Wordless Wednesday

BUG GIRL is back!

Snails from our neighbors garden.

Caterpillars found under the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

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MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay …late!

I am late posting this. But better late than never right?

As you know, dear patient reader, this blog is my creative outlet. It gives me a sense of calm and community and just having thoughts and ideas out in the universe inspires me to be better and do better in all my different lives…especially the life where loads of laundry seem to be weighing me down.

The MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay segment has a purpose. It’s to inspire me and to help me learn something new every weekend which in turn will teach Lily something and to encourage me to CREATE!

This past weekend I made a sweet little necklace for anyone who wants it. Really ..it’s up for the taking. Just leave me a comment and I’ll have Lily pick one person to send this little treasure along to.

It’s a *giveaway*

I found a little bird charm in one of my junk drawers and a left-over bead from my craft box and voila! Lily helped me pick out the bead and watched patiently and intently as I curled the wire over to secure my treasures.

Did you make something over the weekend? Please share.

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when they were kids…

Lily plays with some of the greatest little kids. I thank my lucky stars everyday that she’s got such a supportive and good  little posse.

These kids all play soccer together, and while my 5 year old wonder is not too eager to master the game of soccer, her friend Orangello (name made up) is a soccer star.

Last week Orangello had a particularly great class, he was scoring goals and running really fast and had his eyes on the prize. Totally unlike my monkey who was chasing…well her other friend..on the opposite side of the field!

Oh No! not soccer!!

Orangello came over to me for high fives and here’s what happened:

Me: Way to go Orangello, You are playing so well. How do you feel?

Orangello: Weeeeeell, I just peed in my pants.


Soccer star is still a 5 yr old.

I couldn’t help but fast forward 11-12 yrs from now when Orangello is a soccer stud in High School and all the ladies are hangin on him and think…”weeeell, I just peed in my pants!”

There a still a few moments in our 5 year olds lives when I realize, they STILL are babies.

They grow up so fast that I am really cherishing every moment and waiting to catch  a few more  glimpses  of these childish moments.

Lily graduates from Preschool next week so be prepared for my motherly musings on “my baby is growing up”.

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Stone Barns

When I worked as a concierge at a boutique hotel in Soho, my fave dinner recommendation was Blue Hill in NYC. Matt and I certainly indulged in many a “chef is taking care of this” meal. Those were the days,  4 hr dinners of organic delicious food, perfectly paired wine, intimate dining and overall wonderful. This is what eating should be about.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the Blue Hill, Stone Barns was near where I live. Of course matt and I HAD to go try out Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Poncatico Hills. It was wonderous. The first time we dined here was for one of our birthday’s, this is a ‘special occasion’ type of place..for me anyway, it’s a pretty penny for all this goodness.

When Lily joined our family, I would take her to the farm many times a week and have lunch at the cafe. Prices  at the cafe are very affordable, food is of course always fresh, in season and simply tasty.

Famed executive chef Dan Barber heads up the restaurant Blue Hill and the farm supplies food to the restaurant in Pocantico Hills and NYC. Now this is not your ordinary farm, this is truly the “Rolls Royce” of farms..know what I mean!

Lily and I go to many events at Blue Hill, most times we just like to enjoy the grounds and visit the animals, who are all free range. The grounds go on forever and for a 5 year old ( and me), adventure awaits around every corner.

One saturday, we signed up for the “Hands on Egg Collecting” event. These kid friendly events sell out quickly, so I was very happy to get my spot.

We all gathered by the farm store to get our egg baskets and instructions.

Off to collect eggs

Hearing all about the Rhode Island Reds.

These are the laying hens. So apparently, hens do not need a rooster to lay eggs. Who knew! They lay eggs anyway, if the rooster is in the chicken coop then the eggs are fertilized if not, unfertilized eggs. Lily was a bit concerned about eating the babies…yea you can imagine how that conversation went!

What a great experience for Lily, this was her first  egg collecting and she was really into the whole process.

Did you know? You can tell the color of a hens eggs by the little feather by their eye. Whatever the feather color, that’s the color of the eggs. True fact!

After collecting the eggs, we took them over to the egg shed where they get cleaned and sized and ready for the farmers market.

On the way back to the main area of the farm, we stopped by the beehives and pigs. So much to do at Stone Barns, I’ll have to save some for the next post.

Can’t wait to go back…maybe this time for a long quiet dinner.

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Mom at work

I am finally at a point where I am working consistently…working as an artist consistently … since having Lily.

I had slowed my schedule down for about 2 yrs to stay home with Lily and do all the necessary bonding and adjusting things that one  does when adopting a 3 yr old. The past two years have been amazing, challenging, and humbling. I wish I had more time with my baby girl before she runs of to Kindergarten and starts slaming doors and rolling her eyes and gets married!

I have been busy dancing all over lately FL, NJ, CT and of course NYC. My company has been busy and I have been happily engaged with lots of fun freelance choreography gigs. Nothing major, just what my schedule allows.

My latest project wrapped this past week. I choreographed a music video for a solo artist. The piece was beautiful, a soft duet with two talented dancers. Video and commercial projects are quick and easy, I am in and out in one week. Short commitment, fab product and I get to get my dance on. What could be better?

The shoot days are often grueling though. Long 17 – 18 hr days, hurry up and wait, make up touch ups, holding your body together so you can look good on camera at any given second. It’s exhausting…now try doing it overnight AND with a 5 Year Old back home.

Yes, this was my schedule this week. I have not done an overnight shoot for two years, so of course I thought I could pull this off.  But things are different now…I’m a parent, I just can’t find a way to sleep all day in order to prepare for an overnight filming.

When I was solo..sans kid… This was never a problem.

After  one rehearsal this week, at the 92nd street Y in NYC, we went out to lunch, the cast, crew and Lily.( I had to take Lily to rehearsal with me, no babysitter afterschool) We had a great lunch at Sarabeth’s on Madison and 92nd and around 2pm, I had to put down my coffee and look at my collegues sipping on their… bloody mary’s… and say, “I have to go, the monkey has soccer”.

Photo Credit: Lily!

The rest of the gang were going to stay and enjoy their drinks and eventually go home and….sleep. Jealous. They had already self medicated with their bloody mary’s, to help them sleep in the afternoon so they could stay up all night AND sleep the following day to be able to function normally for our 10 hour overnight film shoot.

As a parent, I don’t really have the luxury of sleeping all afternoon. I have a child who needs me to feed her and stuff. What’s a mom to do? Some crafty scheduling to sneak in some zzz + an amazing husband = one rested choreographer.

I came home from a long night/early morning of shooting to find this waiting for me in my bed…my baby!

Times have changed for this dancer…

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Wordless Wednesday: bring your kid to work day

I had to take Lily to rehearsal this week. She set up shop nicely!

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Fairy Shop

The fairies need a shop to buy their wares. I know, I know,  you and I have been so insensitive to this very pressing issue but don’t fret, the 5 Year Old wonder has this under control.

the fairy shop

Apparently it’s spring decorating time and with the rough winter here in the Northeast, there has been a shortage of decor.

daily special

Lily set  up shop. Credit Cards that come in the form of wood chips are accepted.

eager shopkeeper
keeping a watchful eye

A nice neat shop in the woods.

I wholeheartedly believe in hands on learning. Lily and I spend most of the warm months outdoor. We build fairy houses, mudpies, feed the birds, go exploring in the woods and sometimes fall asleep under the trees.

We are always under the watchful eye of the ever faithful Jonah.

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Wordless Wednesday

Lily and Jonah
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I was invited by Sephora to attend the launch of their latest makeup line TOKIDOKI, a line inspired by work of celebrated Italian artist Simone Legno. “a provocative and playful mix of colors, textures and must-have accessories define tthis exciting new beauty brand avaible exclusively at Sephora in may 2010”

What a fab event… with skateboarding girls, Tokidoki avatars, cotton candy and the makeup…you can’t forget about the makeup!

The Tokidoki line is so cute you just want to eat it, but you can’t…I guess thus the cotton candy!

The Tokidoki line is ‘Criminally Cute’, with it’s line of  bags, and cosmetics and t-shirts and usb drives…OH MY!.

My friend, who is also the director of the music video I am currently choreographing,  Michael Brian Lawrence came to the event with me. We also ran into my friend Holly Fink, @culturemomblog.

Me and Designer Simone Legno.

Me: What’s your fav product in this line?

Simone Legno: The compact is my favorite, the packaging is like a little toy.

The design of the Tokidoki line is so cute and so fun that my 5 yr old monkey thinks they are toys and I am being selfish by not letting her play with my Tokidoki makeup!

My personal Todidoki makeover.

My personal Todidoki makeover.

Favorite products from the line are:

The Lip Stain: This runs for $15 and is awesome. It lasted the entire evening, with drinks and cotton candy and all and has hydrating pamthenol. Comes in 5 shades.

I also love the Prisma Gloss: runs about $15 and is an uber shiny glassy gloss.

Listen up: I was not paid to write this review, merely invited to the event. Products were gratis in my swag bag. I am writing about this event to get some traffic to my blog and to tell you that I like makeup and know alot about it would like lots of it so I can use it for all the fab shows I create with my NYC based dance company…MariaColacoDance. Yes,  I am shamelessly pluggin my non-profit dance company…I know, but it’s either that or I talk about my vacuum cleaner… you decide.

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Remember how we talked about making things over the weekend and then posting them on Monday for all the blogsphere to enjoy. I skipped last week…sometimes these things don’t get the best start up… but hey, I’m back.

This past weekend I decided to finally make a dent in my screen printing/bookmaking/cardmaking business.

You see, I want to start an Etsy shop but just don’t have the time…so I figured baby steps.

I go to the Etsy labs in Brooklyn all the time and love all the folks I meet and fun things I get to play with, and this inspired me to get started. However, my shop is not open yet. Hopefully soon.

Over the weekend I refined some of my original designs and came up with this:

All products are made from ‘found’ materials..except the ink…meaning..this paper was found in recycling bins and I took it and made cards and envelopes. Green art!

I encourage you to MAKE something over the weekends and please share your projects with me.

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