Wordless Wednesday

We are in Phoenix, AZ for a family reunion and this morning we cheered on my niece and godchild at her Dive Practice. She was awesome! Look at that form!

p.s. as I write this, its only 9am and already 110 degrees!

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We are off on vacation today! This trip is truly the ALL AMERICAN ADVENTURE.

On our itenirary is Phoenix, AZ – Grand Canyon – Palm Springs – Los Angeles and finally DISNEYLAND!

Lily is thrilled! she gets to see her cousins and gets to go on this wild west adventure to lands she has never seen. Her little mind is full of images of what this new land is going to be like. She asked us about the kinds of bugs and animals in Phoenix, AZ and Grand Canyon and we told her about Scorpions. After a few minutes of panic and nervous energy and trying to convince herself she will OK with the scorpions – because Matt and I will be by her side to protect – and yes I do have hidden ninja skills that have never been unleashed, she calmed down.

I realized the only scorpions she has ever seen were from the movie  CLASH OF THE TITANS so her fear was absolutely justified!

If you have not seen the scorpians from CLASH OF THE TITANS, they are huge! If there exisited in the land of the GODZILLAS – the GODZILLAS would be pets of the scorpians.

Well we did convince Lily that the scorpians were not going to be monstorous. and that they are the size slugs she finds in the back yard – she finds large slugs. She has calmed…sorta.

So here’s to our Summer Adventure! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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Ed Begley Jr shares 5 Money saving Green Living tips!

The Forward With Ford media conference was a VAULT of information.

Actor and green living expert, Ed Begley Jr, was on hand to tell us about green technology and practices that the FORD MOTOR COMPANY is applying in their vehicles.

I asked him to share a few everyday  easy-peasy tips for my readers. These tips are so easy to apply and will definitely save you the other kind of green… MONEY!


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FIRST lost tooth

Lily lost her tooth tonight and I missed it. It was her first tooth and she was really excited when I spoke to her on the phone.

Matt sent me this picture! My sweet baby is growing up and  lost her FIRST tooth and I missed it! Breaks my heart!

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Ford Trends

I’m at a fab conference for FORD MOTORS this week. The Forward with Ford conference has invited approx 175 bloggers and media from all interests to spend 3 days learning all about the new trends in technology and design from FORD.

I have met tech bloggers, and pet bloggers and Doctors and magazines and design studios and bears oh my!

My day today was filled with truly informative sessions about Car Safety, Emerging Technologies and Green technology in ford cars. I won’t tell you that I know about cars or pretend to know about cars. I don’t know much about cars except about the one I drive and that it needs to be cleaned more often than I care to do it!

Over the next few days I’m going to posting about all the valuable info I have learned here at FORD. So keep it where ya got it!

* FORD has covered all my expenses for this trip. opinions expressed are all my own*

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ZING -Summer Toy- Review

The fab folk over at ZING Toys sent Lily two amazing toys last week- the Z-Curve Bow & Zing-Shot Launcher.
She has not stopped playing with the Z-Curve Bow.. and neither has Matt!

Lily has never had a bow and arrow and has actually really wanted one for sometime now. She pretended to be Robinita Hood all afternoon and loved … LOOOOVED this toy.

There is absolutely no shortage of toys in this house. Between, my lil-ole blog and my Mom and Matt’s MOM, my sis and bro all spoiling Lily with toys almost every week… this 6 year old has it all!

While most toys have a short shelf life, this one is a true Long Term Contender. The foam arrows are not going to harm a fly… ok maybe a fly- but if you are shooting down flies.. we need to talk!

Overall  I love the Z-Sling Bow, It gets your kids outdoors and encourages creative play and Lily loves it!

The Zing-Shot Launcher is a foam sling shot that comes equipped with specially made Red-X ammo soft foam balls that fly 45 feet! SInce the balls are foam, this is a safe alternative to whatever homemade sling shot with pebbles we had of our youth! The soft foam balls bounce back and Lily and I can’t wait to test them out at our local racquet ball court!

 The Z-Curve Bow™, $19.99, and Zing-Shot Launcher™, $9.99 are available at various retail stores and specialty boutiques including Academy Sports + Outdoors, Amazon.com, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Calendar Club, Fred Meyer, Fry’s Electronics, Target, Toys “R” Us, and many more.

*Opinions posted are my own, I was not paid for this post. The ZING company sent me a few samples to test out their toys*

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Happy Father’s Day … to my mom

Happy Fathers Day to my most amazing mom.

My mom was a single parent for most of my childhood and she has done me good!

My mom raised me in tough times that were economically and culturally challenging.

My mom stuck to her guns and did not give up or take the easy way  for one second during my teenage years. My mom had me home by curfew – against my will-  and was my biggest cheerleader and has shaped me and my thoughts and behaviours.

As I have grown into my own being, my mom and I don’t see eye to eye on many subjects, political, religious and personal and battle often,  but let me tell you she was the one who taught me to stand up for what I believe and not give up or give in.

Thanks for everything  you have done mom and thanks for continuing to love me and guide me through this life!

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Hues of blue

Lately I have been feeling blue. I’ve lost my mojo. I need to find it desperately because this feeling of discontent and depression is taking over my life and I need to run this sucker out of town!

I have not been dancing as much as I want to or should, I am not teaching this summer, not touring or any of the adventurous dance stuff I am used to. I am not making art!

I’m  in such a transition in life and am mourning the possible end/loss of my killer dance career …UGH!

My sweet Jonah has picked up on my mood and every chance he gets, he’s snuggled up next to me with his heart on my heart almost as if he’s trying to heal me. He’s my sweet boy!


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Go the F%$# To Sleep

I met Author Adam Mansbach at the Book Expo America in New York City last month. Let me tell you, the line to get accesss to him was waaaaay long and everyone wanted a copy of his book – GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP.

Sadly by the time I got to him all his books were sold out.

I was pretty disappointed that I did not get a book and I had that whole JUDY MOODY interview that I was running late for so I said a quick hello and left Adam.

Recently as I was browsing around YOUTUBE I came across the holy grail of book readings.. the most popular cult figure…Samuel L Jackson…as in THE Samuel L Jackson did a reading of Adam Mansbach book – Go The Fuck To Sleep

…and it is seriously brilliant!

Honestly, every single parent has said this -in their head – at least ONCE ,to their child.  There still are those days when I can look at my sweet Lilypie and be thinking … “please Lily,  JUST PLEASE Go the F%*K to sleep!”

Watch and enjoy. I truly do not mean to offend, this is just brilliant!

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Wordless Wednesday




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