poolGoing to the local town pool everyday can become somewhat of a boring chore!

Something happened on Wednesday that has me chuckling …today!

Lily and I met a 2 yr old named Chloe and her dad. Well Chloe and her dad were swimming in the “big pool” as were Lily and I. Chloe’s dad was very impressed with Lily’s swimming and splashing and especially dunking ability. (Lily is 4 yrs old.)

He asked me when I thought Chloe would start dunking? Chloe had dunked only once all summer. I responded with a very educated, ” well kids learn from seeing other kids, don’t pressure her, all in due time, each child has their own timing for these things..etc”.

I get excited when I get to be the one giving advice…because I can barely figure out what I am doing on a day to day basis.

Well my little Lily, enjoying being the center of attention, started to show off. Jumping in the water, dunking and swimming to the point of spurting…etc!

Chloe gets excited and does this too…her dad is thrilled!

“Oh goodness, you were right! She IS learning from Lily. Do it again Chloe.”

Along comes the mom, tiny baby in her arms. She says,  ” HONEY, what are you doing?”

Chloe’s dad responds, ” Look at Lily she can swim it’s so amazing, she’s only 4 and now Chloe has been dunking because of watching Lily”.

The mom looks and me and smiles, and then says, “That’s great dear, but do you remember we were at the doctor’s two days ago and Chloe has TUBES IN HER EARS, she should not be dunking!”

Chloe’s dad turned red and got out of the pool immediately.

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NeighboursWhen i lived in India, I have these memories of neighbours.
Neighbours were almost like family.we actually called them “auntie and Uncle”

When I was in college at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL I had neighbours who partied with us all the time. We’d talk across balconies, have parties and share lazy sundays together.
Now that i am grown and have a home and hubby and kiddo, I have neighbours…but it’s different. First becasue I live on street that is predominantly business. Business’s like lawyers, doctors,dentists,flower shops, massage..etc they are all practices in old homes like mine. so the street looks tres ideal. The trees, the gardens, the old homes neatly manicured but not many neighbours.
I have about 5 residental homes on my street. I know three of the five people.
Our neighbour Jackie O (name made up) came over today with her two dogs. We shared some wine and some stories and talked about our stresses and our joys.

Neighbours are part of an extended family. I look forward to Jackie O and her dogs. Lily loves playing with her doggies and i love sharing the fruit of the grape and exerting my gift of gab!

Jackie O is a patron of the arts, and works for Eileen Fisher. I  NOW own ONE solitary article from Eileen Fisher, an overcoat gifted to me by Jackie O. I like Eileen Fisher becasue of their commitment to community, arts and women. They have tons of grants that award the three demographics mentioned. A profitable company that is giving back…what a genius concept! Giving to the arts is important to me because I am in the arts, community giving is also vital.

My mom is a social worker and the importance of giving has been instilled in me since birth. Supporting women run business just plain ole rocks! so yea to neighbours and yes to Eileen Fisher!!! and Jackie O and her dogs rock my world.

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I heard about the Bare escentuals free giveaway and hopped along to a bare store and picked up my free sample. It’s great! I think the Matte is a bit dull. The sales lady said that it is suposed to give you a flat non-dewey look…and that it does! I like the deweyness!

Free Bare

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nose knows

Pointy noseLily said she hurt the “pointy part” of her nose and self prescribed a rainbow band-aid.

Ah the power of rainbows! it fixes eveything.

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A life in my day aug.26.09

7:30am: wake up

7:45am: still lying in bed staring at Lily ( who snuck in late at night).

7:50am: thought about running.

8:00am: Snooze

8:15am: finally out of bed and brushing teeth.

8:25am: making coffee, no milk. ( matt goes to get milk) Must have coffee.

8:30am: News that Ted Kennedy passed away.

8:35am: FB update.

8:45am: three emails sent. List for the day made. Decided against the run.

8:50am: “mother’s helper” arrives but Lily is still asleep so she leaves.

8:55am: Call From Joanna about coffee in Harlem.

9am: Lily awakes. Argh where is the “mother’s helper”.

9:15am: In the car headed out to harlem.

9:20am: Jammin out to Brit Brit thinking back on the days.

9:40am: Still jammin to Brit Brit.

10am: Breakfast at a greek diner in harlem where my flip flop came off and the owner asked me to put em back on.

10:30am: Good planning with Joanna.

11:10am: Back in car headed back home.

noon: Home and putting thinks away, killing ants, starting the dishwasher and threw in a load of laundry.

12:30pm: Lily is with Matt. So I catch up on emails, work on a proposal for a grant and of course crackbook!

1:30pm: Pool.

3:30pm: still at pool.

4:10pm get home in time to catch the sitter. and get stung by a BEE. Sitter kills the bee.

4:30pm. Thought I was going on a dinner date…but no.

6pm: Dinner at Q…a bar – b – que rest. yummy. Leg still throbbing from the bee sting.

7:30pm: Target, to buy a sewing needle I broke the day before.

8:15pm: Home, and coloring with Lily

8:30pm: Fixed my sewing machine all by myself!

8:35pm: Sewing all kinds of felt pencil and crayon cases for the nieces and nephews and god kids.

9pm: lily in bed. Thanks Matt!

9pm – 11pm: sewing! loves it. I have everything else to do but sewing seems to take my mind off it all. (P.S. I don’t really know how to sew).

11:30pm Law and Order.

12:30am: Blogging.

1:30am Bed.

1:45am: Restless. Back to computer.

2:34am: Updated blog and decided to tell people I have one. ( so if you are reading this, comment)

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plus “hate”

I am watching “Kate” of John and Kate plus 8 on Larry King Live. I can’t figure out what to think of this? I remember boasting that I was getting parenting tips from this show. I loved the show! I thought their realtionship was quirky but fun, the kids were happy, Kate was a bit nuts, but not any nuttier than most the women I see everyday.

Well, It’s unfortunate. It’s sad, of course you have to think of the kids. But what about John and Kate? What happens 8 yrs from today? 18 yrs? 28 yrs? What is going to be the state of their relationship? With each other, with the kids?

Kate is going to get her own show where she will prove that she is super “single” mom, with her $70,000 an episode and nannies that are hidden. But poor papa John. He’s gonna grow old alone?

I was asked that last week…”are you afraid of growing old alone?”

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Pool time woes

Lily and I spend hours at the pool almost everyday. Although this is satisfying sometimes, most of the time my mind is trying to think of all the things I could be/should be doing!

We have about 2 weeks left on the pool calendar so I’m going to suck it up and deal.

The hot summer fun days of the pool come with their own set of requirements, sunsreen multiple times a day, daily scrub downs, wet towels that need to be laundered everyday, food crumbs in the bottom of my pool bag, daily lunch, snacks, hydration and my poor bathing suits that are coming apart at the seams.

Some things I can handle…others not so much.

So please pass on your wisdom to help me out with the following dilemnas.

  • How do I get the chlorine smells out of my hair and Lily’s hair?
  • My eyes BURN from swimming in the water, I don’t wear goggles because I have to stay focused on Lily. She’s 4 and can’t really swim. How do I get rid of the burn, and blurryness.
  • My skin has white spots all over! I’m brown skinned. I have these white fuzzy spots on my arms and back and chest.

Ah dog days of summer, I am ready for fall!

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simple request

Lily got in trouble today and looked at me and said…”oh mommy, please don’t let this be a day without icecream.”

Oh how i long for days when a day without  ice cream was my worry!

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Ugh! i go to the pool everyday and have such a fun time with my kiddie, but once I get home and realize that I have sooo much to do or more importantly, so much I WANT to do and spent yet another day at the pool…I just feel UGH!

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Kids clothing deal

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