First Day of Summer and Fairies and Flowers

Happy First Day of Summer!

The summer fairies are out and we’ve already spent a good chunk of the morning looking for them. Our yard is full of gorgeous dragon flies and you know fairies ride on dragon flies.

Summer is in full force over here. Thomas has been out of (pre)school for about a week and Lily is wrapping up her last week of 5th grade.

Last year at this time we were packing up to move and then spent 2 months in hotels  while we awaited the closing of our house.

The move has been great. The kids are happy, Lily has blossomed and we have seen that inquisitive amazing Lily that we had lost for a couple of years due to crappy ( and yes i say this with a straight face and finger pointed) school in Long Island.

I digress.

Summer in our new neighborhood has been great. The neighborhood kids have found our house to be the one with popsicles, soccer games, fire pits, snow cones a giant beast that kisses everyone and no shortage of imaginary fun.

Thomas has found his “fairy tree’. It sorta looks like the that tree from Game of Thrones right! He has been playing under the moss lined tree hoping to catch a fairy.

Of course Lily is too cool for fairies now… but she plays along really nicely.

Jonah has come face to face with deer, bunnies and who knows what else back in our woods. Did you now there are bears and coyotes roaming our neighborhood! So cool… scary but so cool!

Last week a neighbor put out a FB alert saying that someones lost husky was sleeping on her back deck… climbed up the stairs to sleep on the back deck right near the kitchen door. The dog was so huge she did now want to disturb it. She took a picture and posted it on the FB page and … it was a COYOTE! yikes!

I’ve planted flowers all over the yard in random places for a little pop of color here and there and then i forget to water them so my sad floral project is slowly dying Thank goodness for our awesome lawn guy who just shakes his head and tries to breathe some life back to my flowers.

Happy summer everyone… i’m thankful for these everyday blessing like flowers and fairies and summer time fun!


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Protect Clothes You Love with Downy – sponsored

Downy Fabric Softener

Summertime is glorious and wonderful with birds chirping, kids splashing in pools, rolling in grass, riding bikes, and being active. There is summer camp, outdoor movies, sprinklers and all the wonder of play warm weather brings.

…including wet stinky clothes.

Welcome to the world of summertime laundry with kids. Wet pool and beach towels that somehow hide under all your other laundry and stay there for days and stink up your entire laundry room are a staple of this season.

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.


While we all love the pinterestable lifestyle of hanging your clothes out to dry on a clothing line amid fields of daisies… reality is that no one has time for bouncing bunnies in meadows of clothes hung on a line. We are busy and with parents working, kids in sports and social commitments… laundry has to get done and get done fast.

Growing up I remember a stack of freshly scented laundry magically showing up on my bed every weekend… folded, soft and smelling divine. What was my mom’s secret?

Downy! My mom used Downy.  This product has been around for ages and gives your clothes a quick spruce up in the laundry.

I’m super excited to partner with Downy on this post to share a few gems of info about this brand.

Besides giving your clothes a super soft and great smelling feel Downy also keeps the bounce of your clothes and helps clothes maintain that fresh brand new shape. The colors didn’t seem to fade from our couple uses. But the best part. the towels… oh the towels were fluffy dream clouds of soft smelling goodness.

You don’t have to change your laundry routine. Simply add a capful of this fabric softener to your laundry when washing and that’s it. Soft goodness.

Matts parents are coming to visit next week and I have the guest towels ready to go with a dash of Downy magic.

Downy Fabric Softener

Best of all Downy is great for clothes you love as well as clothes that get a beating during the year. I have used this with some of my delicates and love the fresh scent.

You can also create a mixture of downy and water and using a spray bottle spray on fabrics like beds and couches for a gentle fresh scent.

To #ProtectClothesYouLove with Downy head to Walmart 

share your downy stories with us:

Twitter: @thenewyorkmom @Downy@Walmart
Facebook: @NewYorkMom@Downy@Walmart


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Hug em babies tight

The New York Mom

We are on 5th grade graduation overdrive over here… lily starts 6th grade in the fall and poof! I will have a middle schooler!

The time flies by so fast…it really does. Hug these babies tight, hold them close, give them all your love because as they get older your love is THE ONLY shield between them and the big bad mean world. That love bubble – as we call it– will make all the baddies bounce right off. And there are lots of baddies all around.

I’m not ready for middle school. But as everyday goes by we are getting mini glimpses of the creative, change making, thought provoking, leader that lily is becoming. She is shy… yes… but she is mighty and is finding her stride before just running full speed with it.

Hug your babies, even your tween babies… hug them tight and remind them of the love shield you have around them at all times. * sob * tears* love*

don’t grow up.

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Dinosaurs love Hillary Clinton too

Madame Alexander Wendy for President

When Barack Obama was sworn into the White House… Lily was 3 years old and lined up all her dolls and ponies to watch the historic moment.

This morning Thomas was so excited about the big news – because Lily and I were chattering about it  at breakfast – that he brought out all his favorite toys to be part of the excitement.

Dinosaurs love Hillary too y’all!

Hillary Clinton 2016

Unless you have been living under a rock these past 24 hours, you know that Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Nominee for the upcoming presidential election.

I’m with her.

Lily and I stayed up late to watch her speech and cheered her along. Her powerful words, inclusive ideas and just overall energy was enough to pave even playing grounds for both genders. Having a daughter grow up with Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton as leaders of this fine country is magical. we get to talk about equality, we get to talk about fairness, we get to talk about love and patience and building a better future. And we get to do this in an open forum with leaders who openly support these changing times.

I grew up in India with the name Indira Gandhi mentioned all around me. I grew up with a woman as a political figure. This was the norm. So why is this such a big deal in this country which is far more progressive in so many ways.

Play… imitates life… imitates play… and while I’m sure there will be lots of Hillary Clinton dolls for little girls everywhere to role play with… we have found our fave.

The new Madame Alexander doll – Wendy for President – is ready to celebrate this historic time in our political history. This gorgeous collectible doll is dressed in red white and blue with a familiar blonde hairdo. Hmmm… Madame Alexander… did you know something we didn’t! We are super proud of our Wendy for President doll… and Thomas high-fived her on the way off to preschool this morning.

I would snatch this doll up quick… it’s going to sell fast!

Madame Alexander Wendy for President

Swing by Madame Alexander for all the info about this doll.

This post is sponsored. Opinions are my own and not affiliated with the company. 

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Weekends are for wandering don’t you think? Summer has officially begun here in New York and the long weekend just confirmed the arrival of the season.

If you follow along on Instagram then you know we are travel bugs. The whole summer is spent traveling and eating and road tripping all over. Since moving up to Northern Westchester we are surrounded by endless travel possibilities all within a 5 hour drive of us. Montreal, Canada… Philly, Boston, Rhode Island, Vermont, Catskills, Lake George, and still the gorgeous beaches of Long Island that I miss so very much.

Last weekend we went up the Hudson Valley to Coldspring for our favorite hike. If you are looking for an amazing view, powerful climb up the mountain and just an escape… you need to go to BREAKNECK – the White Trail. This is not for beginner hikers since it’s more of a climb but so amazing. We saw a couple snakes that Lily was thrilled about and wanted to hug them and pet them and make them her own… ummm no… this jungle girl of mine has no fear. It’s a beautiful hike up Breakneck and takes about 30/45 minutes to get to the top. Thomas and Matt wandered the many shops in Coldspring, ate ice cream and counted all the choo choos at the train station while Lily and I were fighting off snakes on the hike!

After our 2 hour hike, we headed to nearby Beacon, NY for some grub. There are lots of changes up the Hudson Valley and it’s all still charming but losing that old vintage, farm feel. The Hipsters have taken over the towns and while they still have the charm, they now are cleaner, a lot more expensive, and kinda sterile. But still worth a trip… for now.

I hope you get a chance to explore and roam this season. Whether it’s a quick day trip to a neighboring town, or on a jet plane across the world… go travel and explore!

happy weekend.

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What’s the Best Brand of Diaper?

One of the most time consuming, expensive, ongoing and smelly purchases you have with your baby is … DIAPERS. Parents can spend a small fortune on diapers and with all the brands out there, it’s really hard to narrow down the choices. So what IS the best diaper for baby?

The New York Mom

We tried a few brands of diapers with Thomas before settling down on Target’s Up and Up brand. We loved the diapers, the simple polka dots were cute and the diaper did well for us. All the way from newborn through the pull ups.

While we are out of the diaper stages these days, I do still work in the baby and parenting industry and keeping up with the latest of everything is sorta my job.

Recently, the company I work with, conducted their own massive Diaper Challenge. I recruited a few of my friends with infants to help us out with this project.

So basically… this was a 30 day challenge where we put 10 of the most popular brands of diapers to the test. They went bum – to bum! We tested over 5000 diapers in a 30 day period. My sister in Law, my neighbor, my friend, a colleague.. I really pulled people from my everyday life to help with this project.

Diapers were rated on absorbency, odor,  fit/flexibility, comfort and overall performance. This was such an undertaking by TTPM but it has proven to be a great resource for new parents out there.

In the end HUGGIES  Little Snugglers won the whole thing. We do really like the Huggies Brand and it was no surprise they won.

Our personal fave is still Target’s Up and Up. They work really well, just as good as Huggies and cost less than the name brands. This post is not sponsored, I just want to share my personal brand favorite which works just as well as the name brand and is cheaper. savin you some dollar dollar bills y’all! 

You can see by the chart where some diapers stood out more than others.


With Thomas we tried eco – friendly diapering. We did cloth diapers ONCE… i mean have you SEEN what comes out of their tiny bums! Not a good look for reusability. did test eco brands and Seventh Generation was the Eco brand that stood out.

What do you look for in a diaper? Is an eco brand important to you? Did you cloth diaper? I would love to know your thoughts.

Make sure you swing by and the TTPM DIAPER CHALLENGE for all the details including comments from the participants.

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5 New Baby Products for The Modern Parent

The New York Mom Baby Gear
5 New Baby Products for the Modern Parent
Baby gear seems to be an ever revolving door with new gadgets and designs to help parents out. Even in the three short years since I’ve had Thomas, the baby gear industry has just exploded with some really amazing upgrades, fresh designs, and new brands raising the ‘cool factor” bar. From an infant car seat that magically turns into a stroller, to a Keurig style baby formula dispenser and even… now get this… a stroller that fits in your hand bag, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites baby pieces on the market today. Here are 5 New Baby Products for The Modern Parent.
CYBEX cloud Q
CYBEX – The Cybex Cloud Q is the first car seat to completely lay flat. Of course this happens only when outside the car.  This instant carry cot is great to keep baby sleeping in a flat position all while still strapped into the car seat! Baby Breeza
BABY BREZZA – The Formula Pro from Baby Brezza measures, dispenses and mixes powdered baby formula to the perfect temperature. Perfect for sleep deprived parents. It’s almost like a Keurig for baby formula! It holds about 50 ounces of water and you can choose to make 2,4,6,8, or 10 ounces for your sweet babe.


Baby Bjorn Bouncer Mini

Baby Bjorn has the new Bouncer Mini and I love it! This is a new modern take on the classic Baby Bjorn bouncer that still allows baby to self bounce and is an ergonomic fit for your babe. The mini however has a gorgeous new watercolor theme with light silver/grey, ice pink and darker grey covers. The structure of the bouncers comes in black or white frames. I love this clean new look from Baby Bjorn.

DoonaA car seat and stroller in one. Why yes! The Doona is a hot new product that eliminates the need for that transition stroller during the first few months of baby. This rear facing infant car seat easily transforms into a stroller without even disturbing baby for a second. We love it. It’s narrow enough to fit through airplane isles which makes it great for travel too.

GB Pockit Stroller

And the best for last. I am so excited about the GB Pockit stroller that fits right into your bag. No really, it fits in a large handbag and opens up to a full travel stroller.  It’s the world’s most compact fold stroller and even in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Happy Baby gear shopping everyone. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions you have about baby gear!


* disclaimer* – this is not a sponsored post or an ad. But I have tested and reviewed each one of these products and give them the thumbs up.

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on weekends…

The New York MomThe New York MomThe New York Mom

The weather in New York has been amazing these past couple days and this makes me so very happiiee! Watermelons have been overflowing at the grocery stores and Thomas and Lily can pretty much eat an entire melon in one setting. These babies can’t get enough of this summer fruit. I kinda miss the seeds in watermelons don’t you. Remember back in the day when watermelons had those giant black seeds? and you would have contests to see who could spit the seeds out the farthest? These kids are robbed of their summer spitting contests.

Our back yard is filled with birds every color of the rainbow and the bird feeders have been needing to be refilled every other day. Matt and Lily even saw a humming bird at our feeder last week and Jonah sits under one of the trees and teases all the squirrels and birds.

It’s our first spring season in the new house and we’ve really loved seeing the flowers and trees and wild life wake up from their long hibernation.

I love summer weekends!

Happy Friday everyone.


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A day at the Bronx Zoo

One of our most favorite things to do is go to the Bronx Zoo. When Lily was little, i used to spend many many MANY days there with our group of friends just wandering around and chatting with the animals and playing in their amazing Childrens Zoo or Butterfly Garden. Now that the weather has finally warmed up, Thomas and I have a standing date on Tuesday at the Bronx Zoo.

The Bronx Zoo always has something exciting happening, but last week it was particularly busy!

As in the animals were getting busy! It is that time of the year and all the animals were busy doing their natural mating dances.

The goats, giraffes, geese and the peacocks. The peacocks were by far the most frisky. And even tried to come after my sweet moto. Who was scared away by the pomp and circumstance of this ritual.

We love the zoo and take full advantage of it while the kids are young. When Lily started kindergarten and was in school full time, we hardly went. So i’m taking full advantage of the zoo pass – gifted to us by grandma- and it’s our weekly stop!

Thomas has his rounds while at the zoo –

  • The monorail
  • The bug carousel
  • The butterfly garden
  • The 4D RIO experience

and … we have to roar at the lions!

Hope you make it to the Bronx Zoo this season. It’s really such a blast

*this post is not sponsored. we just love the zoo.*

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5 things Moms really really want this Mother’s Day.

Best Mom Ever

at the risk of losing every single one of my followers and getting a scolding from my mom…

i’m writing this “come to jesus” type piece about what Moms really really want this Mother’s Day and every Mother’s Day until the end of time. because as much as we love a bottomless brunch or a “my mom is the best” coffee mug… sometimes ya gotta dig a little deeper to give mama what she really wants.

massages and jewels are great… but lets skip the niceties and get to it shall we.

Best Mom Ever

I’m writing this at 1AM with one child in my bed on my right taking up “my side of the bed. The other child under my armpit which is fine because his head makes the ideal arm rest and a giant beast under my feet to offer some skeletal alignment while I type. 

Moms really REALLY want:

  1. a whole day to themselves to just sleep and watch Netflix and order chinese food that they don’t have to share and just stay in bed with no noise except the hum of the television and whatever binge watching madness goes on.
  2. a clean house. like a spotless house -like the kitchen is stunning with no dishes,counter has no stuck on cucumber peels… nothing… just out of a magazine, the bedroom is totally clean with not a single lonely strewn garment in sight, clean sheets and clutter free dresser,  the bathroom is clear of bathtoys, dirty clothes, no toothpaste spots on the walls, a nice smelling candle… and maybe a bubbling hot bath. without kids!Basically I want to be able to walk through my home without stepping on legos, choppiness, spilled yogurt…etc.
  3. a new closet full of brand new clothes! because your mom clothes have run their course and there are really only so many scarves you can wear to cover up that stain.
  4. the laundry is DONE… completely done. not a single garment in the laundry shoot or laundry basket. everything neatly in drawers or hangers… done.
  5. a dinner with my husband. last year Matt did this whole thing where we went to brunch to one of my fave swank restaurants. not even half way through – Thomas started throwing all the ceramic dishes across the room, then he moved on to the cutlery, then he started screaming… because brunch time is not toddler time. Lily was not having any of this either and Matt spent most of the meal outside with Thomas while I stayed inside scarfing down my brunch and chugging my mimosa with a 10-year-old who was negotiating screen time, candy and whatever else.

here’s what… i need time alone to truly enjoy Mother’s Day because guess what… i spend everyday with my little dragons!  and cleaning them up and throwing a bow tie on them does not make them any less dragony. i will also see them – the NEXT DAY…. and the day after, the day after…and. the. day. after.!  you get my drift. and besides they DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS… so any day … everyday is Mother’s Day to them!

on Mothers Day… i would like a day off. total day off. i want a day to sleep, i want to watch TV, i want to write, i want to think, i want an uninterrupted shower and i want to be alone.

i know what you are saying… “how dare you say you want to spend the day without your cherubs, your angels that have been bestowed upon you by the lord god herself… a good mom would never want to spend a day that’s meant to honor her and say I Want To Be Alone.”

Well let me remind you… that after the good lord our God created the world… on the 7th day… she rested!! I too need to rest! Mother’s day is my 7th day!

It’s ok to want a day to yourself… it really is. It does not make you any less of a mother… it might make you a better mother because you get to hit the ‘ refresh’ button. and since this is the one time of the year we are gifted with something… why not ask for what you really want!

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