Gilt + Hatch +Christy Turlington

On Monday, my friend and fellow chatty girl Sarah and I headed to Lower Manhattan to join Chirsty Turlington, Gilt Children and Gilt City for the exclusive launch of the maternity line HATCH by twobirds on GILT this week where portions of the proceeds will go to Christy’s charity – Every Mother Counts.

The fashion filled event was held at über swank W NEW YORK Downtown with a room buzzing with fabulous peeps!

Left -rt - Turlington- Burns, Hatch designer -Ariane Goldman, Rachel Jarrett, GM of Gilt Children,

The evening started out with a welcome toast from Rachel Garrett GM of Gilt Children who introduced HATCH designer Ariane Goldman.

Ariane Goldman , designer HATCH

Ariane talked about here own frustration when she was unable to find maternity wear that was chic yet comfortable and could be worn after pregnancy, so she created her own maternity wear collection. See the video below!

She explained that her partnership with GILT came about from her experience browsing and shopping on the site late at night while pregnant when her friends were out on the town. When the maternity line came about she knew GILT Children would be a perfect fit. She said that this partnership and clothing line was her “dream come true“.  The HATCH collection is designed to allow women to wear the clothing before, during and after the pregnancy.

Gilt Children is exclusively launching the Hatch Collection before it is available anywhere else. The sale kicks off yesterday at 12 PM ET and runs until September 30th. Gilt members will get 20% off and a portion of the proceeds will go to Christy’s charity, Every Mother Counts. You can visit the sale by going to: . 

Christy Turlington Burns showed us an excerpt of her documentary No Woman, No Cry. I had seen this film in its entirety over the summer as part of Oprah’s OWN screening committee, and was moved by it. I think this film should be shown in middle schools and high schools throughout the nation. When speaking to Christy about the film and it’s impact it had on me, she told me that she is holding a screening at her child’s middle school for that very reason. We need to start educating younger generations about these issues so they be a part improving maternal and child health globally.

That's me in the pink!

The Q&A after the preview was engaging and audience members asked how they could help be a part of Christy’s charity – Every Mother Counts.  Every Mother Counts is an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase support for maternal and child health.

I was able to get a quick one on one with Christy and asked her , “How can WE get involved with Every Mother Counts?” 

She said—>

I would love to be a part of this organization in anyway I can. I also encourage you all to visit the site for EVER MOTHER COUNTS and find out how to get involved.  Here is a quick trailer –>

Gilt Children is exclusively launching the Hatch Collection before it is available anywhere else. The sale kicks off tomorrow at 12 PM ET and runs until September 30th. Gilt members will get 20% off and a portion of the proceeds will go to Christy’s charity, Every Mother Counts. You can visit the sale by going to: . GiltChildren is passionate about offering the best products for moms, babies and kids and this beautiful, innovative collection gave  Gilt and amazing opportunity to do so while also raising awareness for a global cause.
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Wordless Wednesday

Have No Fear ...Bug Girl is Here!!
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Escape to Mohegan Sun

Tis the season for long drives up the many scenic roads in New England. Our family just loves to get in the car and drive north for a mini escape. Within a 4 hour driving radius we have Philadelphia, Boston, Scenic Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Virginia and many others. Fall is the best time to head off on road trips. With the crisp cool weather and stunning changing of the leaves, this is a MUST DO for us here in the NorthEast.

Last Friday we headed over to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

It was our first time at the Mohegan Sun Resort. Lily was very excited about the road trip, she’s a total adventure girl…just like Matt and I.

Mohegan sun is about a 3 hour drive north from New York City and the resort has plenty to entertain all ages.

A world at play and a world to its own, Mohegan Sun, created in 1996 by the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut, is one of the world’s most amazing destinations with some of New England’s finest dininghotel accommodations, retail shopping, live entertainment and sporting events. Boasting three world-class casinos, Mohegan Sun is also host to the Kids Quest/Cyber Quest family entertainment facility, a luxurious day spa,convention center and meeting facility, a state-of-the-art Poker Room as well as three major entertainment venues with seating from 300 to 10,000. 

After checking into the V.I.P. Aquai lounge, we dropped our bags off in our room and headed off to explore the rest of the resort.

Mohegan Sun has a variety of restaurants to choose from at many different price points. We chose to go to the oh so popular  Bobby Flay’s BAR AMERICAIN.

The food was tremendous and so yum that I  going to dedicate a whole new post just to this restaurant..highly recommended!

After dinner we wandered around the many shops at Mohegan Sun and found our way to KIDS QUEST – the kid play area.

Lily was immediately sucked into the shiny light, games and kids squealing with fun and begged us to let her play at KIDSQUEST. After a thorough tour lead by one of the most friendly attendants, Matt and I left our precious  Lilypie for one hour. The cost to drop Lily off at Kids Quest was very affordable. Since we were visiting over the weekend, we paid $9/hr.( $8 on weekdays).  Kids Quest is open until 2am with a 5 hour maximum for your precious monkeys.

With Lily safely supervised, Matt and I set out on our wild and crazy night! Woot!! Not really, we relaxed and went exploring stopping by the casinos and indulging in an after dinner cocktail.

The shopping was impressive with a varied selection of gift shops and clothing stores. Whether you wanted Tiffany’s or Coach or outdoor attire, the Shops at Mohegan Sun  had something for everyone.

After picking up our Lilypie an hour later, to much resistance, we headed off to bed. Lily had such a great time that the next morning, we dropped her off at KIDSQUEST yet again while Matt and I enjoyed a lunch date. This time in addition to the hourly rate at KIDSQUEST, we also paid for Lily to have lunch at the kids quest cafe. She picked Mac and Cheese with a fruit and juice and even got a snack all for $6 wowza!

Matt and I picked SUMMER SHACK for Lunch where we indulged in all things shellfish! We had chowder and steamed clams and oysters oh my!

And what about the Casinos? Mohegan Sun has not one, not two but THREE casinos – Casinos of the Sky, Earth and Wind. There are smoking and non smoking sections to each casino that is complete with slot machines, cards and  anything you can imagine!

Oh and the pool… the pool is a MUST when you have a kid and yes the Mohegan Sun pool was a treat for Lily.

Overall, our stay at Mohegan Sun was great! Highly Recommended!!!

Being able to drop off Lily at Kids Quest was genius. She loved being at this kid wonderland and was safely supervised and I was able to spend some quality time with my Matt. We all won!

Mohegan Sun has something for everyone and every kind of getaway. How about a GIRLS weekend getaway! Does that sound super fun? Well guess what!

The good folks over at MOHEGAN SUN are allowing me to giveaway a night out getaway for one of my lucky readers!


I generated my winner on RANDOM.ORG It’s totally fair and absolutely random!! Happy weekend at Mohegan Sun ALEXIS!!!!

To enter this contest please do all the following:

  1. Leave me a comment on this post
  2. TWEET : I just entered to win @MoheganSun Diva’s Hotel package from @pluslily

*OPTIONAL* – Be my friend on FaceBook — 


CONTEST ENDS WEDNESDAY – SEPT 28 at Midnight Eastern time. This package does NOT cover transportation, Only hotel accommodations. 
* Mohegan Sun invited me and my family for a friday night stay and paid for food and accommodations. I loved it and agreed to promoting this contest. All opinions are my own*

 One winner and a guest will enjoy: Mohegan Sun’s Diva’s Delight Hotel Package

Spend a night out with your girls and let your inner diva loose!

Your winning package includes…

  • Oversized and stylish accommodations for one night at Mohegan Sun; choice of two queen or king bed
  • VIP Check-in
  • Late check-out at 1:00pm
  •  Poolside Margaritas and Appetizers (or equivalent; a $40.00 value)

**Note: Offer valid on Thursdays and Fridays October 2011 only. Excluding October 21**

More about Diva Days & Diva Nights:

  •  Party on the patio of Todd English’s Tuscany every Friday starting at 9pm with a DJ, drink specials and mixology courses
  • Special ladies-only No Judgement Zone table games
  • Free Slot Play offers
  • Ladies-only shopping and dining specials
  • Free headline entertainment in the Wolf Den and ticketed events in Mohegan Sun Arena and The Cabaret Theatre. Click here for a complete schedule:
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Social Good Summit 2011

I spent this past week at the SOCIAL GOOD SUMMIT in NYC. Organized by MASHABLE and the 92nd Street Y- the Social Good Summit brings todays most inspiring and relevant leaders and discusses ways in which new media can help with the challenges in the world. Partnering with the United Nations, the summit brought together people, resources and ideas to effect social change!

The first day of the summit focused largely on young people and media. How younger generations can make a change in the world. The whole day was inspiring but… BOY! did I feel old! (early 30’s)

But then again, I do recall a recent conversation with former President Bill Clinton where he said, “Oh you’re not old. You’re just starting your life.”  That dialogue comes in handy often!

The second day focused on Womens issues especially women’s health. I was moved by the 3:30 session – Women and Girls lead : Where Storytelling, gaming and public media Converge. The panel included-  Academy Award Winning-Actor, Geena Davis @GDIGM , Paula Kerger, President and CEO of PBS @PaulaKerger , Abigail Disney, Executive Producer of Women, War, War & Peace @WomenWarPeace and Asi Burak, Co-president of Games of Change @ABurak , moderated by Aaron Sherinian, Vice President of Communications and Public Relations of the United Nations Foundation @ASherinian

Pete Cashmore - founder of Mashable and President of the UN

Paula Kerger @paulakerger President/CEO of @PBS the importance of  Female roles in kid programs. The power of the female figure on TV and the positive effect this has on young minds. She also talked about PBS commitment to this change.

Abigail Disney, Executive Producer of Women, War, War &Peace @WomenWarPeace – Spoke about the effect war has on women specifically. Women are the ones who are left without a spouse and have to deal with the loss of their families all alone and unsupported. She primamrily focused on women outside the U.S.

These women are often times uneducated and are in cultural environments where A women’s sole worth is based on her family. Women are the first in the family structure to be effected by war as they struggle to keep their families safe  and together and are left lost and alone after losing family members to war.

Sexual crimes are very common in war and women are targeted and subjected to devastating sexual and personal violence all for political agenda some are forced to turn to prostitution just to support the remaining members of their family. The emotional toll this has is unaddressed.

For information on this topic please visit ->

Actress Geena Davis spoke on empowering girls and the focus on positive female role models in media and in real life. Her question – “When are we going to get over the idea that it’s shocking that women can do things?” was met with raucous applause. Visit —> for more info.


Randi Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO, R to Z Media @RandiZuckerberg and Mandy Moore, Ambassador, PSI @TheMandyMoore , @Ashong

Actress Mandy Moore spoke about the positive effect the NOTHING BUT NETS campaign has had on helping end malaria in Africa. The Nothing but nets campaign is a grassroots  global organization, partnered with the UN Foundation,  that brings awareness and funding to help stop malaria in Africa. $10 will buy an insecticide-treated bed net that gets distributed in Africa to help fight the spread of Malaria.

One mosquito net can fit a family of four within. Watch Mandy Moore and derrick Ashong tell us more…


  • Every 45 seconds a child dies of malaria
  • malaria is a bigger killer than AIDS
  • Malaria kills nearly ONE MILLION people per year
  • 90% of that ONE MILLION are children in Africa
Randi Zuckerburg said, ” We are soooo close to ending malaria in the next 5 years” AMAZING!
PLease visit —> for more info and how to get involved.
My week was full of inspiration. It also made me realize over and over again how truly blessed I am to have my family safe, healthy and have Lily surrounded by role models in her real life who she learns from daily.
Be thankful for all you have folks. There are waaaay too many people in the world who don’t have a fraction of what you do.
I encourage every one of my readers to take a step toward making a change in your worlds. Maybe you can volunteer at a local community center, maybe you can contribute $10 to Nothing But Nets, how about visiting an elderly neighbour with a batch of freshly bakes cookies… so many things in your immediate environment that can add up to big changes in the lives of others.
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6 year old problems

Scene – Lily is getting ready for school and she picks out a skirt. I hand her leggings which she rejects.  After moments of back and forth “please get dressed” banter, I finally get her to wear her leggings with the threat of ” you will be late to school and get a tardy slip”.

Lily: I’m going to call 991 to tell them about you

Me: OK. what will you tell them?

Lily: ” I’ll say, Please come here , My mommy is making me wear clothes. Come quick”

She also told me, “I was made like this why can’t I go without clothes

Lately we have been struggling with dressing for school. We get everything ready the night before, wake up with plenty of time to get dressed , have breakfast…all of it. It’s in the last few minutes before walking out the door that the meltdown ensues!

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Wordless Wednesday


Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?


At the launch for LETS ROCK ELMO.



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Making Dances

I choreograhed a music video for artist AIDEN LESLIE. I’ve been working a ton this summer. Most of the dance work I have been doing has been commercial. I am really proud of the video for Aiden Leslie. It was a little bit of hip hop a little bit of funk and whole lot of couture!

The video release party is Tuesday, Sept 20th 10pm at INDUSTRY in NYC! I hope you can make it.

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Meet ELMO – AKA Kevin Clash

This evening Lily and I were invited to the LETS ROCK ELMO party in New York City. Of course we met ELMO but the big surprise was that we also met KEVIN CLASH! AKA… the HUMAN behind the iconic ELMO.

* That’s Lily in the Blue and White Stripes! *

Yep folks this guy is both the tickle and the laugh of ELMO!

What a totally amazing surprise!  Recap of the press event coming up …so read all about that later!

Meanwhile – How cool was it that Lily and I were able to meet and interact with this ICON! He walked over to Lily and “ELMO” picked up her iphone and pretended to eat it, then “ELMO” gave Lily a kiss and swooned over her! How very memorable for my Lilypie!

Playskool is releasing the LETS ROCK ELMOtoy this year and this event was to promote it. Randy Jackson of American Idol Fame and other fame, was the celeb speaker and it was a blast! Read my post …coming up!

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Me and My Dog

My personal assistant. What he lacks in typing skills he makes up for in moral support!

Spent part of the afternoon working on my blog accompanied by the Best Assistant Ever!

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Under Construction

So many changes in my world. I can’t keep up! I have been a bit MIA lately and I have good reason. I’ve been dancing and I’ve been working on building my social media consulting space and re-visioning this blog.  Lots coming up and I hope I can keep up with it all!

 * So please pardon the dust as I construct a new image for this here site! *

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