Summer Must Haves- Weekly finds

What a glorious long weekend! I hope you spent it with your loved ones as I did.

This weekend while at my various BBQ’s birthday parties and picnincs, I came across some goodies that I would love to share with you! Summer has just barely begun so there is plenty of time to stock on on these summer MUST-HAVES.

Inoshishi Hibachi Grill – $468 at Anthropologie

Womens Washed CanvasTote – $49.50 LandsEnd

Victorian Tumbler , Set of 6 – $36 Pottery Barn

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Happy Memorial

This weekend marks the beginning of summer.

I’ve spent the last few days indulging in family and friends and food and love.

I’m blessed to have such an abundance of amazing people in my life…and that includes you too..Dear Reader.

Happy Weekend.


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Wordless Wednesday

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My confession is.. I DONT LIKE DESSERT.* GASP*!

Yes it’s true . I am not a fan of dessert. I like cheese. All kinds of cheese – Allgauer EmmentalerBoursinBrie de MeauxStinking Bishop .. all of it!
…and when at dinner I always opt for the fine cheese sampler with a nice glass of port  for my dessert option.

 Lily and I were at our local starbucks one morning and the barista gave her a CAKE-POP. A cake wha?

It’s a Cakepop… like a lollipop but cake.

It was yum. It was  the new thing at Starbucks and the barista was giving them away GRATIS. You get a cake-pop and you get a cake-pop and you ALL get a cake-pop.

I wasn’t a fan of the icing but Lily loved it and my mommy brain went into health mode.

A cake-pop – smaller than a slice of cake + fewer calories + less sugar + small serving and STILL packs in the sugar craving punch for the 6 year old monkey! = It’s a win!

So I researched how to make these mini delights and VOILA!

At Kohls… Babycakes Cake-POP maker for a smooth $24.99


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pa-pa- paparazzi

It’s all about media these days ain’t it.

I am the media. YOU are the media. WE all are the media.

Alert the paparazzi!

Smartphones have made it easier than ever for us to stay in contact with our lives and social media allows us to blast inspiring images to our FB and twitter feeds. With sites like Pinterest  and ZAPD and blogs… we  have the whole world waiting for our next image!

With that said, it’s easier than every to get the perfect shot.

Check out this little goodie that attaches to your iphone to get you that close up pro shot!

6X Telescope with Crystal Case for iPhone 3G / 3GS    US: $18.99

Link: 6X Telescope with Crystal Case for iPhone 3G / 3GS

Don’t feel like lugging around an extra gadget, no fear, how about an app?

  • My favorite is INSTAGRAM- it’s allows you to add a variety of filters and post directly to FB, Twitter, blog and email. Best part… it’s FREE!

Tell a drama for your mama story with your pics. Try  NOIR photo app for iphone and iPad $3

Iretouch – FREE _ allows you to retouch your pics on your phone before sending them along to your fans!

Check out COLORSPLASH on itunes $.99 to give your pics that nostalgic black and white with one element of color look.

Videolicious – Free App on itunes that lets you make your own videos and post product reviews onto sites like Martha Stewart, Self, Lucky Magazine, also allows you to do restaurant reviews..etc

My latest obsession has been –  a website that allows you to adjust the SLR on your pics and play around with your image.

Ok now, no excuses for bad pics! It’s easier than ever for us blogging types to get that ONE shot that sums up your words.

Get your inner Paparazzi on!

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Wordless Wednesday

My Little Soccer STAR!!!

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On The Cheap

I’ve been putting together a few ‘Summer MUST-HAVE”  lists for various publications and one pair of shoes kept coming back.

This shoes is perfect summer sandal especially if you are chasing after your little precious kiddies but still want to rock the heeled-sandal trend!

I searched the webosphere to find the same sandal in two different price points and voila… for you!

Kork-Ease Leather Deborah Heel $150

Mia Maderiann  $27.50

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Spring colors

My yoga teacher talked about spring and the abundance of life during this season. New Life, shedding of old skin and coming out of hibernation.

The Earth is alive and it makes ME feel alive. Those dreary days of winter are behind me and all I see are sunny days ahead!

Black Widow Tulips

Our windows are open and light is just pouring in through every pane of glass.

Just as the plants  lean toward the light to grow and flourish, the early morning sunlight awakens me to a new day every morning.

I have been naturally waking up a good hour earlier lately. Getting a head start to my day and enjoying the early  silence.

Our garden is in full bloom , the birds have come back to the feeders and the sounds of spring surround us every moment. I encourage you to take a minute to just close your eyes and take in the sounds and scents of spring!

Happy Spring all!

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Bicycle Built for Two

This weekend was amazing! The sun, the cool spring breeze. I have no words. So I borrowed words to match my pictures.

Lyrics by-  Harry Dacre, 1892 SONG- Daisy Bell ( a bicycle built for two)

Daisy, Daisy,
Give me your answer do!

I’m half crazy,
All for the love of you!
It won’t be a stylish marriage,
I can’t afford a carriage

But you’ll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle made for two.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day girls!

Hope your days are filled with heart-filled love, laughter and the best of all…

Hope your days are filled with dance!

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