This is what’s is been like for the past two days. hard to believe it’s going to be in the 70’s over the weekend.


I take comfort in knowing that right now in the Northeast, I am not the only parent who can’t figure out what to do with their kid for this week. It’s spring break for us and the weather outside is…rainy!

We had plans to go bowling today but the parkway is flooded and the roads are bad, so instead we have been lounging in bed watching movies. Lily, of course loves this. It’s her favorite thing to do and I am savoring each moment because she starts Kindergarten in September and I am going to miss having her be my little baby girl.

So before the changes that school brings in our little kiddies, maybe it is best to have rain days where we can stay in bed and watch movies and snuggle tight.

No complaints!

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church lady

This morning at church, an older woman in the congregation made me quite upset and question my actions all day. I can’t seem to shake this off so maybe I can get some advice from some of you readers.

Lily had on a beautiful handknitted sweater and had buttoned it up all by herself, crooked.

I  didn’t see any issue with this. It was perfect!

This particular older woman decided to fix it, and grabbed Lily and started to unbutton her sweater, when I said, “oh please don’t, it’s ok” she, without even glancing at me said, “no no it’s not ok”, I repeated myself, ” no really please let her go, it’s ok”, she says, again not galncing at me, “it’s not ok, its not perfect”.

At this point I had to physically get in front of her and move Lily out of the way, upon which she shot me a ” I’ll kick you” look and walked off.

I thought her behaviour was incredibly rude and disrespectful and although I was very nice and coordial while dealing with her, I can’t help but wonder if I should have stood up to her in a firmer manner, for Lily’s sake.

Does the older generation feel it’s ok or important to give the younger generation unsolicited parenting advice?

I’m sure this woman meant no ill will by fixing the buttons on Lily’s sweater, but her complete disregard for my repeated request was what I found surprising and offensive.

Was this woman wrong?

Will I too be subjecting some unsuspecting kid to my ‘perfection” notions when I am 70?

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Earth Hour

Today was Earth Hour. Have you heard of this? Well you should. It’s a great thing that happens annualy where places and monuments all over the world turn off their lights for one hour starting at 8:30pm local time. It’s only been happening for 4 years so you can get in on the action while it’s new and make a difference for year 5. http://www.myearthhour.org/

” Millions were expected to turn off lights and appliances for an hour from 8:30 p.m. in a gesture to highlight environmental concerns and to call for a binding pact to cut greenhouse gas emissions. This year’s was the fourth annual Earth Hour, organized by the World Wildlife Fund.”(yahoo.com)

Earth Hour

It is fantastic to see images of the Eiffel Tower black, or the Empire State Building taking a break. Check out pics. http://bit.ly/dDcHqf

I usually associate the lights off on these momuments with a community grieving or there was that time a few years ago where there was a big blackout in NY and I was stranded in SOHO with Whoopie Goldberg and Sean Asten (who was my blackout buddy, such fun!)  and a few other celeb types. It was amazing to see the ‘city that never sleeps’ take a disco nap…for 2 days! There were street parties on every block and I walked the streets of New York in pitch darkness and never got hassled or mugged…NY is a friendly place people.

I digress, once again flashing back to my former life/lives!

What can we, in our busy lives, do for Earth Hour?

What can we do to change the lives of our children?

We have to ingrain this into their little psychys NAO!

8:30pm is witching hour in my house , I can’t easily turn lights out without sacrificing my sanity because the 5 yr old monkey  thinks it’s the coolest thing and pretends we are camping but there is school the next day…etc.  You know the battle. Tomorrow is Sunday, not a school day..but there is a Palm Sunday Parade at Church and then I am hiking the BreakNeckRidge with the family so it’s a big day and the 5 yr old must be ready to meet it!

If you are like me and turning off the lights at 8:30pm is an issue, then don’t fret.

Earth Hour can happen everyday for you. It takes ONE person to make a difference. YOU can make a difference for you kiddies, and your friends.

You are probably saying: “oh man,  missed the 8:30pm Earth Hour, I didn’t get the memo on time”

Me: “Don’t worry there are many ways for you to Earth Hour it up everyday”

You: “how? do tell”

Me: “ok listen up

I do these things and am telling you because I do them. You could do a search for “green living” and find a ton of resources that will give you all the deets you need. I will only tell you things that I do, so here goes.

  • Turn off all your lights during the day
  • Run your dishwasher at night
  • Run your washing machine early in the morning
  • in Winter: Turn the heat down in your house at night
  • in Summer; Turn the air conditioner down in your house during the day.
  • when people are not in the home keep your thermosat on low.
  • bathroom: when it’s yellow let it mellow, when it’s brown flush it down. really
  • RECYCLE…everything…RECYCLE. teach your children how to recycle and they will love doing it.
  • use things in your recycling bin to make art! ask me, I’ll tell you how.
  • walk places, take the time to do so, you might meet a neighbour.
  • unplug electronics when not in use. This will also reduce your electric bill. cha-ching!
  • Read a book instead of watching TV, do an art project instead of watching TV.

That’s what i have for you today.

I hope this helps.

There is oh so much more..but baby steps.

So please have an EarthHour of your own everyday and do something that will make this planet of ours sustainable and fantastic for the monkeys!

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I’m late, I know.

I spent the day with my family and totally avoided my blogging duties.

This is probably why I got the no go from Blogher for being on their Green team.

But it’s my fault for not fully expressing my need and passion for all  things eco and green and maybe the fact that I have not posted my 15 reviews and 7 giveaways that are staring at me.

Yeesh blogger get your act together!

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wordless wednesday

“The house does not rest upon the ground, but upon a woman” mexican proverb
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Sick day

The monkey was sick today. Not fully sick…low grade fever kinda sick.

We spent the day doing a few crafts and cuddling.

Jonah was nice to share his space with Lily.

Lily wanted to make a painting of all of us at the beach in Florida.

Sometimes sick days are to reconnect and just chill. Lily is such a homebody and lately we have been a busy family, with my shows, the gorgeous weather and Matt’s schedule , Lily has not had a chance to spend a day at home. If it were up to her, She would gladly spend every single day at home, playing with her dollies and coloring. Everyone needs a sick day once in a while.

I came across this utterly cute recycled craft somewhere in the netsophere!

We made Easter Baskets using all materials form the recycling bin.

Easter Baskets

Cute right!

Here’s how you do it:

First you get your supplies: egg carton, scissors, box cutter, tissue paper, old cards,brads, glue stick, awl ( if you don’t have an awl, any sort of device to poke a hole can be used)

Next you cut your tissue paper into long strips, and cut out the egg carton into small cuplike structures.

Next you paint or glue the strips of tissue paper to the egg carton cups, and poke a hole on two sides of the cup with an awl or another hole making device.

Cut out your card in strips and poke a hole at the ends of the strips, line them up with the holes in the cup and use your brads to hold it together.


All done. Fill with your favorite candy and pass it to all you love.

Especially the sickies!

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everybody loves SPRING!

Our whole family went for a walk through our cute little town this morning and it was glorious. Jonah was on his gentle leader, which is a training collar of sorts for dogs, Lily brought her dolly stroller with ‘beary’ in it and Matt and I enjoyed the ample amounts of Vitamin D.

Spring is here folks, and after a cold winter, people in NY are happy. We saw lots of happy people today and are happy to report that they made me happy!

If you keep up with my twitter ramblings, you’ll know that this week was POO POO pick up week. Yes, if you have a dog and a patch of green you know exactly what I’m talking about. I spent a day picking up , or trying to pick up, a winter’s worth of POO- POO. My St. Bernard puppy poops alot and poops everywhere so after the snow melted, the droppings remained. I put my 5 yr old to work. She loved it. Something about a 5 yr olds fascination with poop…you have to take advantage of it.

Dookie duty

We could not bear to let the 65 degree weather go to waste, so Lily and I did an outdoor, organic craft project. This is really fun and easy to do and best of all…it’s all natural materials…except the paint.

In celebration of Spring and since we felt bad that we prevented the family of red breasted robins from making a home in my bedroom window sill (loud chirpy mornings not good for mommy) we felt we should have a craft project for the birds. So we did.


We made a nest with painted rock eggs. Such fun!

in a tree

Lily had a great time imagining the baby birds hatching and Jonah..the beast, wanted to eat one. Yea…that was fun!

Here’s how you do this:

Get some rocks, Get some paint, Get some grass or dried plant bits.

Shape the grass and dried plant bits into a circle. Paint the eggs any color you want, and place them in the nest.


You, my friend,  are ready for spring and you didn’t need to buy any needless thing that will end up in the trash because it’s plastic! 😉

Happy Spring everyone!

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid part 3

Diary of a Wimpy Kid opens in theatres today!

Robert Capron, Zachary Gordon and Me

I had fun time at the press junket/screening of the Movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. As you can see in Part 1 and Part 2 of my interview, we had a lot to cover and had a good time. Don’t miss the videos of Robert and Zachary dancing and singing, check it out here . It’s hilarious!! These are really thoughtful kids and I had a great time hanging out with them.

Here is the last past of my interview with the stars of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron. Of course I had a ton of questions for them, but I’ll save you the editing and post my fav.

Me: If my daughter comes home from school upset that she’s being bullied. What advice do you, as a kid have for me, as a parent about dealing with this?
Robert and Zach had the same advice, they said having their parents being there for them and hugging them meant a lot. Having a family that supports you is very important, hugs and kisses from mom are great.
Zachary: Bullies are scared, Always stick up for yourself and you should know that you are the better person. They are picking on you because they can’t pick on anyone else because everyone else has stood up to them, you just haven’t stood up to them.
Robert: Something that I have learned is that you should tell someone. No matter what, you MUST tell someone.
Jeff Kinney: Yes, TELL, TELL , TELL! Bullies can go underground especially with cyber bullying. The worst thing for a bully is to get exposed.
Robert: When bullies call you names just walk away.

Zach: Just put the hand up and say, ‘talk to the hand’.

Me: Have your parents ever embarrassed you? (I asked this because my 5 yr old rolls her eyes at me all the time)

Robert: Yea, I was in the movie, Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway and my mom saw her one day and was like, OMG there’s Anne Hathaway, I love her. And I was like, no mom, don’t embarrass me.

Zachary: My Mom keeps me grounded. She takes me to auditions and picks me up from school. Thank God for parents!

Me: What are your favorites?

Color: Green
Food: Pepperoni Pizza
Drink: Apple Juice
Book: Harry Potter books and Puppet Pals
Music: Black Eyed Peas, All American Rejects
Movie: (besides DOWK) All Pixar movies, Monsters Inc,
Show: icarly, Wizards of Waverly, Sponge Bob, Phineas and Ferb
Color: Orange
Food: Hot Dogs
Drink: Coke
Book: The Candy Shop War, by Brandon Mull
Music: Beatles, Diana Ross
Movie: Mulan, all Disney Movies
Show: Spongebob Squarepants
Me:If you weren’t an actor, what you would like to be?
Robert: Writer, Director
Zachary: Physician, Vet, Director like James Cameron or Martin Scorsese

Me:What’s the toughest thing about being an actor?
Robert: You never get a break, you’re always working and studying. Other kids get to play soccer and we have to film and study. Our schedule has been eat-act-school-sleep.
Zachary: There is tons of rejection, but you just can’t give up. I have a great dog at home that we rescued and I miss my dog.
I had a great time seeing the movie and big thanks to 20th Century Fox for having me there.
Go see the movie, it opens today!!!
Cheese touch!
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Diary of Wimpy Kid part 2

In theatres this Friday, March 19. Diary of  Wimpy Kid is a MUST see!!

I was one of the lucky few to get a one on one interview with the stars, Zach Gordon and Robert Capron and what do you think I made them do…dance of course!

Both Zach and Robert are HUGE Spongebob Squarepants fans.

So I got a spongebob serenade as well!!

Go see the movie tomorrow and report back.

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