in the snow

We have had a lot’s of snow this week and the past two days have been a winter wonderland. Lily has loved playing in the snow, thank goodness we have a great big back yard with unlimited possibilities.

Jonah and Lily have kept themselves occupied with a game that seems to never get old.

Lily makes three large snowballs to make a snowman *  Jonah sits patiently in the snow watching every technical step of this creation *Jonah waits for her to stack them on top of one another and then pounces on the snowman and destroys him * Lily starts over. It is very entertaining to watch.


After playing in our backyard we decided to go for a walk through the neighbourhood. Tak eadvantage of no traffic and the slow pace.

He could jump it if he wanted to.

The church on the corner. The architecture draped is gleaming snow…the beauty just cannot be matched.

Church on Main

Enjoy your snow day all. This might be our last for the season.

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I have to really focus and get with the program today. Which program? I’m not sure.

I live in the Northeast where we are about to get this major snowstorm, The newscasters are giddy over this storm becasue they get extra coverage on the telly and get to say things like, “this is a big one”, “not since last month have we had a storm such as this”, “I hope the city has enough salt for the roads”..ha!

I kid , I kid.

We certainly are anticipating a big storm today, My fab show in NJ has been cancelled. boo. All that rehearsing and all those schedule and all my minivan rental from ZIP CAR, which by the way is an AMAZING thing..ZIPCAR, all has been cancelled today.

Thankfully my 5 yr old wonder is in school, So at least I can get something done before she gets back.

I am planning our snowday activities.

Recently, I asked my friends for art project ideas on snowdays with a 5 yr old. We’ve had a good serving of these days this season. My friends suggested a variety of things, glue projects,finger painting, puppet show, dressup, playing with beans..dry beans, all fun but a bit …how do I say this…simple for the monkey.

We do at least one art project a day and as my husband stated, Lily is on her way to getting a MFA in art. We do decoupage, papermache, Screen printing, sewing, beadwork, sculpting, sunprints…etc

Today on the arts menu, we’re going to work on this fab  cardboard house.

Lily and Jonah

It’s amazing. It’s a cardboard house that you can decorate any way you want.Paint, stickers, glitter, glue, gems..all of it! woohoo!

Of course we will be spending endless hours outside in the snow.

Right now I have to enjoy the silence, I have two hours, before the monkey gets back,  to get with the program

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My 5 yr old wonder who is also the boss of me is a total homebody!

and I am not!

So rain or snow, tomorrow I am going to take a walk downtown.

I’m going to go to the bookstore to read some books and have cheescake and coffee, and then will go to the farmers market ( indoor) to get some purple potatoes, I’ll swing by the wine shop to say hi and pick up a cali red, stop by  my fav spanish grocery store to buy some ridicoulsly cheap produce, the dog store to pick up some goodies for Jonah my St. bernard, and then will go to the GAP to see what’s good in kids clothing.

All this will be happening with a 5 yr old homebody in tow.

Just checked the weather channel and we have lots of snow…sooo

wonder if any of this will happen.

Just sayin.

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My feet are blistered from my rehearsals for my show on Thursday. They are bleeding and the blood is sticking to my socks, So I decided to wear flip flops when I dropped Lily off at preschool. One of the mom’s looked at me and said, “I can’t believe you are wearing flip flops in this weather, put on some shoes”. She’s a nice mom, I like her, so she was just saying it. I explained my situation..and she totally did not get it. People must really wonder what goes on in my world. In the summers when I wear shorts or skirts or things that exposed my legs and feet, I would have floor burns, and scrapes and all kinds of goodies on my feet. Dance wounds are what I call them.

Anyway, Lily is sweet, she looked at my feet this afternoon and said, ouch mommy, maybe next time you should only curtsey and turn and dance like a princess so you don’t get hurt.

My angel.

I would post a picture of my feet, but It’s lunch time and I don’t want you to get sick while you are reading my blog and lunching!

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Worms for dinner

I made really nasty , gross, yucky spaghetti today just so I could feed it to my five yr old and make her cry.

You really would think this is what I did if you heard the drama that’s going  on over a bowl of spaghetti

“Mommy, this is the grossest food ever”

“why do i have to eat this gross food”

“you made yucky spaghetti for me because you don’t love me.”

This is what I have had to hear all evening. Does anyone else have to deal with this?

The mundane job of making breakfast, lunch and dinner DAILY really plays a number on my psych. It is a daily thing for me to clean the kitchen floor, for me to fold the laundry, to wipe down bathroom counters, to pick up toys, to deal with emotional tantrums, to chase down socks the dog is eating and to be the target of frequent spells..yes Harry Potter spells.

Spaghetti happens to be the 5 yr old’s fav food..but today it was really yucky and gross because as she stated, I don’t love her and that’s why I made her yucky food.

I am trying the whole, make her sit in her chair until she finishes trick, but it’s not working for me.

Well at least it gives me a sec to blog about the sounds coming from the kitchen.

Now we have moved on to a song about Spaghetti and how much is “it not good”. Apprently, no one should have to eat spaghetti because mommy’s might make a mistake and cook worms instead and no one would know and then the babies would have to eat worms.

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Fancy Tea Party

Lily had a “fancy tea party” birthday party.

It was the cutest thing I have ever been a part of.

We invited a handful of  Lily friends to our home and transformed our formal living room into a tea room.

The guests were asked to wear their fancy dresses and Lily put little Pearl necklaces and boas in their tea cups.

I found these tutorials on how to make tissue paper Pom Pom’s on Martha Stewart site.

Delicious goodies for the fancy girls. We had scones, mint chocolate cookies, quiche ( not a hit),  Strawberry filled cookies and other such treats. tea party is complete without a gumball-lollipop vase thingy

The Belle cake

I can’t believe my Lil is 5!!! what a doll.

I had a blast putting this party together, from the Invites, to the party to the favors, I am going to try to find a way to do this again.

Such fun having a girl, the girlie girl in me is giddy!!

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in the snow…

I have throughly enjoyed our snowdays this year. The last few weeks, we have had a generous serving of the white stuff.

Snowy backyard

Nothing makes the cold of the northeast worth it than a lotta snow!

Here are some moments captured on my lens for you to enjoy!

Lily and Jonah

My two favorite people had a great time sledding and chasing one another around the snow. Here Lily is telling Jonah to pull her with his teeth. Jonah just wants to bite her hat.

Main Street

Although I have had a ton to do, I have thrown caution to the wind and made myself enjoy and play in the snow…with my favorite people. It was worth it. Lily had a blast and enjoy having me spend endless hours engaged with her. Jonah, loved the attention and would dig up his buried stuffed animals to gift me. It was a great few snow days.

But now that my inbox is full and the laundry has piled up…

Small victories… small victories.

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again with the late!

Between snowdays, and sick days and birthdays…i have not been able to sit down and do the blogging deed. I have missed it and I know that the three of you who follow me loyally miss me too!

So hang on doggie! lots coming up today.

Especially the pics from the fancy tea party!

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tiny furniture

Tiny things all around me. Tiny is in right now, in human world and design world and especially here in my world.

My tiny baby is going to be 5 tomorrow. She is growing up. still tiny though. I wish I could have amazing things to say about this event..her age change …but after a full day, i just can’t focus.

It snowed this morning and we had a snow day and we wondered what the fairies would do for lunch and dinner …i mean their tables and chairs are all under snow. So we got to action and made some new chairs and tables and dishes for those little freezing fairies.

tiny fairy furniture

We made this cute little set out of Crayola Air Dry clay. Lily and I molded the little mushroom tops and bottoms. We added a tiny bit of water to help the pieces stick to one another. after they dried, we painted them with regular ole tempera paint. FYI, we had all these materials at home. The clay was a gift a few months ago and the paint has been around for years. I’m so excited about how great they turned out that I might make some for Lily’s friends.

I am sure the fairies are enjoying their new furniture!

I’ll have to post a pic of it outside. (bad blogger, does not think ahead)

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