I am late on my postings. i have not fully commited to this blog i guess. I have the best of intentions and the VERY BEST of ideas but I just can’t find time to do it. I am learning how to prioritize my time.

Lily and I have been doing some awesome art projects lately. I have really been expanding her cute little mind to more advanced concepts like decoupage, and paper mache and negative space..etc. She loves it. Her drawings have gotten more detailed and her color combos are changing. It’s very interesting to watch my little artist grow. We made shadow boxes and worked with clay last week. Lily made the cutest shadow box using magazine cutouts and glitter and twigs and then we made a wole fairy red mushroom table and chair set that she loved playing with inside her shadow box.

*remember how i said I need to prioritize? well yes. I’ll post pics on these project soon …soon.

Matt has been enjoying our art projects and is always really amazed by what we create.

I am glad I got this post out. even if no one reads it. I got it out. it’s out there. and hopefully it will be the thing that gives me the momentum to do another tomorrow.

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a winter bird

I carved this little bird out the other night during the snow storm.

I drew the outline freehand and then set to carving. I bought a few rubber blocks from Pearl Paint on Canal Street and practice my carving skills whenever I have a moment.

Winter Bird

To make this I used: Speedball carving tools and Speedball Blockprinting Ink in Black + Speedball Rubber Block.

All products were bought at Pearl Paint, but you can also get them at your local Michaels Arts and Crafts or AC Moore.

Lily loved watching me carve this and thought it was such fun that in the end there was a little bird on paper. Ah the joy of creating!!!

I can’t wait to put a stack of cards with this little guy in someone’s gift bag this season.

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I made this with some scrap paper I had laying around.

These little books will be tucked into gifts for friends and family and teachers this year.

Cover of book
Pages and a little pocket.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of my little books?

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Water from above

I love NYC. I love NYC. and I love NYC.

Not just ‘heart” NYC. I love it. I love everything about New York City.

I love the secrets, the noise, the dirt, the gross stuff, the art stuff, the food, the opportunities and all the many many surprises that are everywhere!

I worked as a Concierge at a fab boutique hotel in Soho for about 3.5 yrs. I loved that job and I hated that job. I met , fun people, celebrity people and people who do great things. The hotel was not a tourist type of place. You either knew about it  or you didn’t. There was no advertising, no sign, nada.

It was great!!! I had some of my best times in that place. Maybe one of these posts will be me dishing all the dirt.

Anyway, when I moved to NYC in 2001, it was during the towers crashing down. I remember looking up all the time and seeing ash, smoke and fire. It lingered for months. The action of always looking up while walking through the streets became sort of a habit. You could see the smoke from the towers from every place in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I got my directional bearings based on the smoke. It was an overwhelming experience…but again, that story is for another post.

While  trying to find my directional bearings by looking up, I found nice surprise in the streets of Manhattan. Water Towers. Yep! They’re everywhere. It’s amazing!

I have decided to do a photo series about them. So here is just a sampling.

I am really hoping to post more Water Tower pics soon. It really is such fun once you discover them. Lily, Matt and I love looking for water towers in NYC.

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Dance advent calendar

Ok so I am three days late but whatever!

I decided to do a dance advent calendar to keep the dance alive up in here. Everyday for the next 23 days I will be posting on dance related activity for you and your loved ones to do. Lily and I dance around all the time and lately we have been putting off our dancing duties for more mundane things like, cleaning or laundry folding. So this is for Lily and me and matt and Jonesie(our dog).

Here is my DANCE advent calendar  to help  me, get my dance mojo back.

Day 3 of the season: Clear out the coffee table from your living room and turn on some kickin music (loud) and dance for 3 mins straight. This works best when no one is looking so your dance diva self can rock it!

go get yer dance on people!

Are you going to do it?? Come on do it and post me vids or pics about it.

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