Lights, camera, action

Yes, I hear those words often. It’s part of my job.

Suuoooo I have been struggling, for a while now, to decide whether or not to include my dance antics to this blog.

I have decided YES. It’s part of my identity. It’s actually the biggest part of my identity that I can identify with. This mom stuff is tough people and I have truly lost the “other” me in the “mom” me.

So I am going to include my dance antics withchu.

Today I spent the day filming a music video for an amazing artist, Athena Reich. She is great, she’s canadian, she’s funny and good for the soul.

Athena Reich Shoot

The shoot was fab, the dancers were fab and all of it woke me up. I felt alive in a way I have not in a long while. I felt as if someone recognized me sans mommyness.

Mommyness is great and all, but sometimes I need the old me back. The funny me, the me that does not have to worry about hormonal 4 yr old boys, or sick days, or proper nutrition. I need the old me who drinks red bull at 5am because I have a 12 hr shoot ahead of me, or need to design a postcard for a cool show i’m producing or who can create art without censorship or Disney princess invading my mind. You know… THAT old me.

So yes I have no guilt in saying to you and anyone in the world that I enjoyed my day of dance without feeling mommyness. (did i just make that term up?)

Mom’s have it bad y’all. This guilt of being with baby all the time is brutal, it breaks you down, you can’t go running because if you do, then that will take time away from doing more for the baby….like cleaning the house or laundry or preparing the right meals.  Wouldn’t baby be better if mommy were better? I think yes.

So I have decided to be better, and that is through dance.

Lily enjoys coming to my rehearsals, she loves watching my shows and watching me dance and sometimes even has notes for my dancers…they should Curtsey and turn more.

Dance is good for the soul, for the psyche , for the body and most important for my family.

So find some time in your day to be the “other’ You …when you weren’t the “mom” you. It’s important, it’s vital and it will make you healthy and happy.

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Lily wanted flowers for the dining table today. She’s been sick with a fever and cough and cold and the whole bit. Poor baby. I didn’t want to drag her out of the house to get flowers and since the ground is covered in white stuff, I figured we would just make them.

Soooooo, the upcycling fiend that i am, I found some newspaper in the recycling bin, the Movement Research Performance Journal, to be exact and voila! Flowers for the dining table.

Lily played “bride” with them for a bit.

We’ve spent the evening starting out at the Wolf Moon and looking at MARS. really! take a peek outside.

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Winter returns in it’s most sincere form.

Snow storm yesterday

We had a nice little reminder of winter yesterday. It was beautiful I woke up to just sheets of snow falling from the skies. It was so nice and made the cold worth it. My St. Bernard pup absolutely loved the weather and stayed out most of the day.


Winter is back in the Northeast,  Hope we get more storms this month. I have missed my snowdays.

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Spot of tea

We are in “fancy tea party” mode over here. Lily has a birthday next week and the theme of the party is…well Fancy tea Party.

I have been having such a fun time with this theme. My inner girlie girl is totally coming out. The lace, the pinkness, the sugar, the dainty little things are all making a rare appearance. i like it. I hope the girlie me sticks around for a little while.

If you don’t know, I’m not a fan of store bought goods. Some things we must purchase because of convinience or lack of ability to create that item ourselves, but most things can be made right in your home.

Invitations, for example, are no fun when you buy them from the store. With a bit of imaginaion and of course …glitter, you’d be amazed at what you can create.

Lily and I had a great time making these invites. She loves them so much that she didn’t want to give them away.

You are invited to Lily’s fancy tea party.

The best part of these invites is that they are… upcycled!!!

Ok here’s how I did it.

I had some leftover scrapbook paper from when I tried to make a scrap book for my sis’s wedding, 5 yrs ago. The scrapbook paper was not heavy for a card and the card stock was not heavy either. The glue was just curling the paper. So I picked out cardboard from the recycling bin. Mac and cheese box,  popcorn box and Barilla pasta box. I cut it out to size for my card and then glued the cutouts to my card. I took the string from my Lipton tea bags in my pantry and done! So easy and so eco friendly! Being green can be fancy y’all.

I am also making giant Martha Stewart inspired Pom-Pom’s for Lily’s party. I tried the solid color and then a smaller multicolored Pom-Pom. I like em both. maybe I’ll make half a dozen of these. I am going to make a few pom-pom’s from newspaper just for fun. But since we are going so pink with this fancy tea party, I had to breakdown and purchase pink tissue paper from Target.


Dainty little laced cake holder perfect for petit fours and a bowl for a gum ball lollipop centerpiece. This is such fun. I can’t wait to show you the whole thing. 

Lily’s fancy tea party birthday.

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I thought today was monday.


Where do my days run off to every week? They probably go to some stellar place where they get to do everything they want to do without any interruptions and their mind is clear and they are never tired and drink lots of good wine without interruptions, while lounging on a cloud with colorful rainbows going through the land and fluffy little pastel ponies frolic through the cotton candy clouds..without interuptions.

Sounds like a great spot. I’d run away too.

I promise- to -try -to- update my little blog tomorrow. I have to show you my cards I made for Lily’s birthday party and the cute goodie bags.

peace out homies!

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“No Kissing on the Lips”

“You can get germs that will stay there FOREVER”

That’s me, talking to my FOUR yr old monkey.

Why am I having the No Kissing talk with her at age FOUR!!!

Well she has these friend boys who like to kiss her…on the LIPS! They are four yrs old too, so it’s not like they are older and wiser, they are the same age and same hormonal state. Lily does not kiss back. this has happened twice. I know what you might be saying,

You: “it has probably happened more than twice, you just don’t know.”

Me: No it hasn’t happend more than twice, I am with her all the time. I am what you would call a “Helicopter parent”.

Her preschool class is small and the teachers supervise closely. It’s not like she’s getting kissed all the time, it’s just that the two times have been traumatic for me! The boy looks at me all charmingly with this look of, “i love your daughter”. My mind just fast forwards 10 yrs when this will actually happen. Some punk will come along and say, “maa’m, I love your daughter” and then I’ll have to drop kick him, but that’s another post. I digress.

I am so worried about all this kissing business, the sharing drinks business and the “I don’t even want to think about the rest” business.

Are kids growing up faster these days? You know, people blame TV and media and all those sort of outside influence type  things that as a Parent we can just shut out. This house does not even watch the Disney channel. I find the shows on the disney channel to be first of all, stupid, second: empty and third, they promote boy girl things…like Kissing!  Hanna Montanna, Wizards of Waverly Place, Zack and Cody and whatever other show all promote kissing. The girls all wear a ton of makeup and are always so concerned with their appearance, it’s just the wrong message to send little humans at such an impressionable age.

Hell, I have friends in their late 20’s and 30’s who are influenced by what they see on TV so imagine the little suction minds of kids.

So no Disney here, no TV really. We do a lot of things outdoors and go places and see things and are active in our lives.

So back to my questions. Are kids growing up faster/sooner today? How? why? I have been looking at articles online about how to deal with this, but nothing substanstial. Help a sista out, please recommend some good reading for me.

In the mean time, guard your daughters from these hormonal four yr old boys!

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Thought I should post this since I do have a healthy group of readers…who don’t comment..ahem..but thanks for reading.

1.5 Million Graco Strollers Recalled Due to Amputation, Laceration Hazards

635,000 Dorel Asia Cribs Recalled; Pose Suffucation and Strangulation Hazard

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Sick Puppy

My 1 yr old St. Bernard Puppy is sick.

He has been throwing up small amounts of yellow frothy stuff.   Bile. He did not eat for a day and was restless and lethargic. He finally ate a healthy amount last night but around 5am today he threw it all up. Although the vomit was healthier than the yellow bile, it was still vomit and all his food that was consumed the previous evening came back out. He was so sad and jumped on the bed and layed on top of me. ( ST. Bernards lay right on top of their humans…it’s an instinct to keep us warm, but this is a heavy pup!). Jonah felt hot to the touch and had a fever.


Lily was very sad about this all day yesterday and wouldn’t let anyone near Jonah. At one point early in the day I asked Jonah if he was feeling any better and Lily looked at me with tear filled eyes and said, “mommy don’t talk to him in a sad voice”. It broke my heart.

Just last year we lost out 7 year old Newfoundland. He was the best dog and a major part of our family. Lily misses him  a lot and the thought of Jonah being sick is too much for her little heart to bear.

I called our amazing vet, Dr. Israel at Bedford Village Vet Hospital. He thinks that Jonah probably just ate some deer poop out back or maybe a frozen dead animal and will be sick for a few days. So boiled rice and chicken is his dinner tonight!

I am dreading walking through the backyard and searching for frozen animals…I’ll make Matt do it.

***Update*** Chicken and rice did the trick. Thanks Dr. Israel. Of course a whole lot of loving helped too. Jonah is back to his tricks and eating all the dollies he can get his teeth on!

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I need my privacy


It totally happend to me. I happen to be really tech savy, a tech Diva if you will. I know a lot about my computer and the internet and youtube, FB, twitter, myspace, ning…etc.

So imagine my surprise when today I get an email in my inbox from my youtube account that some pervert left a comment about a video of Lily dancing. .

I immediately rushed over to my YouTube account to do damage control. Of the vids posted of Lily, this one in particular  received approx 5THOUSAND hits!!! My others have recieved under 200. All by friends. So imagine my shock!

Well one of my “friends” sent this vid along to someone who then in turn sent it along to someone else..etc. The reason my “friend” sent this vid along was because Lily was dancing around my beloved dog Lincoln, who was a giant Newfoundland and was very impressive to look at. This friend never expected this video to get in the wrong hands and somehow become public.

This friend “shared” my video on their youtube site and thus made it public.

OMG people wake up please!!! If I can get hacked into, then you certainly will. Please please take care of your info, your pics..on FB, twitter…even on Blogs.

Needless to say, I have fixed the problem. I will not be sending my vids out to aquaintances.

FYI: on YouTube, it’s not enough that you set your privacy settings on your account. You have to set the privacy for EACH OF YOUR POSTS. do it…do it NOW!!!

I am so shaken up over here. I had such a great post about my new vacuum cleaner but this has got me all kinds of upset!

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Failed flylady

Oh Flylady, I failed you. Your wisdom has not been applied in this flybaby.

I failed people, I failed bad. I was so good for 2 days. two whole days, I wore my shoes and shined my sink and swished,  but day 3 went not good and day 4 was bad and day 5 it was like…what flylady! I have been skipping your daily emails in my inbox because if I don’t see the email, then the email doesn’t see me. right?

Oh Flylady, you are so good to me, I know you say baby-steps, but I am not even walking over here. I am a crawler and I am baby-crawling. Ok so i’ll try again, I’ll start on Monday and clean my sink., I’ll put on my shoes and I’ll look good and I’ll put my holiday items away…yes people, they are still up…and flylady, I will even swish and swipe and maybe even start on my control journal. I’ll do it. you’ll see.

and if I fail…baby-steps.

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