Baby it’s cold outside

We had a fantastic winter storm this week! what a treat for the holidays. Granted my mom and grandma were delayed for 2 whole days…but they are finally here and all is grand in this house!

NewYork was hit with a truly magical blizzard yesterday and what else could we have done… but gone and played in the snow!

We headed over to our local town park and went sledding. not very successful, The wind was too much and after my face plant off the sled going fast down the hill…me and my snow burnt face had to head home for some warmth.

The stream in the local town park.

Jonah enjoyed the snow too…it’s in his blood!

Home for some hot chocolate!

Enjoy the holiday season everyone!

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tis christmas up in heah!

Sights of christmas around our house!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Wordless Wednesday

My week in pictures:



in NYC

in the burbs

on sunday

my good deed

in rehearsal

snuggling with Jonah!


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Ch- ch- changes

There is a lot going on over here on this little ole blog! So I am making a few changes in 2011.

I started this blog as a digital scrapbook for Lily. Recently I’ve had some amazing oppourtunities come my way and have been fortunate to experience and test out and be gifted with some pretty funky stuff.

I don’t want Lily to be clouded with reviews and ‘how to’ lists when she reads this as she gets older.

So, I’m going to make a few changes. I think you will like them. or at least I hope you like them.

A new year is always a good time to make a change…so lucky me I have a new year coming up right around the corner.

What changes are you making in your world?



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Kmart – store review/ giveaway

Remember how last week I did this whole thing about the new enhanced SEARS stores? This week It’s KMART. More enhancements going on at your local KMART. read on…

I headed  to Astor place in NYC to the big KMART on the corner of Broadway and 8th street.

I was met by manager ..BOB

Bob took me through the whole store and talked a bit about all the new enhancements. Right away, I noticed the bigger signs, wider isles and softer lighting.

Kmart has a an amazing program called mygofer it applies to Sears stores too.

You can buy an item online and then schedule to pick it up in the store! Oh Yea! So if you are at work and need some underwear or sheets or gift for someone-  order online while the boss isn’t looking and when it’s time to go home, swing by and pick it up from KMART.

In addition, for all in NYC, there is…  IN HOME DELIVERY!!! Yes can you believe it. and not just on Kmart goods but also bananas and home things. KMART on Astor place in NYC has a concierge service where you can get practically anything! Bob, the manager, told me about a certain local celebrity couple who uses mygofer all the time. How great to get in home delivery in NYC… that is one delivery guy who will not be ‘fired’! 😉

Kmart also has upgraded their manniquins and created  trendy ‘zones’ in their junior departments.

Some of the big changes like restructing of the display areas and making little coves for themed products come to the store in 2011.

Kmart has also seriously upped the ante on fashion. When I was at BLOGHER this summer, I met with the Kmart people about their fashion lines and it was visually amazing…with prices that can’t be beat.

So overall, I look forward to the changes being made at Kmart. Most excited to try out the mygofer program!

Why don’t you go to Kmart to see the changes for yourself. I’ll help you!

let’s do a contest again.

I have 2 $100 giftcards to **giveaway** to 2 lucky readers! It’s a quick contest..ends THURSDAY, DEC 23, 2010 at 11:59pm CONTEST IS CLOSED

*winners are- GoldenGateDad and Dita*


Right in time for those after christmas sales! They ARE the best sales!

So get to it.

*you must do all 4*

Comment on this post + Comment on one other post on my blog + tweet, ” I entered to win $100 #kmart giftcard from @pluslily” + join me on facebook

** As a part of visiting the enhanced Sears and Kmart stores, Sears Holdings provided me with pre-paid Sears and Kmart gift cards and a FlipCam to capture footage. All opinions are my own.**


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Gingerbread houses

Lily’s kindergarten class made gingerbread houses this week. I volunteered to help.

Oh what fun!

I took some pics as a step by step guide on making these little wonders. The best part is tasting all the goodies that go on the house!


-How to make a gingerbread house-

So, first you start with two small milk cartons- glued together- side by side. I recommend doing this the previous day to give plenty of drying time.

Get all your supplies ready before you start: graham crackers, gumdrops, pretzel sticks, m&m’s, peppermint candies, marshmallows..etc

next , spread icing on the milk cartons (see image above) and stick your Graham Crackers to it.

Once you have done that, cover the graham crackers with icing. This is so the candies can stick to the outside of the house.

Next… go crazy-design-be creative and make sure to taste test some candies along the way… it’s the best part!

After the kids made their gingerbread houses we put them in plastic bags so they would dry safely. * before tying  blow some air into the bag so it creates a bubble around the gingerbread house that way nothing touches the precious house!


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Random Acts of Kindness

I am a member of the RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS foundation. This past summer, my dance company was invited to present a concert in Rosemary  Beach in Florida’s panhandle. The concert was a part of Random Acts of Kindness, bringing the arts to the beaches to lift spirits during the oil spill.

I was inspired and amazed by this foundation and have since joined and am forging forward with doing kind acts randomly throughout my community.

I have found this to be great especially for kids. So this weekend, I gathered up a few of my friends and their kids and served FREE hot chocolate and cookies in our town’s downtown outdoor shopping area. With these cold temperature…  a hot beverage and smiley faces was very much appreciated!

I encourage you all to do RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS daily and maybe sometimes get a group together to do something for others. keep it simple and see where it goes.


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It’s not me…it’s YOU

These past week I ran a contest for a $500 giftcard to SEARS. And I loved having ppl visit and comment and things of that sort.

It was nice company.

So for those of you who are new to this here blog…

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
Fremde, etranger, stranger.
Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,
Happy to see you, bleibe, reste, stay.


…thanks for visiting and thanks for entering and I do hope you come back.

Those of you who are tried and true…thanks so much. Everytime I write a post I feel I am writing to you- paula, kristi, nandita- branno- holly-helen- anonymous dude – and some I am forgetting for sure.

Happy holidays all and thanks for the dialogue!


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Pets are amazing. Dogs are amazing. Jonah is amazing!

This is how I find Jonah and Lily many an afternoon. Sometimes on a bed, sometimes in his crate or- like you see in the pics- on the couch.


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Narnia- Voyage of the Dawn Treader *Movie Review*

Last week I was invited by FOX Pictures to a press preview of Narnia-Voyage of the Dawn Treader. and guess what? I got to interview the cast…but I am getting ahead of myself. Here is my review of the movie.

Lucy and Edmund Pevensie return to Narnia with their cousin Eustace where they meet up with Prince Caspian for a trip across the sea aboard the royal ship The Dawn Treader. Along the way they encounter dragons, dwarves, merfolk, and a band of lost warriors before reaching the edge of the world.

Opening TODAY, December 10, 2010 This is the third installation of the Narnia Chronicles. Rated PG and coming in at 115 mins, this 3D film is a must see for the holiday season.

I say a “must see” because I have a 5 yr old who I am soooo very excited to take.


  • Classic Story. You read it. I read it , we all read it!
  • The characters are lovable and engaging and we have now been with them for three films.
  • Adventure, action, humor, magic and mind blowing fantasy for the young ones.
  • Non-stop action, different than the previous films, this one starts right away.
  • 3D film has many amazing moments.
  • Keep an eye out for Eustance. Great actor, great character and very charming throughout the film.


  • Many details in plot development in the book are lost in the movie form
  • Conflicts, plots are resolved very quickly and without development

I am a HUGE Narnia fan. I read the books when I was young and have seen all the movies. While the last film, Prince Caspian was not my favorite, Voyage of the Dawn Treader is almost as exciting as the first.

Lily, my 5 year old, has not seen any of the Narnia’s. The first one – I was nervous about the sad parts, The second- the war and all, but this one- BINGO!

I cannot wait to take her. She knows the story line..sorta and has been anxious to see the movie.  If you have not seen the other Narnia’s… don’t fret! This one is nicely packaged for everyone so you will know what’s going on at all times.

While I write this post, I am thinking about what lily’s reaction is going to be to the film. There is a dragon and invisible beings and humor. This really is a great film for all agaes, especially the kiddies. That said, you should probably not see this film if you are a film snob. It’s a family film and feels like FOX geared it for the family, kid demographic.

I have really enjoyd having NARNIA as a part of my holiday season and this year, I get to introduce Lily to this classic story.

*WAIT– but there’s more!  I had the chance to interview the cast of the movie…I know …so cool right! I will post a part 2 this weekend… so keep it where ya got it*





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