cuz i am Superwoman, yes i am, yes i am…

I made it through the week without ONE..not one single meltdown!

here was my week:

Monday: Woke up with back spasm.

I went to Target..for my daily meditation…and had a full cart of things I sort of needed. As I was headed to the checkout, the always punctual ,”i gotta go potty NAAAAAO” was requested by my four year old wonder. So of course I stop in my tracks for feear of public pee pee embarrasement and no no sprint to the bathroom at Target.

I leave my fully stocked cart outside the bathroom.

I could not get the family restroom, but fortunately, as you will soo see, I did score the spacious handicap bathrom.

Lily poops and then says, “i don’t feel good mommy”.

Me, being the kind and caring mommy that I am, squat right in front of her to kiss her and say, “it’s OK honey, we’re going home after you potty”.

Without warning, my four year old wonder projectile vomits all over me. Oh, she had a red slushy that day. (only her third slushy ever, i do not condone slushy’s but she was soo good all day and I had promised her one)

I was covered in red throwup of course. she then continues throwing up all over the wall, the toilet, floor. the red looked like a crime scene. thank goodness for the spacious handicap stall.

After it was all over, Lily said, ” I feel much better mommy”. Yea really??

We ran out the door to the safety of our car and headed home straight to the shower.

that was my Monday!

Did I lose it? Nope, I was superwoman!

Tuesday: I had a coffee date with my friend at the swanky Richard Gere restaurant Bedford Post and it gave me enough inspiration for the rest of the day. Lily and I went to Muscoot and watched  “Rob” the Pig loose his tooth because he got his mouth stuck in the fence. That was traumatic.

Oh yea I also got peed on by Lily and Matt had a stressful day.

Oh and I “just said NO”. It felt good.

Did I lose it? Nope, I was superwoman!

Wednesday: Had a crappy day because I was tired of cleaning everyday just so I could be like Martha and decided that i am not Martha Stewart and never will be.

I ate Tacos with great people and sang christmas songs. I can still hit those Soprano 1 notes…yeehaw!

Lily had a meltdown at the end of the evening and Matt came to my rescue!

Did I lose it? Nope, I was superwoman!

Thursday: Awoke to my 85 lb St. Bernard puppy stepping on my face. Not a good way to wake up.

Got a quicky massage from a friend, did a quick cleaning of the downstairs and did the groceries in 30 mins (amazeballs) and made a fab lunch. Had a friend over for lunch, played dollies with Lily, spent the afternoon with friends of Lily and played with her and then came home, had pancakes with Matt and Lily and put Lily to bed and now am enjoying a well deserved glass of wine.

I did all this all week without losing my cool. Mom’s of the world Holla if ya hear me!!! Hootie hoo!!!!!

Pretty superwomanish if you ask me.

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Advent Calendar

Here is my DIY project for the week.

I made an advent calendar for Lily this year. I’m going to make 2 more for my god kiddos.

It was quite fun and surprisingly I didn’t lose interest. My love for craftyness has been growing leaps and bounds lately. I am afraid it’s caused by  boredom or maybe just the need to create. I am voting for the latter.

Anyway, I’m happy with the results. Lily loves it and has already started to stuff it with goodies.

I was inspired to make this one by the Pottery Barn Kids calendar. I tried to cut out intricate shapes and things of that sort, but alas…my crooked numbers coated with love will have to do!


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new find

It was birthday last week. I had a wonderful day that started with lots of sweet drooly kisses from Matt and Lily and doggie Jonah.

An indulgent breakfast at a fancy place and then some fun adventures with the fam.

On my adventures I came across this antique metal press.

I can’t wait to get this on some of the books I am making.

My ink was low and I was so excited and in such a hurry to brag about my find.

I’m sure with a little bit o work this little press will print real nice.

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ullu; owl

Matt made this great sketch of a cute little Owl. So I decided to carve my own stamps and make something.

Here he is.

my first carving.

The end result.

tada! I have some work to do on the nose.



I am hoping to do some printing with his mug all over. Maybe I’ll start on some cards today.

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I love Fall.

Growing up in Florida, I had two seasons. Super hot and hot.

So when I moved to NY 8 yrs ago. I fell in love with the changing of the seasons.

Fall being my fav.

Since I can’t express what i feel in words, here are a few pics of me falling love with the season.


running errands...this is what I was surrounded by.


nothing's softer than a pile of leaves.
my haunted house!
princess come out in the Fall.
Dog's can swim in the water bodies after labor day!

oh i could go on.

i’ll save it for another post.



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a man and his dog.

I have captured some amazing moments of Matt with Lily. I love my subjects and each photo speaks expressively about Matt and Lily and the two of them together.

Now I can add a third subject for my lens to capture.

Jonah eagerly waiting for Matt.


a man and his dog



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I have not had a show in a long while and my rehearsals are scarce! I need to CREATE!!!

Lately, my frustration with my lack of time to make dances has been taking over my mind and really putting me in a depresso mood. I have not been able to have any dance oriented thing happen for me in a while and this has been taking it’s toll. There is a need for me to create something…anything!!!

So I brought out my sewing machine, which I purchased at Target 4 yrs ago and have never used, and I brought out some old clothes that I was giving away or throwing away and started to create!

This i what came out while watching the world series last night.

a little something for Lily

Now don’t laugh, it’s pretty decent for someone who does not know how to sew. Lily saw this little guy this morning and loved him! Jonah, my St. Bernard pup, loved him as well.

I think i am going to make a family of them and give them out to the little people in my life.

The process of making something just ignites such an energy in me, I can’t explain it. Just watching something being made from …nothing.

Sewing was certainly relaxing and calming and certainly fed my creative soul, without the coordination it takes to make a dance… renting space, finding a chunk of time in the day…etc.

Gotta get my dance on soon though!

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This crappy week is turning out to be beautiful! I am amused watching the shadow of the leaves on the tree outside my window dance on the blinds.


My friend is in labor. good for her. she’s been saying, “I just want it out!” for a few days now.

My trusty dog is laying by my feet, Lily is in school and I can have a quiet moment to gather my thoughts and start my marathon day!

I will be attempting another form of printing today. I can’t decide between tissue paper printing or freezer paper printing.

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Leaf Printing

“Leaves are falling, leaves are falling, on the ground, on the ground, run and try and catch them, run and try and catch them, off the ground ,off the ground.”

leaves caught at their peak.

My obsession with ink and printing has seeped into Lily. We spent a few hours collecting leaves and then printing them onto paper. I have used a brayer in the past but with a four year old… fingers and palms work best.

Here’s how we did this project:

You will need:

stamp pad (color of your choice),


paper or surface you want to print on. (Cardboard from some old boxes work really well)

*Find some leaves

* place leaf on stamp pad and gently press with your finger

* place inked side down onto your paper or printing surface

* again, press lightly with fingers and palms

* make sure you press every corner

* small hands work best!

* don’t forget the stem

* slowly lift off the surface

* tada!  Leaf Print!

Printed leaf on paper

A fine collection of leaves.

Basket full of leaves.

Little hands working hard.DSCF1391

We also glittered some of the leaves but the color just doesn’t show.


You can make cards and print on fabrics and do all sorts of things with this technique.

Enjoy! let me know if any of you try this project.

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I had to take a break from this bloggin biznaz. It was overtaking my mind and my body and especially my time. Also, the pressure to have my blog be the best was eating into my psych.

So after taking a break and reevalutaing what I would write about, I have decided to give it another go. No competition.

We have a pretty eventful life over here and I figured I would keep my blog up for Lily. It would be fun for her to read all the things she did and all the adventures she had while growing up.

This will hopefully motivate my lazy self to write more often and create more often.

Jonah, Allison(lily's sis) and Lily.


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