Wordless Wednesday

Petting zoo at the local town pool.

This certainly ain’t ya mama’s petting zoo!

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First Sleepover

Lily had her first sleepover this weekend.

So… after my sister texts me while I am at a salsa club for the elementary school, to say that Jonah BIT her hand and it’s BLEEDING and should she go to the hospital… (how many things are strange about this sentence)

It all started like this:

Lily starts Kindergarten in September so I was invited to an elementary school parents social outing. It was a couples thing, but Matt was out-of-town and my friend’s husband did not want to go so of course…it was time to schedule a mini sleepover.

Lily was to spend the night at her friend’s home while I went out with the mom to this parents event.

All was well, I dropped Lily off in her PJ’s, she was so excited and off I went to this parents thing.

Ok, so I live in the burbs of NYC and who knew there was a crazy salsa party going on on Friday nights right here in my neighbourhood. Anyway, the event is going smooth, I meet and greet with some of the parents and the fist pumping starts ( totally joking) and get a flashback to my HS years… I get a text from my sis, (My sis lives nearby and was  visiting and was at my home hanging out with Jonah).

She says, Jonah and I were playing and he bit me and my finger is bleeding,

I call her and ask if she’s ok, she say’s yes I’ll be OK.

So I get back to the fist pumping.

Then I get a call from the parent who is with Lily, Lily wants to go home, she says she wants to be with her Aunt (my sis)

I say, no worries I can come get her

Parent: It’s ok I’ll drop her off. She really wants to go home and says she has an earache.

I think about this, talk to the other parents and call my sis who assures me that it’s ok and she’ll be fine and I should continue with the fist pumping.

10 mins later I get a call from my sis: Lily is FREAKING out and says she needs you really bad, I think you need to come home.

I immediately get into my car and go home. I get home in 10 mins. I can hear Lily SCREAMING from my car. She was a total wreck, she had worked herself up into such a frenzy that she could not calm herself down. Luckily I was able to channel my inner “supermom” and was totally calm throughout the night. Her screaming and wailing continued for about 2 hours. She finally crashed and fell asleep around 2:30am

The next morning she couldn’t stop talking about what fun the sleepover was or how fantastic her bestie was and….. It was like the crying never happened!

and my sister’s bleeding -wound -from -the -dog -bite…it didn’t even pierce the skin!!!

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Wordless Wednesday

It’s summer. I love summer!

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Westchester Childrens Museum

Join Capri Sun & Terracycle For a Day of Education and Fun in Support of  Westchester’s First Children’s Museum on SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 2010 from 9:00 A.M. – 2:00P.M.

WIN TICKETS!!! Go …here!

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Here’s to the Graduates

Tis the season for graduations. My friend from high school graduated from Princeton with a Doctorate in Theology, My baby sis graduated from Dental school, she moved to NY yesterday and will be a practicing dentist in NYC starting this summer…watch out!

The most important graduation  we had this month was …my Lilypie. She graduated from preschool last week.

It was a sweet event with over enthusiastic parents and an after party overflowing with all kinds of tasty food. The kids were all dressed up for the event and the parents and grandparents and neighbours and aunts and uncles and cousins were all there to support.

Ok … we’re talking about a PRESCHOOL graduation…it was big time..who knew!

I didn’t sign up Lily for any camps this summer. I want to spend as much time with her before she enters the school years. I’m a bit sad, this is all going to fast for me.

I feel this is my last summer before I lose my Lilypie to ‘other’ people. She will be with her school teachers and friends more than Matt and I and that makes me anxious.

Of course she will be fine and of course  I will be fine…but what if?? right? What if she gets caught up with the wrong crowd, what if those silly little silly bands wreck havoc in our home, what if she gets bullied, what if she is the bully, what  if she’s the smelly kid, what if she does not like her teacher….arrgh!

Then again…what if it all works out and she becomes an amazing human being and changes the world!

Happy graduation graduates of all ages..go out and “be the change you wish to see in the world” – gandhi

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Kindie Music

I received a fun little package in the mail last week. “Sing Me to Sleep – Indie Lullabies” By American Laundromat Records.

All proceeds from the album’s sale will go to The Valerie Fund, a non-profit group that benefits children with blood disorders.

Great little kindie album that’s a roadtrip must have!

Kindie: indie music for kids

I love music, as a choreographer, I listen to music all the time. I get CD’s from companies and demo’s and mixes from DJ’s quite often. It’s very refreshing when I find music I WANT to listen to multiple times. My ears are grateful!!

With Sing Me to Sleep -Indie Lullabies, not only were my ears happy but I  found myself singing in the car along with the tracks…you know…Star Search style (or American Idol for the young-uns). If you have the They Might be Giants kindie album then you MUST get this too.

You are going to recognize most, if not all of the songs on this album which vary from the Muppets Movie classic, “Rainbow Connection” sung by Trespassers William to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, “Moon River” covered by Tanya Donelly. There are also a few unexpected goodies is store like the Violent FemmesKiss Of “or the Coctails’ version of Erik Satie’s “Gymnopédie No.1” (on the bonus version)

These magical little versions of some of your most memorable songs are certainly going to please not just you but the little one as well. It’s a welcome break from the bubblegum, disney, raffi stuff I have been listenting too. Lily has been running around singing the Violent Femmes all week…One one one cuz you love me and two two two for my family and three three…

Although all tracks are sweet and engaging, keep an ear out for these in particular:  Little Boxes, Inchworm, Moon River, Kiss off, Pure Imagination and Gymnopedie No.1

“Many of our artists have little ones of their own. Their enthusiasm for the exploding ‘indie for kids’ genre is evident in the playfulness of their recordings,”

This CD is well worth the $9.99 go get it!!! You can buy it on itunes.

~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~

*** A show featuring kindie songs performed by album contributor Tanya Donelly is planned for June 13 at Joe’s Pub in New York City, starting at 12 p.m.***

All proceeds from the album’s sale will go to The Valerie Fund, a non-profit group that benefits children with blood disorders. This all-ages, kid-friendly party will include face painting, free souvenirs and door prizes for its younger attendees. Families who receive care as part of The Valerie Fund plan to attend. Limited tickets are $20 for adults, $12 for children under 12 years old and available only throughwww.joespub.com.

*NOTE: I was not paid for my review of this CD. I just simply like it and think you might too*

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i need to…

I just got back from a 7 day break from my normal life. I was in South Florida for my baby sis’s graduation.

Call it a vacation if you will.

When I got back to the NY I felt re-newed, re-energized, re-juvinated, re-wound..you know like “let’s start over” kinda thing. I decided to make a list of things i need to... so here goes:

I need to – run more

I need to – lose about 10 pounds

I need to – give my dog his tick medicine cuz he can’t do it himself

I need to- eat healthy

I need to – buy new underwear cuz the dog ate all my underwear!

I need to- buy new socks..cuz …see previous reason

I need to- wash my face before bed EVERY night

I need to – do laundry all the time and tattoo “i do laundry all the time” on my chest

I need to – clean …everything

I need to – be organized. the FLY LADY plan ain’t working

I need to – dress better

I need to – wear sunscreen, cuz I turn multiple colors of brown in the summer

I need to – chill out

I need to – be nice to people I love and who love me back.

I need to – stand up for my beliefs even if that means arguing with stupid people.

I need to – stop thinking that blogging is my job. it’s my “jobby”: a hobby disguised as a job.

I need to – make  dances, make  art

I need to – write and and take pictures more often

I need to – go to the grocery store more often

I need to – love my hubby more

I need to – stop complaining. I really have it good.

I need to – walk everywhere

I need to – call my grandma more often

I need to – write thankyou cards

I need to – find a way to deal with the PTA personalities

I need to – declutter

I need to – watch less crappy TV re: realhousewives.

I need to – make a scrapbook…don’t female parental figures do that

I need to – make brownies for school and not buy them from the A&P (don’t female parental figures do that)

I need to – blog more, tweet more, cook, read

I need to – be all I can be and wear a shirt that says that

I need to – drink good wine

I need to – get a massage

I need to – stop this madness.

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Wordless Wednesday

Lily and Nana Banana

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