Sweet Tweets with Bazooka

A couple weeks ago Bazooka – the candy brand- invited Lily and I to attend a cooking class in NYC.

Bazooka, the candy confectioners, who are responsible for Bazooka Bubble Gum and the Ring Pop, to name a few, now have a new sweet treat for us to enjoy!

Sweet Tweet Notes! 

Bazooka Candy Brands’, newest sweet and colorful candy offering comes printed with a cute emoticon attached to a decorative paper board featuring fun, illustrative designs. The product adds a personal touch to the quick and convenient connections that are a part of today’s culture through the ability to provide a short, handwritten note with the perfect punctuation – a sweet treat. Great in a lunchbox, locker or overnight bag, Sweet Tweets™ will be available at retail and at www.sweettweetnotes.com beginning in March 2011 at a suggested retail price of $0.99 per pack. 

Lily and I headed over TASTE BUDS, a kitchen studio in Manhattan designed just for kids!

We worked on making bento box style lunches.

The fine folk at Taste Buds taugh about adding color to our diet. The more colorful the food the healthier it is. Now you can’t eat colorful candy all day , we are talking veggies and fruits and all that goodness.

These days we are getting invites and thankyou and love notes from everyone via email or texting. I still really value the romance of a hand written note don’t you?

Matt and I write little love notes for Lily and put them in her snack bag every day. She loves them!

You can find more info about Bazooka Sweet Tweets here—> www.sweettweetnotes.com

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Wordless Wednesday

Lily had homework today. It’s pretty rare in Kindergarten, but she gets really excited.

It was the perfect day to hang out on the front porch and get some work done.

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Mama’s got a brand new gig!

Starting this week, I have been asked to help moderate discussions online for the daytime show THE TALK on primetime channel CBS. I am a part of a team made up of some pretty savvy New York area mom bloggers.

Join the chat room every weekday at 2pm. —-> http://ht.ly/4FAfV

Also follow me on twitter @pluslily

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Last week Lily was on Spring Break. We stayed in town and did day trips and playdates and ice cream for breakfast and all those sorts of amazing things.

I apologize to all the fine folk who I owe beauty and review and ‘update’ articles to. My sister, who is my faithful reader, who says,” you seriously need to update more often because I want more stories of LILY

My kid took over my life this week and it was fun, so no apologies there!

I did have a few moments of freakout this week though,  when I realized that all my other lives had taken the back seat  while I sported  my SuperMOM cape!

I need a new system to make this work. Maybe I should have hired a “mothers helper”. Have you done that before?

I have in the past and it’s been very successful. Except for that one “Mothers Helper” who wanted to just hang out with me the whole time and neglected Lily and asked me where I got my clothes and if she could see my makeup and if I could help her little 10 yr old self with some tips. So that did not work out. But it was cute and sweet and flattering.

Anyway, Easter was amazing, spent with family and close friends.

So happy for my life and my fantastic friends and my inspiring family and this warm weather!

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Earth Day

It’s EARTH DAY all!! Now go outside and play!

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Wordless Wednesday

We purchased a few Tulip plants over the weekend.

I walked down to the kitchen this morning and they had bloomed!

Happy Spring indeed!

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pick up

Ah ha! So this is the visual that goes with the age old tried and true pick up line…

Did it hurt,

when you fell from heaven!!!

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Nothing says SPRING has SPRUNg like freshly mastered cartwheels!

Lily learned how to do cartwheels this weekend. The fresh grass, the sunshine and the smell of tulips and daffodils only put the perfecting touches on this memory.

What a great thing…cartwheels. I mean it’s an instant pick me up. When was the last time you did a cartwheel? I should do more of em. It’s a full body and mind boost ya know.

I find myself making excuses for many silly things I used to love…and still love. Like, jumping in puddles or running in the rain, or rolling down hills. Cartwheels thankfully, are back in my life thanks to my Lilypie.

So, give it a go!

And if at first you don’t succeed….


…try again!

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Wordless Wednesday

Lily learned how to make a ” big nose”

I officially became a “soccer mom”

Jonah loved the warmer climate.

We tried to release the butterflies but it was too cold.

My dining table after a craft project blew up all over it!

Lily STILL trying to make a “big nose”

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Easter Upcycled Craft- Mini Easter Baskets

Lily and I made these little baskets last year and decided to bring them back this Easter. They are such an easy craft and the little ones will love the tangible steps and the end result is really cute. The best part is that they are made from mainly recycled materials!

We are using them as place cards for Easter Dinner.

Here is how you too can make these super cute up-cycled mini easter baskets.

Get all your supplies-

Scissors, glue, paint, glitter, cardboard egg carton, heavy magazine or greeting card paper, awl, brads and tissue paper.

-Cut your cardboard egg carton into small cup like shapes.

– Paint or glitter or glue tissue paper to your cups. leave them to dry.

– With your AWL or some sort of similar tool, make a small hole on opposite sides of the glitterfied or painted cup.

– Cut your scrap paper, magazine or greeting card in to strips. Poke a hole on the end of your strip and attach it to the cup with a brad. I like to attach it on the inside of the cup.

– Fill with jelly beans and you are done!

Alright… now go out and create!

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