,” charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world. (VIA

ABCONCE UPON A TIME –  with Gennifer Goodwin – Brought to you by the writers of LOST – Centers on a woman with a troubled past who is drawn into a small town in Maine where the magic and mystery of Fairy Tales just may be real. (VIA- )

FILMSNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN – Coming 2012- Starring Kristen Stewart – In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen. ( VIA – )

FILMSNOW WHITE – Coming 2012 –  Starring Julia Roberts- Working title of this film . Check out this site for all the amazing pics!;contentBody

Will you be watching?

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Wordless Wednesday

It was a rainy gloomy day in New York today. As I was running some errands this afternoon, I came across these guys … horsing around!


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Home Improvements with LOWES and OLYMPIC ONE paint

OLYMPIC PAINT and LOWES have partnered with TheNewYorkMOM for this fab dining room makeover!
The whole house looks like a construction zone these days. We have an entire wall missing in the kitchen AND one of the bathrooms is getting tiled AND we decided to paint our dining room AND we are supposed to host a fall dinner this weekend with pumpkin carving AND my grandmother and mom arrive in 2 weeks for a visit!

oh yea… AND the sky is falling! the sky is falling!


Lily loves the painting process. Seconds after this picture was taken that tray of paint on the ladder next to Lily came crashing down on the drop cloth. Not fun!

Matt and I are DIYers. Not the best ones, but DIYers nonetheless. Lily is following right in our DIY footsteps. She is loving this whole painting project especially the parts when drips of paint fall on her head from me painting above her or her stepping in paint and then making imprints in the bathroom (not cool), or climbing on the ladder and singing gorgeous arias!

Jonah is in on the action as well. He is right in the middle of it. Seems like he too has the DIY fever!

Thanks to LOWES and OLYMPIC PAINT for supplying us with the super convenient Paint+ Primer in ONE. Makes my life SOO much easier. Project details coming soon!

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Fall Leaf Luminaries – Recycled Craft

Leaves are falling,
Leaves are falling
on the ground
on the ground
run and try and catch them
run and try and catch them…
and make art!! 
There is certainly no shortage of leaves in our backyard this season. Lily and I love this time of year, the crisp evenings, the smell of fireplaces and the leaf piles to jump in! (we ignore the dog poop in the leaf piles, it’s a small price to pay for fall fun!)
Lily and I have a craft project that we tackle almost every single day. No joke ask anyone who comes to our home… crafts projects everywhere. Some awesome.. some not so awesome.
Last week we worked on Leaf luminaries for our front porch. 
Agian, a SUPER easy craft to do with your kids. It’s tangible, it’s creative and best of all it’s a recycled craft! Your costs are low low low for this awesome fab craft!
Here’s what you need:
  1. Leaves – all shapes and sizes ( FREE – just go outside)
  2. PAINT/ Brush – Any paint will do. We used acrylic paint and poster paint that are part of our ART STASH
  3. Brown Lunch bags- or any color paper lunch bags.
  4. Battery operated tea Lights ( Approx $6.99 for 12 at Target- these are MUCh safer that real tea lights with fire)

Step 1. Collect your supplies. Lily and Jonah went exploring in the backyard and collected a great sampling of leaves.

Step 2 – Take a brush or your finger and paint the under side of the leaf. Be careful not to leave any finger prints.

Step 3: Gently imprint the painted side of the leaf onto your brown bag.

* Make sure you press every single corner of the leaf onto the brown lunch bag so you get the perfect imprint.

Little fingers working hard!

Step 3- Gently peel your leaf of your brown lunch bag

Step 4 – Insert a battery operated tea light inside the bag and you are set!

What a sweet little welcome for your guests this season!

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Keep Calm

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