FEED your fashion

Have you seen these great bags at Pottery Barn?

I was writing an article for Project You Mag about  Mothers Day Gifts and this bag came to mind. Of course I added it to my list but wanted to tell you , my reader, about it.

First of all it’s such a great tote for almost anything. I am going to use it as my beach and pool and weekend adventure bag this spring and summer.

Second, proceeds from the FEED line go toward supporting the UN Food Programme or UNICEF to provide children in parts of the world with healthy school meals and water.

…and Third when you buy just one bag, that retails for $45, it helps provide 50 school meals for children in the programs mentioned above. 50 HEALTHY SCHOOL MEALS!!!

There are other products that are part of the FEED program as well!

Read below to find out more.

P.S. I was not paid or pitched for this post. I knew about this from wandering aimlessly at the mall and fell in love with this concept. I did, however,  research this bag and the money going toward the charities…and it’s totally legit. I’m getting my bag this weekend!

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Live Insects!

Look what arrived in the mail last week. Right in time for spring!!!


and ..gulp…PRAYING MANTIS!!!!

The caterpillars have started to make their chrysalis.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress.

Thanks to grandma!

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Art for HOPE

This past weekend, I coordinated a CRANES FOR JAPAN event.

It was such a success! And we had a great crowd come out and make cranes with us. here are a few pics. It was a simple and easy way to bring awareness to the crisis in JAPAN. Our local community came out to show their support. The cranes are up for a week for all to enjoy!

This event has sparked conversation about having a larger event later in April.

Read about the CRANES FOR JAPAN project —-> HERE

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Recently I wrote a post about Lessons in Generosity. This was a post about teaching children how to give. Lily has been asking questions about the people of Japan who as you know have been devastaed by tsunamis and earthquakes. She is very worried about the children and the animals.

How could I teach Lily to give back? What would make the biggest impact for her? She does not fully understand the value of money just yet and we donate clothes and toys to the local community center year-round.  I wanted to show her that there are a million ways to give and engage and I wanted to use her passion… art.

So, I  put together an “Awareness Project ” that will include the community in bringing awareness and give support and prayers to the people effected by the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan.

For this project –  CRANES FOR JAPAN, we will make paper origami cranes and hang them from the trees that line our quaint downtown streets.

The Crane holds significant meaning in Japanese culture. It represents peace and hope in times of disaster. I hope to make 1000 cranes which symbolizes  a wish or prayer for  long life or recovery from illness or injury.   I hope you can make it to this event. Bring your kids, bring your neighbours, bring your hearts!

Saturday, March 26th 11am – 1pm

Downtown Mount Kisco, NY

PLease visit our FB page: CRANES FOR JAPAN

If you can’t make this event, please make a paper crane yourself and post a pic on the FB page.

PLease spread the word: ** CRANES FOR JAPAN – MAKE ART FOR HOPE http://ow.ly/4kJXn #artforhope

Please Use #artforhope when tweeting about this event.

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Wordless Wednesday

… streets of NYC

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Power Up Your Brain

Last week I was invited to a roundtable with Dr. David Perlmutter, M.D., F.A.C.N. and Beth Feldman – Rolemommy to discuss the book POWER UP YOUR BRAIN- The Neuroscience of Enlightenment

Dr. Perlmutter and Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D who is also a shaman, are co-authors of this fascinating book.

There is a a lot to process in this book. All of it is absolutely fascinating and I was blown away with the information.

Being at the roundtable discussion with Dr. P was such a treat. He really took the time to explain his book and his ideas and also answered our own private questions about our kids health.


Dr. Perlmutter

Power up Your Brain is a book and 5 week program about the combining of Medicine and Meditation and Science and the Spirit and combines nutrition, physical exercise, meditation and visualizations  to awaken the higher brain.

I was most interested in Dr. Perlmutter’s tips to help reduce the risk of Alzheimers:

  • Get your daily dose of Vitamin D
  • Daily dose of DHA – found in fish oil.
  • Exercise regurarly
  • Get a hobby to keep yourself and brain engaged.

Here are some more tips from Dr. P

  • We CAN change our brain and build a positive brain – We can modify our gene cells to grow a new brain cells that will help us become better people
  • We are masters of our genetic destiny.
  • Physical exercise is more important and powerful than any drug available. At least 20 minutes of aerobic activity everyday! in addition to two 30 mn yoga sessions a week.
  • Eat organic whenever possible.
  • Vitamin D does more for you than any drug on the market. ( a few sources: SUN, most fish, fish liver oil and egg )
  • Risk of ADHD doubled in kids who were not breastfeed.
  • DHA – Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid. You need DHA ” from womb to tomb” _ Dr. Perlmutter
  • Reduce consumption of food that contain allergens like Gluten – wheat, barley and rye , and well as dairy products.
  • Focus on COGNITIVE EMOTIONS like love, freedom and curiosity that will elevate you instead of INSTINCTUAL EMOTIONS aka survival emotions like fear, hunger and anger which are toxic and dehabilitating.

You can purchase this book —> HERE http://www.powerupyourbrain.com/

* I was not paid for this post. Just invited to a roundtable for a discussion*

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World Water Day- 5 Tips To Conserve Water

Today is World Water Day.

While so many in the world have absolutely no clean water to drink we should take today to reflect and be thankful for all the water we have for all our many daily needs and luxuries.

I am trying to instill being a better human and leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth in Lily. We do lots of things daily that make a huge difference on our planet.

Here are 5 tips to get your little ones saving water today and always:

  1. When it’s yellow…let it mellow! When It’s brown, flush it down. (get it !)
  2. Turn the water off when brushing your teeth + take shorter showers.
  3. Rinse your fruits and veggies in a bowl of water instead of running the tap
  4. Take the above mentioned bowl of water and use it to water your indoor plants
  5. Use one glass a day for all your drinking needs this cuts down on dishes to wash.

These are super quick tips for the little ones and they can remember these for a lifetime.

Feel free to share your tips with me.

* This is not a paid post. I just wanted to share some tips *


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Lesson in Generosity

On March 11, 2011 an 8.9/9.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Japan. This earthquake originated in the Pacific Ocean near Northeast Japan and has since sent fire, tsunamis and pure destruction to the country of Japan.

Like many, I woke up in the morning, my cup of coffee in hand and turned on the news. The footage was like that out of an action film. My 7am in New York was nighttime in Japan and locals were trying to get footage of what they could not see. The earthquake had happened in the evening but the aftershocks are still going on to this day…as I write this.

How very scary and absolutely disheartening for these people. The ground shakes and things crash and you can’t see a thing because on top of fires and water and earthquake and aftershocks…there is a blackout and it’s 3am.

When my Lily awoke, I told her about it. I did not, however, allow her to see the images of the destruction on television. Her 6-year-old heart probably wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Over breakfast we talked about the earthquake and what it was, we discussed the happenings of a tsunami and touched a little upon how thousands of people lost their homes and were very hurt.

Lily was concerned about the animals and the children and if they had lost their parents. This was a healthy dose of education in world news for a 6 year old before 8am!

In days since, she has questions…many questions. She looks up at me with pure innocence and says, “mommy will this happen to us? “ No. I say NO. Of course I say no. I am not ready to scare her with the truth. The truth being, yes maybe, it could happen.

She asks about our family who lives on the Gulf of Mexico. Can a tsunami destroy them? What will happen if we lose Nana and Grammy and Grandpa and Grandma? Not sure how to answer this, I change the subject. I tell her how we need to be thankful that we are safe and our loved ones are safe. I remind her of all the comforts of our home and community and suggest that maybe we think of a way to help those in Japan.

How do I take this natural disaster and turn it into a lesson in generosity with my 6 year old?

We volunteer at a dog shelter nearby. When puppies arrive, we sometimes are allowed to come in and socialize them. Lily plays with the puppies and helps feed them. She loves these times, and she knows that she’s helping out the shelter and the puppies.

We do annual toy drives, and donate clothes to a local  Community Center  and make meals for our friends when they are sick.

I want to teach Lily that giving back is as natural as breathing. We MUST always give back to those less fortunate no matter what our tax bracket. We all do good with our children, our churches, our schools ,our girl scout troops all encourage giving and doing good, but what about monetary generosity?

Last summer we had a lemonade stand on our front lawn. We sat outside on a quiet Saturday for hours and made about $10. It was a lot of fun and we met some of our neighbors. Lily kept the money. She was 5 at the time and just did not fully understand the concept of money. To her it purely was something people gave her because she gave them lemonade. Today she told me that she wants to bring back the lemonade stand and give the money to the lost kids and animals in Japan. She got it!

This truly made my heart melt. Giving is valuable on every level, but to understand the value of a monetary contribution is sometimes hard for younger kids to understand. When should we start talking about it? We all know to give during the holidays and when natural disasters strike. What about giving throughout the year? What about generosity as a language?

My friend Casey @casekidslikeike said that she hopes,  “that these ideas will stick with kids (kind of like how c is for cookie stuck with me as I grew up!) and will become a part of their hearts.” Exactly!

Have you talked to your child about the situation in Japan? How has he or she responded? What are you doing to teach generosity to your children?


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On the Cheap- Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag

I’m starting a series called – “On The Cheap” – where I’ll share my fashion obsession with you… on the cheap.

This week I was at Target and was looking for a plain canvas bag to screen print. but instead I came across a knockoff Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. The PS 1 is iconic. When the bag first came out years ago, Mary Kate Olsen was the only one who had it and I remember coveting it. But the $2000 price tag that accompanies the bag does not fit my budget!

Check it out:

Mossimo Messenger bag @ Target $34.99
Proenza Schouler PS 1 Bag $1,995














So what do you think?

Totally amazing right?  I really love this bag, like LOOOOVE. Do I buy it? I could throw my laptop, Lily’s crayons and sketch pad, a few snacks and a Kleen Kanteen and set off on adventures with her,  and not have to worry about ruining a $2000 bag…hmm… I am on the fence. The bag feels a bit cheap to the touch and does not have that nice leather feel to it like the PS1. BUUUUTT for $34.99 I could totally get my fashion ON THE CHEAP!

What’s a girl to do?



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MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay – Freezer paper printing

I love printing and am so excited to share yet another super simple technique with you!

Freezer Paper Printing.

Freezer paper is great for creating stencils. you can run it through an inkjet printer, and then with a craft knife cut out your image. Freezer paper has a nice thick weight to it, it’s sort of waxy on one site and butcher paper like on the other. You can also free hand an original image if you would like. I like to work with creating my own images… makes it personal.

I had the hardest time finding freezer paper but finally found some at a local ethnic grocery store.

Let’s get started:

Your supplies are – Freezer paper * T-shirt * fabric paint or acrylic paint* sponge brush * iron* craft knife and cutting mat.

–> Lay a piece of freezer paper on the cutting mat and create your image on the butcher paper side of the paper. NOT THE WAXY SIDE.  I hand drew this bird. I have this crazy obsession with birds! Next with your craft knife carefully cut out all the negative space – space you want to print.

–> Place your freezer paper, waxy side down,  on your printing surface, I am making a t-shirt for Lily. Gently iron the paper onto the surface. just monitor the iron to make sure it’s not burning the paper. I use a medium setting.

–> Take your sponge brush and DAB -NOT BRUSH your paint on the negative space.  I did two coats. I recommend letting the paint dry in between coats. Won’t take long, an hour maybe.

–> When paint is fully dry peel back the freezer paper. It’s like painters tape. Peel after drying.

–> VOILA! a fun  spring shirt to enjoy!

–> of course you can embellish this in any direction your imagination takes you.

MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay – is to encourage you to be creative on the weekends. Spend time making something with your family, your friends or by yourself.

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