Hot Donuts Now

I’m still channeling my Florida humid summers and one of the best parts…..


The only Krispy Kreme I know about in NY is on 23rd street and it’s not clean. yuck. so I avoid it.

But oh how I miss me some HOT DONUTS NOW!


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I’d rather be fishing

So for those of you in tropical climates who are reading this here blog… it is ONE DEGREE outside. that’s without the windchill or the sun going down! *P.S. My family and friends live in India and Florida and Cali and they read this blog… so my shout out is legit*

Matt has been singing songs and doing heat wave dances. Mind over matter right?

With that in mind…. Let me tell you about my summer vacation.

I am late on that post anyway, so here goes. A little bit of Florida sunshine during these frigid winter months

Matt and my parents live in Florida and every summer we visit for an extended time to enjoy the sun, the water, the fishing, the family love and most important to chillax! Florida is an incredibly chill state and people wear flip flops year round and people are overly kind and sweet and the whole vibe is good for the soul.

Lily climbing Grandma and Grandpa's fig tree.

We spend our summers on Florida’s emerald coast… AKA Florida Panhandle, AKA Florida GulfCoast, AKA where all the hurricanes hit! Matt’s parents live right on the water so our morning routine consisted of waking up and jumping right in the water.

Ah the dog days of summer… oh how I miss them!  Today as I had to slush through the snow and wear multiple layers and spend yet another day in my clunky snow boots, I thought much about my warm humid summers in Florida.

Lily driving the boat...she did great! a natural!

Lily did really well water-sking and swimming and all things water related.

The oil spill did not effect our beach going at all. Although things were pretty bad with the oil spill we didn’t see any tar balls or signs of oil. lucky!

We spent many lazy afternoon’s sitting under the trees and staring out into the water…

… collecting hermit crabs and fishing with Grandpa late at night!

ok there… I feel much better and warmer. Now to brace myself for 2 days of massive snow…and it’s ONLY January.

*P.S. I secretly love this snow…just that I have a show that opens in NYC in 3 weeks and these snow-days off from school are  stressing me out! *

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Dead skin… psha!

My wonderful friend Laura  who is an amazing singer and can cook like a beast ( that’s a good thing) introduced me to her fab friend Barbara Lynn of Body&Soul Restorations who makes the most wonderful bath salts.

It’s January. It’s frigid here in NY and my skin is a very unflattering shade of grey. So when Barbara Lynn sent me her bath salts to try, I was in the shower immediately trying to get rid of my winter skin blahs.

Body & Soul Restorations at Home creates artisanal, therapeutic products for home care that assist the body’s inherent ability to fight stress and disease through the use of botanicals and minerals.

Body and Soul Restorations uses ancient remedies and eastern tradition while applying modern wisdom and   only  using natural ingredients and organic botanicals. These products are not tested on animals… only friends!

I love bath salts, being a parent I appreciate them all the more. After a long day of chasing Lily and Jonah around or a long day of dance rehearsal a nice long hot bath is the exact thing I need.

Barbara Lynn’s bath salts smell heavenly. I light a little candle, sip on some red and am immediately transported to some exotic locale where people walk around in sarongs and take yoga all the time and get massages on the beach and then take a bath to chillax!

Isn’t Valentines day coming up? I suggest you get yourself a present… Baraba Lynn’s Body&Soul Restorations bath salts.

Ok, so really I am not just saying nice things about this product because it’s a friends thing.

I love to support small business owners, I love to support women businesses, and i love to find a good product that is not mass produced! Honestly these salts are gooood y;all. The salts really do get rid of all that nasty dry dull skin and when you wash it off and soak, you are left with a nice soft glow. Not greasy like some other bath salts. This is a nice clean feel.

Stop by and say hi to Barbara Lynn and tell her I sent you!

Online store:

FB page:


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Magic Icicles

Lily and I went around our neighbourhood looking for Icicles.

They ARE magic you know.

Lily: They are fairy wands and in the winter they grow and the fairies collect them up for the rest of the year.

So apparently having gorgeous iclces haning from the roof of your home is not a good thing.

You might have insulation issues. Get it checked out.

Lily was certain that the hidden icicles were the most special and would be plucked off by the smallest of fairies to do the best of deeds.

Because as we all learned from Harry Potterthe wizard does not pick the wand, but the wand picks the wizard. So there ya go…now you know how that works!

Happy winter all!


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Rock Salt – not good for your pets paws

*My dear friend Kathy Feeney from the popular blog “Best of Kisco” is guest posting today. Say hi everyone! *

The recent ice storm that hit our region reminded me to take extra precautions with my pets.

It wasn’t long ago that one of my dogs became sick due to poisoning from rock salt. The main chemical found in most salts and ice melters is chloride. Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride are all dangerous chemicals found in Ice melters that can make your pet sick. Pets will often ingest this salt by licking their paws. The salt tends to dry and irritate their pads so they lick them more often. Additional chemicals to watch out for are:  calcium carbonate, calcium magnesium acetate and urea these are all bad for your pet. The problem is that a lot of companies do not list all of the ingredients found in their products so you have to be careful. Just because it has a cute dog on the bag doesn’t mean it is safe. You have to look at the labels. Some ice melters that are safe for pets include Morton Safe-TPet and Howard Johnson’s Pet-Guard Ice Melt. These products do not contain salt.

You can’t stop walking your dog because it is winter- so just take some extra precautions.

Rinse your dog’s paws with water after you come back from taking a walk and you know there is salt on the ground. Frequently inspect your pet’s pads to make sure they are not dry and cracked. If you have any concerns call your vet.


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Story of MLK told by a 5 Year Old

Lily and I often have deep conversation about important issues… when she’s pooping. Sometimes she talks about her life before we adopted her, other times it’s about the witch that lives in the attic, yesterday it was about Martin Luther King Jr.

Lily: Did you know that one day black people and white people could not drink from the same water fountain at school?

Me: Yea Lil, did you learn that at school today?

Lily: And black people and white people could not go to the same school and they had to go on separate buses.

Me: Yes Lily it was very sad. People were not very nice to one another.

Lily: The white people like me could do whatever they wanted and the brown skinned  people like you had to follow many silly rules.

Me: Yea Lil it was very unfortunate

Lily: Is that true?

Me: Sadly yes, it was true.

Lily: But one day a boy named Martin Luther King Jr said, “no way” this is not right” and he changed the world. Lots of people listened to him and they changed the rules”

Me: Yep, he was a brave man and I think his mommy and daddy were very proud of him.

Lily: You know mom, if it wasn’t for Martin Luther King Jr, you and daddy would not be able to get married and you would not be my mommy and I would not have Jonah and I would not have a family.

Me: Wow Lily that was very touching.

Lots to be thankful for on this MLK day!

Here is a link to a video of Lily telling a variation of this story.

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Contact Paper Printing

I discovered screen printing and all things printing two years ago. When Matt and I became parents, I was home alot…I mean a lot… I had to slow down on my dance life and there was no such thing as going out with friends. All you parents know what I’m talking about. Dance was my creative outlet and I was so starved for creativity that I started reading all the blogs on ETSY. Every artist had a blog and I would sit through and read every one of the posts until the wee hours of the morning. For some reason, the printing blogs stuck with me. So I taught myself how to screen print and played around with different printing techniques.

Making a screen is a lot of work and most times I don’t have the luxury of time to make a screen for my designs. So when I discovered that there were short cuts I was all over it!

ENTER –  contact paper printing.

To do this project you will need the following:

  • T-shirt, pillowcase, waterglass, bag…whatever you want to print
  • Exacto knife, cutting mat
  • Paints that relate to the surface you are working on. I recommend acrylic paints for most surfaces. Fabric paints for cloth.
  • Contact paper- can be found at grocery store, Target..etc.I found mine at the dollar store and bought a handful.

  • Next, Draw your image on the contact paper and cut a border around the image. * Your image will print backwards so when drawing letters and numbers, be sure to flip it *

  • Get your exacto knife and carefully cut out the image you want. Exposing the negative space AKA- space you want printed on your surface.
  • Voila! my image cut out- exposing the negative space. * notice how the image is flipped*

  • Peel the back of the contact paper and put the sticky side down on your surface. Make sure you get all the air bubbles out. I used a T-shirt as my surface. * Make sure you put a piece of cardboard or something similar on the back of your T-Shirt so the color does not bleed over to the back of the shirt.

  • Get a sponge and dip it in your paint and carefully ‘DAB” NOT “RUB’ your paint in the negative space.

  • This is what it will look like when you finish adding the paint. Let the paint dry before peeling the contact paper so the paint does not bleed and you get a clean outline.

  • and done!!

Lily wore her shirt to school and her friends loved it and so did her teacher!

* Check out my D.I.Y. page for more fun projects *


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How to Attend a Twitter Party

I wrote this little post for my other life… THE CHAT SHOP thought some of readers here might enjoy it too!

So, you have been invited  to a ‘twitter party” they are all the rage these days ya know! But you don’t know what to wear. You don’t know if you can bring a friend and you kinda don’t have directions TO the party. Well no fear… I am here to help.

FIRST: You need to sign up for a free twitter account.

Alright , you probably received an email saying – please attend our twitter party at 9pm on Thursday. Don’t forget to use #westchat

Simple answer: use #westchat at the end of all your tweets and you can join the conversation AKA party that way. If you need more info…read on.

All twitter parties use a hashtag that looks like this—-> # and is followed by a word. Example: #westchat. Using a #Hashtag enters you into a chat room or party!  Hashtag is Twitter lingo, add it to your vocabulary asap. If you click on the #hashtag you will find all conversations that pertain to that #hashtag  You can most certainly do this on twitter by refreshing your page every fews seconds. I do not recommend this!

…or you can use a Twitter aggregator program. What’s that you say? It’s free software that you can download or is accessible through your web browser. Of course there are a gazillion options out there but I recommend these programs. They are easy to use and I have experience with them all – TWEETCHAT, TWEETGRID, TWEETDECK and HOOTSUITE. Using these Twitter Aggregator Programs makes it easier for you to keep up with the chat and saves your little index finder from having to refresh every second.

*Reminder* You must have a Twitter account to join

  • For beginners TWEETCHAT is good. It’s easy to use and great for your  first twitter party.
  • I recommend HOOTSUITE or TWEETDECK. This outlet allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts and facebook  accounts + each account has it’s own page with separate columns for  streams + @mentions + Direct message… etc. You can also add the #hashtag of your twitter party to create your own personalized column so you can essentially participate in multiple parties at the same time.
  • TWEETDECK and HOOTSUITE are essentially the same except to use TWEETDECK you have to download and install a free program to your computer and HOOTSUITE can be accessed through your web browser. I use Hootsuite.
  • Another really popular and super easy Twitter Aggregator is TWEETGRID. Just go to the site and enter the info they ask and voila! You’re in! Sign in with your twitter account and join in the chat. The great thing about TWEETGRID is that it adds the #hashtag to your posts automatically. You might have issues with TWEETGRID, i.e.- column freezing,  but not to fear, they are resolved pretty quickly

Alright, that’s it folks! Have fun at your partee and don’t get too crazy!

If you have any questions contact me at newyork.mom1 (at) gmail (dot) com

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in other news…

I have been a bit MIA lately. I have a show coming up in NYC in a few weeks and am stressing!!!!

hope you can make it!


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2nd snow storm of the winter

Lily and I went outside to play this afternoon. The snow is still coming down and the 3-6 inches predicted by the weather folk has far been passed. What a treat snow is. Growing up in India and then in Florida, I did not encounter the white stuff until I was in college and was visiting Matt’s Grandparents in Pennsylvania. I remember driving to PA in the night and Matt pulled the car over on a mountain overlook so I could play in the snow! … it was dirty Interstate snow..but hey I had never seen it or touched it so it was my snow!

His first warning was, ” don’t eat the yellow snow”. good advice because these days we have lots of yellow snow in our back yard…courtesy of one … Jonah!

Today, it’s snowing in New York as I write this. We went out to play in the snow and I wandered around taking a few pics. Lily takes to the snow pretty naturally. She can get her snow suit and boots on in record time.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds… Our awesome Mailman!

I seriously live in the cutest little picturesque new england town. Every season brings a new feeling and memory and story to the quaint houses and bustling downtown. The snow, I have to say , is my favorite.

Historic Church in the center of town.

I feel so fortunate and blessed to be able to spend this gorgeous snowy day with my loved ones and absolutely indulging in natures magic.

I hope you get to do the same.

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