Casualty of D.O.G.

Jonah’s destructive path!

This St. Bernard needs puppy school!!!

The Kitty got it this time.


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My friend Amanda said, “make a list girl”.

So i am doing just that. This statement, simple as it sounds, is actually a beast of a burden.

Making a list will help you organize your life, it will make you happy because it’s one step closer to gettng things done, it can help you feel accomplished and it can make you look at your priorities.

Three days later…

I’m STILL making my list.

No joke.

My list is long and madenning.

My list has all the things I want to do, need to do, and should really be doing.

There’s a lot.

Take a bath so I can scrub the bottoms of my feet, to learning how to sew to be recession proof, and to make time for my sad little lonely blog.

I’ll take a pic of my list and give you an idea of what’s ahead!

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I have a new dog.

He is amazing.

I lost the love of my life, my doggie Lincoln in March of 2009. I am really heartbroken about this. Painfully heartbroken.

Lily has been talking about a dog for a while and we had started talking about thinking about looking for a dog.

We knew we wanted a  giant breed. Newf, St. Bernard, Mastiff…etc

Matt gets a call last Thursday, from a shelter. They had a dog that needed a home. The dog was still at the family’s home. So we visit that evening. 9 month old st. Bernard. Due to family situational changes they could not care for the dog. The dog was neutered, shots given, stapled…all of it.

We fell in love and he arrived to live with us the very next day!

Meet Jonah!

Heeeeere's Jonah!
Heeeeere's Jonah!

Jonah is amazing. He has brought a new energy to our lives. The power of animals can never ever be underestimated.

So I am changing the name of my blog because we no longer are three.

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Lily says..

I am convinced that some of the best kid quotes come from my kid!

We were playing a game…I would say, ” I love you more than all the leaves on the tree”

Lily: I love you more than the worms in the dirt.

Me: I love you more than all the stars.

This goes on for a while.

Suddenly, Lily jumps up and with her eyes really big and body puffed and full of energy she exclaims…

“I love you more than everything, all the things… nothing left”

...and pose!
...and pose!


What a sweatpea!

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like a…

Madonna on Letterman!!!

Watching Madge on Letterman.

Loves me the cat eyes. You can still see the wrinkles and “age” under that major makeup.

I have heard she uses MAC. I looooves MAC. I was told from  bare essentuals sales person that MAC was only used by dragqueens and It would clog my pores and it has such terrible associations.


Then call me  Hedda Lettuce and slap it on me!

I have tried all kinds of makeup. Been hired to do make for celebs and weddings and shows..blah blah. I LOOVEZ me some Mac attack.

So back to madonna. She looks old. But DAAAAAAyum! she is bangin. i love her body and her dress. Simple black is always the winner. Her classic look and her makeup.

Continue to be you and reinvent Madge. We looves ya!

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