Wordless Wednesday

Florida on vacation!

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Summer Vacation

Matt and I love roadtrips and we have decided that every summer we will take a big roadtrip. This year we headed down to Florida to see our family and stopped by to visit some friends along the way.

In Virginia, our amazing friends cooked all kids of goodness for us.

Good spirits…
Lamb Kebabs and fresh veggies

We headed down to Atlanta because we love the town and met up with some friends and stayed at the faboosh Intercontinental Hotel where Lily got her pool time.

Lunch at one of Matt’s favorite restaurants. La Fonda Latina.

La Fonda Latina

Of course we just HAD to stop at the first sign for Hot Boiled Peanuts!

… finally we made it to our destination!

I spent the day on the water and breathing in the salt air!!

Can’t wait to head to beach tomorrow.

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Virginia IS for lovers.

We are on our summer vacation.

Matt and I love road trips. We love to explore and discover new and fun places. Thankfully Lily does too.The idea of an adventure in the year 2010 is sometimes a rarity. With schedules to keep and things to accomplish and jobs and stress…ugh!

We are on our annual summer vacation-roadtrip and for the past two days we have been in Virginia with our good friends S&H&E.

The best part about being with S&H&E is that we truly get to hang with them and chat and re-connect and enjoy our stay…as opposed to sight-seeing and being “out’ all day. We just hang out and eat and drink and play and catch-up. My favorite type of visit!

S&H&E can cook! I mean every time we see them, we have at least 4 new amazing recipes we MUST try out and share.

Pics and recipes coming up.

Tomorrow ….HOTLANTA!

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Bird Bath

Recently we changed the feed in our bird feeders and have seen a huge influx of wild birds. We used to get a common mix of bird food from the pet store but recently bought a bag of black sunflower seeds on sale. This has been great! We now we have a who’s who of birds in our back yard.  Lily has really enjoyed identifying and naming all the birds and sadly, Jonah did catch one of them.

Lily wanted to make a bird bath for the birds. It’s been in the nineties here in NY and we have been frequenting the town pool to stay cool.

Lily collected some leaves and stones and make a sweet little bird bath for the cardinals and red-breasted robins and chickadee’s.

It didn’t hold water too well, but it worked.

Lily decided that she too wanted a bird bath, so we decided to make one from things we found lying around.

We took some Target plastic bags, ripped them in half and then  arranged them in the grass.

Next we circled black lawn edging around the plastic bags…

and taped the two materials together.

We filled it up with water and…

SPLASH! a Bird bath for Lily!

Jonah wanted a part of it too.

Happy Summer.

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Wordless Wednesday

Lily starts Kindergarten in under a month!

I have been going through some pics of her when she was younger.

This is when Lily was 1.5 yrs old. and that hairy beast is Lincoln Duncan our newf who passed away. Read about him here : http://newyorkmom.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/wordless-wednesday-11/

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Blogher10 recap

As you know I was at this big ole conference called Blogher this past weekend.

It was my first blogging conference.

* I have been agonizing over this post for 4 days! I need to get this done and move on so here goes*

Although Blogher is geared toward all woman bloggers, there was a stronger representation of “mom bloggers” in attendance…me included.

There was so much that happened in a 3 day span…I’ll start at the very beginning

Now stay with me while I try to tell you about my very honest experience.

So let’s begin:

You read about my first day of BlogHer and you know my BlogHer experience was 3 days long..some ladies had a 4 or five-day extravaganza full of lunches and dinners and parties…let’s not forget the parties which came with swag! good stuff, new stuff and things I am excited about sharing with you very soon!

BlogHer felt more like a Sorority party than a social media conference. I was never in a sorority and stayed away from groups of girls huddled together. The first day I did not meet ONE single soul. Not one woman wanted to connect with a lone ranger such as me. I left thinking, “this is not me, I don’t want to be this person, I don’t want to be this blogger” I wanted no part of the stereotypical “Mommy Blogger”. H to the no!

The second day, was similar… but better I met a couple other lone rangers and connected with my friend who ended up being my saving grace and BlogHer buddy all weekend. Several times I ran into my NY blogging peers who were all very sweet and welcoming and inclusive of me…a newbie. So thanks ladies…you know who you are!

Very quickly I’ll share some of my adventures:

There is this thing called the expo hall. It’s where tons of brands have little or big booths and promote their products. Needless to say you can walk away with TONS of goods. I was not feeling this. It was not my cup of tea really. I have waaaaay too much stuff that arrives at my house daily and Matt – the hubby,  is ready to open shop! So I skipped the Expo Hall the second day. The first day…I left looking like a bag lady!

I went to the P&G booth where there was a “dream interpreter” who told me that my dream about my teeth falling out meant that I was craving an artistic outlet. How very true! I did not learn about P&G products at all…hmmm.

I got a makeover by a very cute makeup artist at one of the booths on the expo floor. Lorac brand stayed on my sweaty face all day!

Here is the Firefox Tech Guru and she told me that I should ALWAYS “report” when Firefox crashes.  And if you have a MAC you know that Firefox crashes all the time!!! I never report…so now I will!

Yahoo Shine offered me a spot for their online stuff but there was so much to do and parties to attend …that I could not fit them in…I should have!

I met the SUN at the Jimmy Dean booth, But I don’t eat Jimmy Dean products…too many things I can’t pronounce in their ingredients. My friend Larry knows the sun personally, they were college buds. So I had to stop and say hi!

Lots of celeb type people there, Padma Lakshmi, Bruce Jenner, Real Housewife- Tamra, many others. I don’t like taking pics with celebs, they always look so made up and I don’t and that makes for a bad pic!

I met with some great brands, who I hope to work with in the future. Products I will use and tell you about!

Let’s move on to the parties!!! yes the parties…every day there were TONS of parties all over NYC! starting with 8am breakfasts at Alice’s Tea Cup going all the way to swanky rooftop events in Chelsea. Multiple parties at the same time so yu had to bounce around all the time. Again, after learning my lesson the first day, I skipped most parties the second…including Sparklecorn and Cheeseburger…I could not take it!

Even though I was part of most private parties and lunches and dinners and things… I STILL felt like I was missing out. There was a sense of ALWAYS being left out.  There were so many parties in fact that some hosts forgot to send you invites and then wanted you to come anyway.

Here’s an example:

I wake up on Saturday to find an invite to an evnt that promised “the hottest male models serving drinks! ”

Really? I want to come have free drinks where the “hottest” male models are serving drinks?  I am much more intelligent than someone who succumbs to the lure of the “hottest” male models and what if I were gay? Needless to say I did not go… Come on ladies we are all so much better than this!

BlogHer IS a Social Media conference right?

Not sure…

The sessions: did anyone attend the sessions? All I heard about were the swag and  the parties that were happening DURING the sessions. I was invited to a few of the said parties and declined because…well, I was attending a conference about social media and wanted to get some answers and learn some things.

The keynote addresses and the closing panel were amazing! The speakers were knowledgeable and articulate and really touched me with their words and passion.

Did I learn anything re: social media? NO.

I attended lots of sessions…some were better than others and I had the feeling that the panelists were pushing their own brand, product and agenda. One panel I attended had attendees asking for specific answers multiple times and yet their answers were dodged.  This info in on the internet for the world to find so why are the panelists holding back.

One session just offended me, where the panelists were speaking to the attendees in condescending tones saying, “Make sure you spell check people” really..you have women with ivy league educations, raising amazing kids who paid to come to this session and you speak to them this way? It was very unprofessional.

Overall, I am not sure the actually agenda of BlogHer fit me. However, I was inspired by the amount of work that goes into these blogs. The passion for research and education and information that some women have when posting their thoughts and topics is just plain inspiring.

I walked away inspired to make my blog better with the info I knew before attending BlogHer.  I wanted to learn how to monetize my blog, I wanted to learn how to speak to PR, I wanted to learn about building my brand but somehow that did not happened.

If you want to attend BlogHer to learn more about social media it’s not the conference for you. If you want girl time, and swag and networking and meeting brands …then yes you should go. BlogHer is great for sisterhood, and friendship and giving women a chance to recharge their everyday lives. Social Media conference, it’s not.

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Blogher day 1

It’s not really the ‘official” day one of Blogher but there were so many parties and events and things going on tonight it really felt like it was day One.

Here is my recap:

Checking into the conference.

and then went to chinatown with my friend Elise to get our hair did!

$15 for a blowdry how amazing!

We went to 12A Pell Street in case you were wondering.

After that we jetted off to Martha Stewart’s offices for the #marthablogger event

Of course…so cute!

Champagne reception to start…

Arts and crafts!!

Keep a lookout for these guys. Mom has a cooking show and book  coming out and the sons were helping her out today! Mad Hungry!

Of course there were cupcakes!

There were so many bloggers at this event, that you could hardly move!!! I missed meeting Martha Stewart..oh well. I see her around town anyway!

After the Martha Stewart, we headed off to the Wax Museum for another event.

and than back home!

What I took from today: No sure what to think. There is a ton of swag that came home with me, and the overall energy of the day was …crazed! unfortunately I did not meet anyone new, but did get to see and chat with some friends. I’m looking forward to taking some seminars tomorrow.

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Blogher 10

Alright so I am off to Blogher10.

wish me luck! Tonight I was supposed to go to the OpenSky event, the NYCitymama bus tour, the Wax Musem and Lion King, the Martha Stewart Event and Yoga…and a few others!

All I can make is the Martha Stewart event because Matt has to work late and I have Lily until 4:30ish.

…and I can’t get my hair to cooperate.

What can you do right!

Ah well…story of my life.

I’ll fill you in on all my adventures and events this weekend at Blogher10.

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I’ve been sick this week. *cough sneeze hack*

So I apologize for not writing. I had this weird cold/can’t breathe thing. Thankfully it was over the weekend and the Mr. was able to step in and save the day!

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