a branch grows in…

I love having fresh flowers in my home.

No matter what the state of chaos in my house…we have to have fresh flowers. Lily picks  gorgeous yellow dandelions from our back yard and puts them in tiny vases throughout the house.

Matt cuts of branches from overgrown flowering trees and puts them in beautiful simple crystal vases.

I have the best of both worlds!

Having fresh flowers is not something that was instilled by my mom, rather a choice I have subconsciously made and never realized until my friend ‘peanut’ (name made up) came over and commented on the smell of fresh Hyacinth. I credit Matt, he’s always gets me flowers!

My mom likes the plastic/silk kind of flowers, the ones that are covered in dust from the second you get them in the house..that kind!

*Just a tip about cutting your flowering branch. Cut at an angle and pick off the dead or dried buds. Don’t drown the base of the branch in water, but rather think of the branch as ‘sipping’ it’s water…a small pool at the bottom of your vase. Keep watering daily and your flowers will stay for a long time. It’s fun to get cherry blossoms and dogwood right when there are about to bloom. And don’t forget the dandelions…the yellow is quite cherry… for bathrooms especially!

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someone else made me do it

Have you ever said something in an ..eh hem..unkind tone to your child and then regretted it.

That was me today.

I was just irritated for part of the day and took it out on my kid. I didn’t scream at her or anything, I just spoke to her in a firm and mean kind of way…and now I regret it.

Me: Fine Lily let’s play Wii and get it over with!

Lily: Mommy you hurt my feelings, you don’t want to play with me. Nice mommies don’t say that.(Sob sob SOOOB)

You see it’s not my fault. Someone else made me do it. I had been chatting with this person all day and this person just irritated me and I was so annoyed that I took it out on my kid. My frustration with someone else came out on my child..how terrible!!!

This happens right? I’m not the only one?

Now, I am mad at the person for me being mad at my kid.

My dog and child were neglected today…all day.

I had to get my newsletter for my dance company sent out today, so I planned on working on it and finishing it off in the morning when Lily is in preschool. When I went to drop Lily off, the class mom said, “hey we are having a meeting about the end of year party”. I totally forgot about the meeting so I went to the meeting to do my part. I mean it’s my kids final year of preschool and I want to be a part of the party planning. Well this harmless action threw me off my schedule for the rest of the day! I was so behind on everything. This meant Lily had to play in her room …solo…while I labored on my mac. It took me all afternoon to get this newsletter done… in between snacks and love breaks!

Usually when I am anxious or irritated about something, I try this meditation technique where you take ONE FULL MINUTE ( it’s going to seem like  lifetime) and close your eyes and breath in through your nose and count to five and breathe out with your mouth and count to five. This just helps you stop and slow down and PURGE the negative stuff within you. It works for me.

I should have done it today!

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Happy Earth Day all!

I have not been posting lately as I have been sickity sick!

Yep laid up in bed kinda sick. So my apologies for being a bad blogger.

We are doing a lot here for earth day..especially becuase I want to raise an Earth-aware child.

Me: What day is today Lily?

Lily: Earth Day!

Me: Oh yea, what does that mean?

Lily: It means we must pick up the trash, and take care of the earth, we should not litter and we should recycle our juice bottles and paper.

Me: That’s great Lily.

Lily: We picked up trash at school today and we planted a seed.

Me: Wonderful, what else should we do on Earth Day?

Lily: We shouldn’t flush the pip (pee pee)

That’s right..when it’s yellow let it mellow! When it’s brown flush it down!

My little Earth Baby.

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I have been a bit M.I.A lately. I have been sick and then my family has been in town and the weather outside has been nice all these things put together make for one very bad blogger.

I’m sorry! But do not fear, I have not abandoned my blogging duties. Blogging is my passive attempt at a creative outlet. I need this little blog to focus and think and create!

I am starting a new segment here.


Every monday I hope to post something I made over the weekend. In really hope that this declaration will force me to be productive over the weekend and try my hand at all the wonderful things I have always wanted to do.

This weekend I screenprinted a shopping bag for my sis.

She’s a dentist!

This is a canvas bag and I printed it using screen-printing ink and contact paper. The tooth design was hand drawn by my husband. I’ll do a DIY about this soon.

You know how I love making things with ‘found’ objects right? Well, I do. I love finding materials that are going to recycling bins or trash bins and I repurpose these objects and make things with them.

So here I made a little zippered pouch from burlap I found at a coffee shop.

The lining is from an old piece of fabric from one of my shows. Zipper is off of a pair of pants headed to the thrift store.

As you can clearly see my sewing skills are not quite right. but I am certainly working on it and will be doing a small giveaway soon.

Let me know if you want to join in on the MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay I’d love to have some company!

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wordless wednesday

Riding in a car with a St. Bernard.

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in the Garden

My friend told me that up here in the Northeast, people don’t plant flowers until May 1st…that’s when there is no chance of frost. Me and my southern roots, couldn’t wait. I wanted to get some pansies in my pots!

Lily and i picked up these little flowers from our local Home Depot.

We have a flowershop right down the street and buy all our flowers from the florist all summer long. I had been yapping about how he had no flowers out yet and why not and the weather has been so nice lately and people might want to plant flowers…etc.

He probably knew about the Northeast, May 1st, chance of frost thing.

Regardless, we had a great time planting.

Lily was the master gardener with her cute little overalls.

a little worm to help the soil.

Lily gave the worm a pep-talk and said, ‘come on worm, you can make this plant healthy and the biggest plant in the yard”  ( something similar)

Jonah was the assistant. He collected a bundle of sticks for Lily and himself to play with.

Good thing I only planted one bunch of pansies in a pot because today it’s chilly…brrrrr.

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Get rid of mosquitos the eco friendly way

We spend every warm evening having dinner outdoors. When summer finally hits and the lightning bugs come out, Matt and I love watching Lily run around the yard catching them.

All is fun and games until the killer mosquitoes comes out for blood! I have tried so many things, and of course the exterminator and his toxic fumes work, but I wanted to try something s bit more eco-friendly this year. A lot of mosquito spray’s have Deet, which is not good for the kiddies. Learn about it here.

While visiting my mom in Florida earlier this year, we went to Alys Beach, FL. If you have not visitied the panhandle of Florida you are missing out on some serious beauty! The Gulf Coast of Florida, AKA Emerald Coast is absolutely gorgeous, the sugar fine sand,  the clear waters, the fresh seafood, crawfish, scallops, boating, swimming and plain ole relaxing is TOP notch in this region. It happens year round!!!

Then why do I live in NY you ask?

Because I am a dancer and choreographer and need to be fed by all things art and NY is where it’s at! Maybe one day I’ll move back…if I can afford to live in Alys Beach.

Anyway, Alys beach is an eco-friendly community, founded in New Urbanism which promotes communtiy living, eco living, sustainability and walking and meeting neighbours and connectedness. How perfect!

While at Alys Beach, we played at their childrens playground and saw these bubbles floating around everywhere. At first i thought the bubbles were part of the “luxury’ of this luxury community. But when I read about this park, I found out it was a eco way to manage the insects. How clever!!

So when I researched further, I found out that you and I can have a bit of this econess in our back yards.

*Just pick up an automatic bubble maker at Target or any such store, they cost about $10.

*Fill it up with Bubble juice and let it run while you are outdoors. The soap makes it hard for Mosquitoes to fly and get’s in hard to reach places in the grass where mosquitoes love to live and plot how to suck your blood. Also, I have heard that if you put a few drops of lemongrass oil, it’s a deterrent.

*You can make your own bubble solution, it’s cheaper and eco-er. One parts dishwashing soap to 10 parts water.

More eco-friendly ways to get rid of mosquitoes:

*1 tbsp Apple Cider vinegar to 4oz of water. Put this is a spray bottle and spray down your furniture, and plants and nearby areas.

* Listerine: My mom told me that spraying listerine on your plants and grass and in the air around is great too. I have not tried this. will try tonight.

If you live by a swamp, then good luck! Call an exterminator.

There ya go, these are my suggestions…the bubbles being my fav.

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wordless wednesday

we need to fix this fence!

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Greener in April

To recognize and help promote all things Green and celebrate EarthDay, April 22,  I have decided to post green tips almost daily for your viewing and using pleasure.

I encourage you all to make a habit of being green and reducing your carbon footprint. Your hard work will only make for a better life for your children.

So today, my green tips will teach you:

how to get rid of those pesky ants in an eco friendly way.

Harsh ant sprays have poisons that will harm not only the environment, but your favorite four legged furry creatures..nope not the crawling baby. The pets. (although the children can be harmed as well)

If you have my problem, then you have little black ants seeping in through the cracks in the sidewalk, the backyard, and even the kitchen. ugh.

Here are a couple tried and true methods that are great for everyone.

– Have your child do this: it’s very entertaining AND you will be teaching your child valuable life skills.

*take a piece of chalk, we have a ton of sidewalk chalk, and draw a half circle around the spot where the ants are sneaking in. Kind of a “this is my space”  “that is your space” sort of thing. Ants won’t cross the chalk. Really. try it.

– I have concrete steps that lead up to my back door/back yard gate these steps have cracks in them and there are a GAZILLION ants just pouring out of the cracks. Sometimes part of my steps are solid black and until you take the time to look closer, you won’t know that this black mass is moving. It’s making my skin crawl! So this is what I do:

*Pour boiling water down the nest, I can find the nest..or nests. If you can’t find the nest then sprinkle the following on the ant trail going all the way to the entry point.

*Cayenne pepper, citrus juice, dishwashing soap, hand soap, chili pepper, black pepper, salt. You have all these things in your pantry. The salt makes the ants thirsty and they drink a lot of water and eventually explode. Sort of inhumane right?

*To wipe down kitchen counters that Ants frequent, I use: 1 cup white vinegar and 1/4 cup water mixed in a spray bottle and give the counters a good wipe down. It works.

There are a lot of resources out in the interspace, these suggestions are just what I do.

My suggestions are for common ant problems, If you have a major ant problem, please call the exterminator.

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Give it up for Lent

I gave up…


tried to give up WINE for lent.

I was fairly unsuccessful

What did you give up for lent?

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