School Lunches

Lily had two days of Kindergarten this week…both were half days…9am – 12:30pm.

Next week we go all out. It’s on!!!

I think the “warm-up” Kindergarten week was really for the parents. Lily was fine. She wanted to go to school on the days off.

Me, the parent, did- VERY MUCH – need this warm up. The “Morning Kindergarten Routine” is very different from the “Morning Preschool Routine”… ummmm we were late almost EVERYDAY to preschool. Yes we were those people! We meant well, but with the dog and the morning bug catching and was PRESCHOOL ok!

Anyway, I digress.

I have been thinking about this school lunch business. Lily is not buying her lunch. I will be packing a lunch everyday.

I have done much research and given a lot of though to this lunch issue. Lunch is like breakfast you know…an important meal.

In addition to lunch, I also have to pack a late afternoon snack.

So I need a schedule and a plan…two thingsI know N-O-T-H-I-N-G about! (I still wear my “Queen of Wingin it” crown!)

SOOOOO here is my LILY- Lunch schedule for next week:

Monday: Whole wheat bread*Turkey*Cheddar cheese* mayo + Carrots + Pretzels +  Horizon milk + 3 gummy worms

Tuesday: Bagel* cream cheese + whole wheat ritz crackes + grapes + Honest kids juice + fruit leather

Wednesday: Penne pasta with olive oil + parmesan  cheese ( the real stuff shaved) on the side + cheese stick + Horizon Milk + organic chocolate pudding

Thursday: Tortilla chips+ Avocado slices+Cucumber slices+ cheese stick + Horizon Milk + organic Chocolate pudding

Friday: Honey Nut Cheerios + apple slices + boiled egg+ Milk

* no company has paid me for this post. I mention HORIZON milk because it’s hormone free and all that good stuff and stays good while unfrozen or cold…in the end, HORIZON travels well.  I write this post because I have an inbox full of emails from PR companies who are giving me school lunch options. and kid will not eat a mandarin orange, mango glaze noodle chicken medley …while at school! ain’t gonna happen. So this is my Fa-Realz lunch schedule..ask Lily she helped me make it”

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Lily goes to school

Oh My Goodness…how did this happen. Where did the time go?

Lily started KINDERGARTEN today!

I am  totally overwhelmed by all my feelings.

There is so much that a parent goes thorugh when thinking about their kid going back to school…there is no manual and OPRAH sure as heck does not tell you what to expect.

Lily is prepared for school. She is ready to go! I read her one of her favorite books last night …the KISSING HAND by Audrey Penn, and sobbed through it!

The kissing Hand a a tale about Chester the Racoon who is anxious about going to school, His mom gives him a ‘reminder’ kiss on the palm of his left hand and asks to always think of her when he feels lonely or scared.

It’s a sweet story and I found it appropriate for the eve of Kindergarten.

Lily embarks on her educational journey tomorrow. One that has much promise and much more adventure.

We had to get her the right gear to send her off.

She picked out this cute backpack and lunch box set from Potterybarn Kids.

I really like this set, I for one an not too fond of the gimmicky disney princess stuff…although we have our fair share of that in our home!

My sis was in town this weekend and bought Lily some goodies for her lunch Box. All BPA -FREE! I am still looking for some good stainless steel containers though.

Pencil Case

My personal favorite!

Matt picked this up for Lily.


The World Repair Kit is a comprehensive activity kit packed with quick facts and hands-on activities that empower kids to make a difference every day. Includes 205-page guide book, activity passport, stamps, stickers and more. Recommended for ages 8-108! 100% of net proceeds go to The Serena & Lily Foundation, funding youth initiatives around the world.

It has a pages and pages of simple yet inspiring things for kids to do to help make the world a better place.

Volunteering, we’ve been working on this!

Be nice!

Such an amazing book and Lily just loves it.

It comes with a passport, which you can put stickers in once you complete the task.

I like this book so much, I bought two!

Well, here’s hoping for a good 13 yrs +  in the school system!

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Lily and I went over to our local dog shelter to do visit a litter of 12 puppies. 5 weeks old!

Their mom was a Boxer and the shelter thinks that the father was an American Bulldog.

I have been meaning to get Lily involved with some volunteer work. She starts kindergarten next week and I figured this is as good time as any to get her started.

. Lily is only 5 and really can’t do much in terms of volunteering with an organization, you have to be 7 and above in most places…which makes sense.

Our good Friend who works with Adopt  a Dog in Armonk,NY told us of a litter of 12 puppies who needed socialization. So off we went to play with them!

It was amazing, Lily loved every second of it. Although she loves our Jonah Beast with all her heart, she does long for a ‘small’ dog… like anything below 200 pounds!

We hope to go back to help out with the puppies anytime they need it. Lily is too young to help with the adult dogs, so for now …puppies it is!

Adopt-A-Dog is a dog and cat rescue and sanctuary organization serving New York and Connecticut and beyond for nearly three decades.

Don’t miss Puttin’ on the dog – Show and Festival.  Sept 25. Get all the info ——> HERE.

**** please make sure you check with your local dog shelter before showing up with your 5yr old. We had a special situation which was supervised and planned.****

Actually it was

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My  mama (grandmother), cooks all the time. Her love and her passion for us is shown through her cooking…among many  MANY other ways.

She passes her amazing South Indian recipies down to me …and MATT tries to recreate them…quite successfully I must say.

Last week while we were in Florida, mama made us chapatis.

We spent the day with her cooking and chatting… Just look at those amazing hands.

I ate chapatis as a child, they were often in my tiffin (steel stacked lunchbox) always accompanied by a spicy mango pickle or lime pickle. You can use a chapati to scoop up some chicken/lamb/beef/veg curry or bindhi masala or any similar dish. Chapatis sometimes take the place of rice. You can’t really get chapatis at Indian restaurants…unless you ask for it …usually you get Naan… a different kind of bread.

Chapatis are different depending on the region…in India.  Roti, and Naan and other similar breads are usually the front runners at many restaurant here in the northeast.

Wikipedia has a great way to explain it so I think you should read more about it

Lily and Matt helped make the chapatis …from scratch!

Mixing the wheat flour with oil and water. no measurements people…just ‘eye it”

Mama rolls out the wheat flour …

cooking the chapati on a tava – a flat specialized skillet.

I need to buy a tava and I need to see mama more often.

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Wordless Wednesday

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I’m back from vacation and just can’t wait to share my adventures. I love roadtrips and I love florida and I love my family and It was all of this and more!

Best news….there is NO oil on the beaches in my mom’s neck of the woods. Florida panhandle, northwest florida! So we enjoyed much beach time and boat time and family and food time. I am a few pounds heavier BUT a lot happier!

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